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peculiar interloper
28-11-2009, 16:55
Hello all,

Having bought space hulk when it came out I now have a fair amount of corridor fighting behind me.

What strikes me is that on these boards (and elsewhere) I've mostly heard that playing marines is the tough part and that winning with the blood angels often doesn't happen. My personal experience is totally the opposite, me and my gaming buddy have had mostly wins with our space marine teams, so there must be something we're doing wrong when we play with the stealers.

This brings me to my question, how do you all play with the genestealers?

I'm finding it really hard to penetrate a corridor that's been covered with overwatch, I've tried flooding a corridor with 6-8 stealers, but me and my gaming buddy always seem to have the odd command point available for jams, so in 90% of the cases we're able to hold of a genestealer attack.

Maybe it takes more carefull planning of genestealer attacks? or is just 6-9 stealers not enough to penetrate an on overwatch defense line? Is the genestealer turn more about profiting from space marine mistakes?

I'm pretty sure we're not doing anything wrong ruleswise.
-Overwatch gives you shots for every stealer that moves within LOS of a marine on overwatch
-Sustained fire only counts for the second shot on the same model

Tell us your experiences with playing Genestealer. I'd be delighted.

Cpt. Drill
28-11-2009, 20:36
Its hard to give specific tactics as many missions require different things. I wasnt really sure what to say, try looking over older posts on this forum as there are quite a few few good tacticas.Well here are a few all rounders.

Placing genestealers on junctions where they cannot be seen, if the marines have to advance on one of these junctions it will make crossing them harder and slow them down.

Mix up your blips a bit, Have your scaring blips that linger behind your foe (often believed to be 1 genestealer) actually be three genestealers. Sometimes not the best but it will help to create doubt in your opponents mind.

If you foe has to get to a specific point. Build up your forces there, it will mean that they will have to fight those genestealers instead of being able to ignore them coming from the sides or behind.

I personally would never really charge through more than 4 squares that are being overwatched. Its bad odds to make it through and chances are you will just waste alot of genestealers.

If your foe has alot of marines on overwatch and you do plan to attack them all. Go for the least important first, if they waste their command points clearing and jams that come up on those then it means they wont have any left for the places you really want to get.

If a marine is on gaurd and you can attack him from both sides with multiple genestealers. Send them alternatively from each direction, So you would try and charge him in the back and if he wins he will turn to face you. Then if your genestealer is slain charge from the other side with the next one... always attack behind if you have the coice. Ity will mean that you wont be able to be killed if you lose the first round. Its an uncommon scenario to happen but sometimes gideon has been able to tank out alot of attacks.

I hope these make sense.

29-11-2009, 00:42
Don't always attack just because you can. Terminators are better on the defence, so make them come to you if you can; you use the extra turns as he creeps along (stopping for overwatch each time) to build up your reinforcements to the point that your wave should overcome his overwatch screen. Even a single stealer lurking to the rear of the advancing terminators can effectively take a marine out of the mission as he is forced to remain on sentry - the stealer would probably die to overwatch fire if he attacked, but even the threat is good enough.
If you wish to advance on an overwatching terminator and have several openings to do so, advance with the furthest stealers first. These guys may force a jam on the marine, allowing your closer stealers to move up in safety and overcome him. This is even more important if the marines are bunched up - try to make sure that as many stealers will be getting as many assaults as possible; nothing worse than killing an OW marine only to find that your other stealers are too far away to take advantage.
Correct positioning of 2- and 3-blips allows you to place one or more stealers closer to the marines than the blip itself - potentially saving you a vital AP. Likewise, use further back stealers to open doors and scuttle out of the way if you can, leaving the closer ones able to spend all their APs on advancing and close combat.
Careful about leaving blips loitering just around corners or behind closed doors - if you voluntarily convert, you can end up losing stealers unnecessarily.
Don't forget your mission - even if its only to stop the marines achieving theirs. In mission 1, there is only one marine - the flamer - that you really need to kill to win the game. In mission 4 its just the 2 heavy weapon marines. Usually you should kill any marine whenever the safe opportunity arises, but this isn't always the case if some alternative could win you the game.
When placing and moving blips, it's nearly always better to attack in waves than piecemeal, as individual stealers are easy to pick off.

peculiar interloper
29-11-2009, 12:40
Thanks for the info, I'll soon be putting some of this to the test.

29-11-2009, 16:16
Lots of good advice there. A couple more hints.

Learn when to use voluntary conversion. The "free" space for multiple 'stealer blips can really help and it lets you -
Spread out, especially early on. You have all the time you want to consider attacks, the marines don't (unless you dawdle and let them plan in your turn.) It's harder to plan defense if there are multiple routes of attack.
Block overwatch and stop moving. Surviving a round of overwatch isn't too hard. Then you can move whatever you want behind the blocker.
Use the timer! Move quickly whenever possible. Don't over think your movement, use your nasty alien instincts.
Overwatch is GOOD for you, any marine on overwatch is a marine that only used half its AP on movement. You're going to win any war of attrition. Encourage overwatch by hanging around just out of sight rather than attacking.