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29-11-2009, 06:54
Well, I've noticed a few things recently when trying to decide on a new army to buy.

1. I like everything 40k has to offer.
2. When I start a new army it's usually because of a couple of very inspiring posts/sites/blogs/stories about said army.

So here's what came of these realizations, a thread in which you try to inspire me to play your army (Not tell me what to play, inspire me to build and play it). Why? Because it'll be fun and you'll be helping out a fellow gamer at the same time.

However I currently play Tyranids and play against Orks like three times a week, so 'Nid and Ork players will either have to sit this one out use a different army they play.

Keep in mind I'm not just talking general armies, sub-factions of those armies are more than welcome. (Such as Saim-Hann or Thousand Sons.)

One last thing, if you think this is a stupid idea, please don't post.

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I'll bite, this could be a fun version of 'which army chould I choose' polls. I'm interested in why people choose the armies that they do. Here's my tuppence worth:
Chaos space marines are the army for you. They are great fun at every point in the hobby. The conversion opportunities due to mutations are infinite. Painting never gets boring as you can cycle between painting the straight lines in tanks, blending for daemon flesh and your space marines can be rusted and decaying or pristine and it not go against a theme in your army. When it comes to playing, you have a choice of whether to go for a close-combat army, a shooty army, a mixture, or even a psyker based army and your list will not open itself to weakness. You can opt for a tactically cool headed army, the chancy nature of possessed or even the insanity of dreadnoughts, Kharn and Fabius Bile risking their own troops for a chance at victory. And if you get bored of that, you can get the space marines codex and use your models to represent a recently renegade force and use the space marine rules without having to buy a whole new set of models!

29-11-2009, 08:54
The conversion opportunities due to mutations are infinite.!

this. this is what makes chaos the best choice. if you have any interest in converting or sculpting, then chaos is the way to go. the possibilities are literally infinite. 4 unique gods to choose from with plenty of fluff (if you go by Realms of Chaos) and inspiration to get you started. or the possibility that the warp can spawn any number of lesser gods. Want a god of cheese and an army dedicated to cheese in all it's glory? more power to you.


29-11-2009, 10:38
Chaos Guard is the army for me (no, they are not simply Imperial Guard gone traitor but the chaotic pendant to the IG. An army built from start under the blessing of the gods).

You have all that goes for CSM in terms of conversions but instead of your whole modell range beeing rhino/landraider chassi and power/terminator armor you have the whole range of imperial guard tanks and unique infantry ideas to choose from. Add a few compeltely unique types from IA:Vraks 1-3 and you ahve the most mxied army there is (I particulary love palgue zombies!).

In the grand scheme (of apocalypse) the possibilities increase even more. In a nutshell you have all the variety of the imperium (from guard over marine to airforce and titans) multiplied with the possibilities of five strains of conversion (Khorne, Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slanesh, Undivide) AND get many chaos-only units on top of it :)

Finally this gives you the ability to reeinact many great battles of history. The default enemies of man ARE in fact the mortal chaos armies and neither CSM nor CD.

29-11-2009, 10:45
Want a god of cheese and an army dedicated to cheese in all it's glory? more power to you.


To properly play THAT gods army though, you have to run double lash princes and 9 obliterators ;)

29-11-2009, 10:56
You should get sisters of battle. They look great, and have a very unique play style with faith points boosting them in interesting ways.

Or, Chaos Daemons of Tzeentch. A fun army with a lot of shooting, backed up by giant daemons for the CC punch. Then there is the conversions that can be done, since anything goes with daemons really, and horrors are very easy to paint, simply undercoat white, and slosh on red ink, then pick out the teeth/eyes/etc. Instant pink horror.

29-11-2009, 11:11
Well, I've got 4 armies but the two I really like most are CSM's and IG.

CSM's I like from a fluff perspective, looking at the Legions at least, in that they are the very marines that forged the Imperium of Man, it is their blood that was spilled to win the Emperor's wars, their toil and effort expended to grow the Imperium. It was their heroes who died to establish the Emperor's realm. And for ten thousand years they have fought to tear it down, betrayed by their "father" and all that they fought for turned to ash before their eyes. They are the dark enemy of the Imperium borne from it's own light, that constant boogeyman that can never be escaped, the enemy that has been clear and present for ten millenia.

The whole idea of the bitter traitor who fights out of hatred, rage, and a genuine sense of betrayal is what makes Chaos Space Marines so cool to me. Obviously this doesn't apply to all CSM factions, but most of the Legions, especially the Night Lords, Iron Warriors, Thousand Sons, and Alpha Legion.

In terms of gameplay, the army is flexible in that in is very capable both in close combat and has powerful ranged combat capabilities as well, and the ability to use Icons to bring down accurate deep striking firepower onto enemy units is incredibly powerful. The army has amazing basic Troops, and some good elites and HS, even if there are rather glaring issues with internal balance and the current fluff focus.

Now Imperial Guard are the other army that I find totally awesome.

