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He Who Thirsts
28-11-2009, 17:43
Is there anybody else who only uses helmets for their marines, be they chaos, wolves, or vanilla?

Private Ginger
28-11-2009, 17:49
I try to use only helmets, but alas, Scouts get in the way.

28-11-2009, 17:55
I think its a bit stupid of the squads sergeant to go into battle not wearing his helmet as he is more likely to be killed by a headshot in reality. the Space wolves however look good in my opinion without helmets as they get so many cool heads in the new kit.

28-11-2009, 17:55
I avoid bare heads and faces at all costs in pretty much all my armies be it IG, CSM, Tau or Eldar, they've all got full helmets and/or facemasks.

28-11-2009, 18:02
In my CSM only the Lord has a bare head. I do avoid them generally, but in that particular case made an exception (I wanted to use a Fantasy Chaos Sorceror head). I have plans for another Lord, which will wear a helmet though.

28-11-2009, 18:03
I much prefer helmets, not just for the look, but also because I suck at painting eyes!! But it makes much more sense for helmets to be worn!


28-11-2009, 18:03
Yeah I avoid bare heads at all costs, even when I start my Space Wolves. I don't care if you're a Space Marine, a head shot is a head shot.

Scouts do present a problem, but I am getting the Elysian helmets for them.

He Who Thirsts
28-11-2009, 18:08
I'm not insane! Thanks guys, I just wanted to make sure.

Well... maybe I am insane, but this isn't a symptom....

28-11-2009, 18:59
I bet the Elysian helmets will look great on them

28-11-2009, 19:21
I definitely use helmets only in every one of my collections, except Orks of course. I refuse to believe that anybody would go into battle without a helmet, if there were one available to them.

I am waiting on a shipment of FW IG helmets for my scouts, so will advise on how they look.

28-11-2009, 19:37
I used helmets for almost all of my models; the exception being models with the head of hair or hoods available through the 'Dark Angel Chapter Upgrade/Company Veterans' kit. However, bare faces usually represent battle damage as all of my Marines are posed for battle.

28-11-2009, 19:40
I usually do helmets except for every so many sergeants. I tend to give assault squad sergeants helmets though...

28-11-2009, 20:37
My Space Wolves army is based on the 13th Company in appearance, so I have as many bare heads as I can in it.

My Tau, however, all wear helmets.

28-11-2009, 21:06
Any marines I have done ALWAYS have helmets. And now that I've found Pig Iron heads, I'm having a mass beheading of my Guard army:evilgrin:

I HATE painting faces and especially eyes...

28-11-2009, 21:59
I almost always try to find them a helmet.
Mostly due to fluff reasons though...

28-11-2009, 22:07
Only my Dark Apostle has his head showing, decided to make him stand out a bit more. that and his faith in Chaos protects his face :p

28-11-2009, 22:18
I use mostly helmets apart from a few guys like my Sm champ as he looks good without a helmet

28-11-2009, 22:36
Helmets all around to me.

Going around bareheaded is just asking to be face-cannoned.

Brother_Chaplian Raimo
28-11-2009, 23:20
The most flesh shown on any model in any army of mine is the eyes of those Steel Legionnaires who insist on wearing their goggles up. Wear your helmets, kids.

28-11-2009, 23:30
Always helmets for me! A poll might have been more telling...

Master Jeridian
29-11-2009, 01:03
Many of my officers and sergeants wear refractor head fields....
All the protection of a helmet, all the visibility and battlefield awareness of full vision, sound and smell.

Kidding aside, it's more a visual painting thing, to distinguish your heroes, and to allow you to devote more effort and detail on them.

In 'reality' I expect all Codex Chapter Marines wear their helmets on the battlefield.

29-11-2009, 01:34
Helmets on all my marines. Captains are an exception, since I'm likely to model them posing majestically than in a mid-battle pose, and therefore they won't need their helmets.

I even converted the Black Reach SM Sergeant to wear a helmet.

Scouts are fine without helmets though. Firstly they're not wearing full armour anyway, secondly I imagine part of their training involves being very careful not to get shot. Unnatural selection. ;)

29-11-2009, 02:59
Space Wolves have acute senses, so that explains why so many of them go helmetless.

On the other hand, I saw someone use pig iron heads on scouts and it came out really neat looking.

29-11-2009, 03:23
I actually use quite alot of bare heads on my marines. It adds a bit of diversity to otherwise quite similar models. I paint lots of different skin tones on the bare heads, i got black and white marines fighting side by side. Also a few asian tones here and there even if very few of the sculpts lend themselves to this.

My marines aint no racists. At least not regarding skin colour lol. And like it has been said, force field hoods FTW.

