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captain ceaser
28-11-2009, 16:43
Hey warseers. Just asking you guys for your opinions on my lastest project.

A word bearers force using the black templars codex.

Chaos marine=marines
minor deamons=neophytes
champion of the gods=emperors champion
All the basic lord=castellan, sword brethren=chosen ect

Im of the opinion that your models means you can do what you like so long as its fair, and the oponant knows whats going on.

im wondering on your opinions of the concept and if you would play against this and if you can see any issues.

I would NOT be using the crusader as its unfluffy and cheesetastic and i can here the screams of powergamer already.

thanks in advance

He Who Thirsts
28-11-2009, 16:50
Sounds good, and like you said, make sure the opponent knows whats going on.

You might want to put in a little more variety in there, if its just "chaos lord = castellan, blah blah blah, then why would you be doing the project?

Not saying thats your intent but that is how it came across.

captain ceaser
28-11-2009, 16:57
I was refering to how the units would transfer across. I.e the chaos lord would be a castellan rules wise.

Units like a sorceror would be a fluffy model wise but rules wise would be a castellan but spells would replace his weopons model wise. eg a fireball would replace a bolt pistol ect.

He Who Thirsts
28-11-2009, 17:22
I got that, its just that you seemed to be content to do things like chaos lord would transfer over as a castellan. Why don't you have a herald of khorne as your chaos lord, which would transfer over as a castellan?

What I am trying to say is don't make it a spiky version of Black Templars, as you seem to be doing, or even an ex-black templar looking chaos force, use a force that wil have models looking like however you feel like making the model at the moment, take those models and distribute them as you see fit (You shall be my lord of chaos! mwahahaha!) and then just use the black templar codex.

If you are going to make a chaos army, don't make a transistion! Make a count as!