From a fluff perspective, it is really the Imperial Guard that the Imperium rests upon. The overwhelmingly vast majority of the Imperium's wars against aliens, heretics, and the powers of Chaos are fought by the Imperial Guard without ever seeing a single Space Marine. These are the troops that truly hold the Imperium together and fight the myriad of horrors that threaten to tear down the Emperor's realm. For each Space Marine there are millions of guardsmen and tens of thousands of armored vehicles. The Imperial Guard's method of warfare turns the battlefield into a hellscape of bombs, bullets, shells, craters and bayonets, obliterating everything in its path and then overunning it with overwhelming force. Very little survives contact with the Imperial Guard once it hits in full force.

With Imperial Guard, you can almost always claim a moral victory. Lose to eldar? oh well, you killed a farseer and a couple dozen eldar for a company of guardsmen, you could have lost 10x that and still come out ahead for what those casualties meant for the Eldar. Lose to Space Marines? Well, they lost 10% of their 1st company, along with the company captain and a dozen other Space Marines fighting half a company of Imperial Guard, not exactly a stellar showing for the Space Marines :p

With regard to how the IG play, you have more options with IG than almost any other army, and more variety than with the DA/BA/SW/BT books combined in one army. You can field more armor than any other army can dream of, and likewise more infantry, and will usually field more of both than your opponent. You can play an IG army with incredible precision, directing every little bit of firepower with more control than any other army, wasting not a single dice roll, and casualties will mean relatively little to you. You can play IG as a conscript infantry horde, or an elite mechanized force, and everything in between. The IG book has relatively few poor or mediocre unit choices compared with most other armies, and has more choice in terms of visual styles and models lines than any other army. You can have Cadians, Elysians, Catachans, Death Korps of Krieg, Steel Legion, Valhallans, Praetorians, Mordians, Tallarn, Vostroyans, Tanith, etc.

29-11-2009, 11:18
Unique request thread but put in a somewhat annoying fashion if you don't mind my input.
"Convince me to do what you do" is asking someone to try their job when they don't feel like sharing, but having them tell you to try their job instead of you asking.

But with that aside, I'll just toss one of my armies out there. I play everything except loyalist space marines and Tau. (When you get to the point of saying what you don't play as, you've gotten too deep into the game, heh)

Play as a ranged army. You lack as one, and its an interesting experience to use such an army against orks.

I would opt for something that is not imperial guard however. You play tyranids, which means lots of numbers to paint. You want to not go through such a thing again, and to avoid the power armor critic slide you may want to opt for Eldar or Tau.

I play eldar. I'm decent with them. In fact I anger a lot of people with them to the point of not wanting to face them any more.

Two autarchs. Reserves army, all arrive on 2+. I run 30 warp spiders now with 30 striking scorpions and lots of rangers. Or its ranger(pathfinder)+harlequin(veil of tears) spam with 2 farseers inside the veil of tears units.

Either way, its a lose/lose situation for the opposition unless they've come with some rare weapons to take my force apart. But thats just me bragging about someone elses idea that I use. Don't be like me and use eldar in its combined glory. I have too many armies so I theme them rather then make them all-comers lists.

29-11-2009, 12:43
Daemonhunters/Grey Knights - great conversion possibilities and possibly the best-looking miniatures in the game. Very diverse army with the ability to take allies (including Imperial Guard which can make them quite powerful). Of course, the models are great fun to paint and look fantastic on the table.

Dark Angels, viewed as the poor mans SM now since our codex was the prototype for the current SM one, but we still have merits in the shape of scoring terminators, bikes, attack bikes and land speeders, cool miniatures and we're so tough we wear our bathrobes into battle ;) Again some great conversion opportunity for some HQ choices.

Crimson Fists are a SM chapter full to the brim with character and the whole cool "on the brink of annihilation" theme. Also, it's a reat army to get the most out of power fist spamming as it's a perfect fit for the chapter. Nice colour scheme as well which is very fast and simple to paint and still look effective.

Orks. They're Orks! Most fun you can have on the tabletop and countless modelling and painting possibilities.

29-11-2009, 13:36
The Varyngr have a few things going for them:
a) They are a fan project in development and wed like to have your input from playtesting. So you would be part of the project and at least I (and Im rather sure the same goes for the others) will give you props for contributing.
b) They are a converters dream - pretty much every model has to be converted and while this can seem daunting, its very satisfying to have an army where no model is stock and Ive had rather good experienced and positive comments about them.
c) To drive the combined a and b home: Your army will be truly unique.
d) The background. They are the underdogs of 40k, almost eradicated but willing to put up a fight. The Embittered declaring themselves dead after failing to live up to their standards. The subtle humor of a race not accepting their demise: "99% of us were eaten by bugs? Thats nothing! Back in my days we didnt even have bugs. And we were eating shoelaces and liked it."
e) The gameplay. A shooty army yet no clone of either Tau or IG.

29-11-2009, 16:07
Ork Speed Freak army using trucks and a few bikes.

Had this used against me, its damn annoying as basically they are stealing any initiative by rushing to a forward location and unloading where they can get into combat. If your up against another Ork list, you should be able to "wahhh!" on the 2nd turn.