29-11-2009, 04:44
I hate painting faces and eyes, but I really like the look of a bare head on some miniatures, so I don't mind having a couple.

It's just more epic when you can look at your enemy with your bare eyes.

Formerly Wu
29-11-2009, 07:07
Helmets may be sensible, but a full army of them is plain boring. And since we're already playing a game where chainsaws are considered a common and acceptable battlefield weapon, sensible has already left the building, walked down the street, got on a bus, went downtown, and got off at the stop called "who gives a damn." :)

Seriously, I mix a lot of bare Catachan heads in with my Guard army. Helps me pick out cool individuals and represents the clanner rabble that fills my unit.

29-11-2009, 07:17
Always helmets when possible. Scouts screw that up, of course, but they're a minority. I do have a few models without helmets, but for those I chose torsos with high gorgets and pauldrons that have high crests, so they're really quite well protected except from their forehead and higher. I try to make it clear that they're helmetless for some reason, i.e., they're spotters or some such.

Dragoon King
29-11-2009, 07:24
I only have a few faces on my 4.3k Black Legion force. I only keep them because they look cool, I have a few from the 13 Company Greyslayers box, and some choice Chaos ones. Just bare faces are a nono for me though, it has to stand out or I'll slap a helmet on. Surprisingly, I did not use doubles of ANY head. Took me awhile to gather that many different heads, for sure.

29-11-2009, 14:09
I must be the only person in the world who prefers marines without helmets; the bare head allows for more expression and a 'portrait' style, which has greater appeal than the faceless automaton a marine is often shown as.

29-11-2009, 14:17
I try to use nothing buy helmets on my marines, but a few bare heads have snuck in here and there. I have used bare heads in my DA but they tend to be wearing hoods, so not completely bare at least.

29-11-2009, 14:35
I think it's pretty funny how many people are arguing for sergeants wearing helmets because it'd be silly to not wear one, when those same sergeants are carrying a chainsword instead of a rifle. I mean, honestly, unless the squad is engaged in close combat, the Sarge must just spend his time telling his squad who to shoot - when he could be telling them who to shoot and shooting himself, if he wasn't lugging around a specialised anti-tree weapon.

Upsets me that Guard have to have one model in ten armed without a rifle - though I have no trouble with Guard leaving their helmets at home. Pretty much the only thing a Cadian helmet can stop is going to be coming from his side anyway.

Flame Boy
29-11-2009, 18:01
I also prefer my marines to be faceless. I think a squad of marines looks more imposing when they are all wearing helmets. There are plenty of other ways to make high-ranked models stand out while still keeping their headgear intact. Mind you, my current marine chapter suits the impersonal appearance. Some other chapters suit having bear*-faced marines.

*I meant Bare-faced, but that typo was too amusing to just correct. :p

29-11-2009, 18:54
Yeah, helmetless marines are a good way to make sergeants etc immediately visible on the games table, but otherwise a bit silly. Then again, i don't hate the idea of an entirely helmetless force (except for having to paint them), it's just the mix of some helmeted and some helmetless that seems wrong.

29-11-2009, 19:07
I use CSM both with and without helmets. I like the variation, and I like painting pale skin.

29-11-2009, 20:14
Yeah, helmetless marines are a good way to make sergeants etc immediately visible on the games table

Which is the whole reason that sergeants, captains, etc tend to be helmetless anyways. They wear helmets in battle just as often as everyone else, but on the tabletop bare-headed models in an otherwise helmeted force makes them stand out and go, 'hey, pay attention to me, I'm slightly more important than these other guys.'

29-11-2009, 20:17
Although i have some marines with bare heads my preference is towards helmets, i see no reason a marine would not go into combat with out full kit.
Iron Halos etc are not a replacement for a helmet they are an addition.

Further more when i have a character with a bare head i almost always model a helmet on their belts or base to represent the presence of full battle armour / kit :)

He Who Thirsts
29-11-2009, 20:24
See I would probably model a lot of my models without helmets except that I can't paint flesh, it ends up looking like some strange mess, although that could be a good thing for my chaos marines, it doesn't really fit the theme I set up for them.

Besides, I think certain helmets make them more imposing and dark than any face could. Faces show humanity, helemts show death.

Dragoon King
29-11-2009, 20:48
I image a helmet can somtimes be a hinderance, especially to peripheral vision, and hearing also. Still, it's advantageous in terms of communication and protection. Plus who doesn't love the sound of in intimidating vox grill?

29-11-2009, 21:32
Despite the fact that I believe helmets are a necessity, I would honestly have more bare heads if my painting skills could do it justice.

