View Full Version : Do you get a full land raider from FW

Shadow Marine
28-11-2009, 14:57

I looking at getting a Grey Knights land raider redeemer form Forgeworld. I am after the one which comes with the doors and commander which is 58. Now my question is what land raider do you get?

A normal las cannon armed land raider
Or a full land raider crusader/redeemer (including the weapons sprue)
Or a land raider with no weapons sprue (as you get all the weapons you need in resin).

I only ask this as I like the FW redeemer cannons better than the plastic and I want to be able to magnet the weapons so I can swop between them, as I want a LR for my World Eaters (AKA wolf wing) terminator lord.

28-11-2009, 17:20
I'd assume its a full land raider kit as (unless I'm mistaken) they just ship the tank box along with your conversion kit. Of course, *which* land raider kit they'll send you I have no idea. Prolly best to just email Forgeworld and ask them.

28-11-2009, 17:27
It depends on which kit you order. If you get the "conversion kit" you dont get any of the LR kit, you just get the forgeworld parts to convert one (so you either have a LR already or you buy one). If you get the "full kit" then you get a complete LR box (IIRC) + you get the parts to convert it.