Corn Berserker's could be interesting, and not a conversion I have seen yet. I believe their god lives in a valley and is a green giant of some kind. :D

29-11-2009, 20:33
Corn Berserker's could be interesting, and not a conversion I have seen yet. I believe their god lives in a valley and is a green giant of some kind. :D

Healthy, delicious, and heretical? You sir, are out of control.

29-11-2009, 23:12

Endless modelling opportunities, from any number of GW, FW and third party ranges

Multiple playstyles available. Tournament winning level builds, through to hopelessly outclassed but fun and background fitting forces. Model count varies massively.

The moral victory factor. As Vakathi says, almost any casualties are acceptable in achieving your objective, and the losses will hurt most enemies more than you.

You can also justify almost any action, by including a few characters, (Inquisitors, tech presist, preists, lord inquistiors, primarias psykers, the special characters...) and a dose of counts, and you end up with... Rogue trader, mercenary army, Adeptus Mechanicus private army, Space marine chapter serfs, Rebels, Loyalists under the thrall of a powerful psyker, etc, etc, etc. Oh, and normal, honest, loyal Guard as well too, of course!

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30-11-2009, 01:22
Daemonhunters. it's a scientifc fact that women will be more likely to date you depending on how many squads of Grey Knights you have in your army.

honestly, orks. they are the cheapest to get off ebay due to the flood of ABR sets. and VERY fun to play. it's the least "serious" army.

30-11-2009, 02:33
I like you enjoy almost everything 40k has to offer and can change my mind about which army is coolest at the drop of a hat. "But which one?!" I hear you cry!

Never fear! A man with an opinion is here!

I know for a fact that in the harsh setting of 40k, it's important to have your average fighting unit as an uber skilled strong stoic shield that can lay waste to anything it touches. With this in mind, I would suggest space marines of any description.

-Loyal marines. generally I ignore the GW fluff for the given armies and have made up my own chapter called 'Blood Brothers' who play as I want them to play. Ie, being merciful and good like they should be, as opposed to the blindly following doctrinal orders. Thunder hammers, terminators, veterans. I wish they had guns in the middle ages and some nutcase probably would have created something like these guys. They are noble knights who oppose badness and destroy everything they touch.

-Chaos marines. The possibilities are limitless, but with my view I've chosen down the Thosand Sons path, mainly because they look flippin sick, just like nearly EVERYTHING Chaos has to offer, combined with ridiculous close combat abilities, some broken moves and comes with little scrawny people who follow you around always saying "Grant us the gifts of the chaos gods great one!" what's not to love!

You know power armour is the way to go, so what's stopping you? Call now on 555-1800 and we'll throw in another free opinion if you pay by credit card.

30-11-2009, 02:51
-Loyal marines. generally I ignore the GW fluff for the given armies and have made up my own chapter called 'Blood Brothers' who play as I want them to play. Ie, being merciful and good like they should be, as opposed to the blindly following doctrinal orders. Thunder hammers, terminators, veterans. I wish they had guns in the middle ages and some nutcase probably would have created something like these guys. They are noble knights who oppose badness and destroy everything they touch.

Not to side-track, but in general this is the way the fluff works. The most important rule for Space Marines is a devotion to Humanity (in the sense of devoting every ounce of their being to protecting the little guy, rather than being motivated it for their own glory or just for their fellow battle brothers). The Raven Guard might exemplify this more than any others, though I'm not well versed in everyone's fluff.

It's just something that gets lost in the gameplay and in some of the, err, "unique" chapters prominent in the game.

30-11-2009, 06:31
I say go sisters. Nuns with guns. It is catchy.

30-11-2009, 23:49
I find it ironic how many chaos players try to convert members to their cause. :p

It might be working. (Though I have found myself interested in SoB, I have a thing for religious fanatic armies.)

01-12-2009, 00:00
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01-12-2009, 02:09
Ahh, the subtlety of Ork persuasion:

Another vote for Varyngr;

There are underdogs in 40k, and then there are the Varyngr. Most armies have been destroyed in the fluff at some point but Varyngr are the only ones where the damage reached the real world.
Except the Zoats, but as perfidious Nid spawned scum, they're irrelevant.

A race of stoical miners, betrayed by the Eldar, besieged by the Orks and finally, in the face of a Hive fleet and their own extinction, abandoned by the Imperium.

Of the once mighty Leagues, only a few scattered strongholds survive. Unlike the delicate Eldar however, the Varyngr are getting back up, shaking the dust off and grimly trudging back for more. They will rebuild, they will recover, but boy are they annoyed about it.

Clangard and Hearthgard - the Anvil of the Troops

Doughty Foragers and unpredictable Embittered each bring their own way of fighting.

Charged with the souls of their race, the Living Ancestors wield the power of the Warp; and in the Engineers, in the Robot Maniples and Masons, the full force of Varyngr Industry is brought to bear against their foes.

They are the rocks that waves of the Hive will smash against and stand firm in the storm.
Steel may rust, light may dim, but Oaths hold firm and the Varyngr will retreat for nobody.
No matter the cost.