Dragoon King
29-11-2009, 21:48
I've had a few people tell me painting faces was easy. Seems this thread dispells that myth, as quite a few of us would opt to leave them out rather than go through the excruciating process of painting them. And the fact that an unprotected head is just too juicy a target not to take a potshot at.

29-11-2009, 22:30
All my space marines wear helmets, just make sense why wear Power Armour over the rest of the body and leave the head exposed, there’s too just much metal flying around.
As for my Guard, If the helmets not on their head its either hanging off a belt or in a hand. A large number of my Armoured (Tanks etc) crew are without helmets, just seems right as they spend most of their time buttoned up inside a large tin can.

30-11-2009, 02:52
CSM - Helmets with horns (for ramming people when you run out of chainswords)

SM - helmets everywhere, they communicate through vox, it's stupid to not have that connection in the heat of battle... And I can't paint faces.

30-11-2009, 06:30
I try to use as many helmets as possible. Not because I think "lol he would be shot in the face" but because I just in general like the look of marine helmets. My sisters use a lot of helmets but i have nothing against them not using them.

30-11-2009, 07:32
I hate painting flesh, i end up with either someone whose seen a ghost or a tanning freak, never just right.

Hence when i decided to get some scouts done for my crimson fists and soon enough my wolves i got some conversion pieces from a company called pig iron.

Here are my first 5 scouts, need to make another 5 for the full squad though


30-11-2009, 07:57
I try to use only helmets, but alas, Scouts get in the way.

i just put regular marine helmets on them. just have to clip the neck away a bit and they fit on fine. looks pretty mint. i justify by saying that my chapter doesnt recruit anymore for various reasons so the scouts are still full marines, which their helmet signify but they are just wearing carapace to perform more stealthy roles in battle.

i hate marines without helmets, but some of the new SW heads with all that badass hair and beard make me want to break my rule :cries:

Y'he Sha'is
30-11-2009, 13:20
Wow, am I in the minority.

I play Raven Guard, and all of my veterans (so sergeants and vets) go helmetless. I just think it looks better, and makes the special characters in each squad stand out a bit in the heat of battle.

Plus, the light skin really pops against the dark armor of the RG.

30-11-2009, 13:36
It's particularly funny when you have a guy who is covered up in a massive suit of terminator armour and then has a bare head...

30-11-2009, 15:55
Well, since the game basically runs on unleaded rule of cool I don't worry about having every unit modeled with a helmet. For instance, I seperate my veteran squads from my standard infantry squads by making them helmet-less. Despite this I put a spare helmet bit on every bare headed model (usually hanging on the belt or whatnot) so that it's clear they are ISSUED helmets, and probably wear them into battle, but couldn't be bothered when striking their "cool pose".

Besides, if the majority of film science fiction has taught us anything, it's that only those with a death wish wear helmets. The guy in the helmet ALWAYS dies first.

30-11-2009, 17:04
For all the people saying not wearing a helmet to battle is stupid some people like modelling their models when in the heat of combat or after a long campaign, hence helmets could be damaged or lost. I've read many space marine novels where characters have had their helmets damaged and had to remove them because they couldnt see.

30-11-2009, 17:10
I am looking at building 4 different Marine armies. And apart from the special HQs like Dante and Stern I will be giving helmets to everybody. If I can anyway

30-11-2009, 17:44
For me, it depends on the army and the unit.

My Space Wolves? Only my Wolf Priest, Rune Priest (so I could make awesome lit-from-the-inside-by-glowing-psyker-eyes effects), my Grey Hunters, the pilots for my Land Speeders, and a couple of my Wolf Guard are wearing helmets. My Skyclaws, Wolf Guard Terminators squad, Wolf Lord, Wolf Scouts, Land Speeder gunners, and Bloodclaws are all helmet-less. I'm also using facial tattoos to differentiate my Wolf Guard.

My Eldar, on the other hand, have maybe four models without helmets, and three of those are Pathfinders. My all-plastic Autarch is the other one, for the aforementioned reasons of increasing his visibility to me, the player.

My Tau? Every last one of them is wearing a helmet.

The Salamanders that I'll be making at some point are likely going to only have a squad of Scouts (and the pilot for their ride) that don't have helmets, and I may end up grabbing some Elysian helmets, as those have been shown to work very well for Scout heads.

30-11-2009, 20:46
I have several thousand points of loyalist marines and there is no skin to be seen anywhere. Each to their own though, I avoided skin partly for fluff reasons and partly to avoid painting the damn stuff.

30-11-2009, 20:53
Is there anybody else who only uses helmets for their marines, be they chaos, wolves, or vanilla?

I use helmets as much as possible on my Crimson Fists, mainly because it is so difficult for me to paint faces and heads. I can actually paint faces and heads very well, but it is a big hassle for such a small part of the model, so I avoid it as much as possible.

Now, my new Chaos Daemons army is something different altogether. They aren't human, and they are all flesh (red in my case, as they are all khorne), but they are still easy for me to paint, as opposed to painting human flesh.

30-11-2009, 20:54
On the CSM and IG armies I've considered (though not built) I've only envisioned everyone with helmets.

Alas, I play orks and necrons, so it's largely inapplicable. On the orks I attempt to have 90% or so of my shootas not wearing helmets, and 100% of my ard boyz and stormboys do wear helmets. With that, my lootas (80%-90%) wear helmets with aimers/eyepieces.

30-11-2009, 21:01
With the exceotion of certain heads that fit the nurgle theme, I almost exclusivly use helmets.

Flying Toaster
30-11-2009, 22:20
The marines are sometimes without helmets on the models so that they give more character to model rather than being just another faceless marine. Its not for any real practical reason, unless the helmet was damaged in battle or was taken off or blown off.

30-11-2009, 23:30
I hate having flesh on my models

I'm doing a highly unorthadox PDF force and the only reason the force is building slowly is I'm trying to get then FW rebreathers (and the guns are hard to make since I can't buy individual bits :p)

Also Elsyian heads on scouts? Never did get the look of them - would probably look better than Cadian helmets with a bit of green stuff.

30-11-2009, 23:41
No sergeants and few officers in my army wear helmets. Why? Cause protection is for the weak.
Seriously it's because I just like my IG sarges screaming all over the place and the officers are all from blisters and only one had a helmet. It's also for cinematic reasons. In my imagination, I always picture charges being led by guys with anything but decent headgear.

30-11-2009, 23:42
I hate bare-headed marines personally. I ALWAYS helmet everyone in my armies.

01-12-2009, 00:03
A buddy of mine plays BA's and he bought the battle company and assembled the whole thing with no bare heads, the only bare heads in his army are Mephiston and the metal Termi Librarian.

01-12-2009, 01:32
My Eldar army (of which I have 10000+) has 10 figures without helmets, 5 autarchs and 5pathfinders.

My marines has a few more, my scouts are all helmetless. A chaplain, couple of other heroes. Couple of sergeants. Tank commander.

I am not really worried about it. I like painting faces and am pretty good at it but only because I have practised.

My orks however....... flower pots at best. ;)

He Who Thirsts
01-12-2009, 03:39
My marines has a few more, my scouts are all helmetless. A chaplain, couple of other heroes. Couple of sergeants. Tank commander.

You have a chaplain without a helemt? That doesn't work, they are supposed to have skull helmets because They are Death, and They Shall Strike Fear Into The Heretic and The Xenos and The Mutant.

Last time I checked.

01-12-2009, 13:02
Yup. No skull helmet. Heavily scarred. One dodgy eye. I use him as that T6 nutter. My jump chaplain has a skidlid but my main one, nope. I quite like him and find him a little scary. ;)

01-12-2009, 15:19
I used that same helmetless Chaplain model in my Black Templars army... He just seemed to fit right with that army.

01-12-2009, 16:22
My mordian force is the only one where I dont try to helmet every one up. Not only because it would be a pain chopping off those metal heads but also because the old fashioned late 18th century theme would be lost.

Everyone else gets helmets.

01-12-2009, 16:26
I always use Helmets though for my DW I got two without helmets but I'm not butchering them just to find a helmet. I can sort of see why the captain would go helmetless to stand out but it also means easy pickings really.

Which made me think also it's nice that the SW gets a ton of bare heads in the new kits but they are in the cold, surely they will freeze :/

01-12-2009, 21:26
Space wolves are the only chapter to have a reason to go around helmetless, and thats just cause of there mutation that gives them senses better then a normal space marine. besides that there is no excuse. im Curently putting tohether a terminator army andthere is is only 1 model that has no helmet, but that is because he is spose to be a near dead model and has heavly scarred armour

01-12-2009, 21:59
My Space Wolves are all bare-headed, but my Salamanders are made from AOBR boxsets so only sergeants are helmentless (but I'm modeling a removed helmet somewhere on all of the models).

01-12-2009, 22:32
Feeling the din of battle in your real ears and feeling the iron tang of blood on your face as you hack your enemy to pieces...
That is reason enough for my slaaneshi-inclined marines to sometimes take their helmets off..

That or the horn sprouting out from their skull :D

My termies completely boycott their standard issue helmets and either go bare or have modded csm ones.. (i simply hate the design of the termie helms)

Other than those few exceptions, everyone has helmets on, as a soldier is only as hardy as the weakest point in his armor.