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29-11-2009, 21:48
I've taken a little hiatus from playing and started painting my Genestealers. I went for the old school colors and tried to to the flesh-colored back of the old Genestealers as well (the spines are "flesh" instead of chitin/spine). I need to touch up the highlighting a bunch but for gaming quality they will work for now.

Also is a picture of the horrendous warping my tiles are experiencing. I live in Utah.. no humidity. This is unacceptable!

General Pic

General Pic

Stealers with my old UltraMarine termies

Stealers with my old UltraMarine termies

Stealers with my old UltraMarine termies


30-11-2009, 18:28
First of all, great painting, I love the faces on the stealers.

As for the warping, I have to guess that this is due to heat or moisture affecting the tiles, as I have not experienced this myself. Others have only mentioned the layers seperating but not warping. What you could try is to flatten them between some books or something and then seal them in varnish to prevent moisture getting in again - I think this is the most likely source as moist paper and card, when drying will shrink, and it would be the glossy upper surface not being able to shrink that is making them curve rather than just shrink uniformly.

07-12-2009, 04:45
I have had my SH tiles in my COLD, slightly humid, unfinished basement for over a month.
I too have experienced a little warping, none of the smaller tiles, just the larger ones.

I immediately copied down my custom mission layout, then packed up and moved my SH upstairs.

It might be moisture getting into the tiles?

As for sealing, I am not sure about WHITE Glue, maybe try some WOOD Glue around the edges.
I don't know, I just want to save my 100 dollar board game from damage! :angel:

10-12-2009, 06:47
No problems for me and my room is either bloody cold or bloody hot. Then again north american ideas of hot, cold and humid no doubt differ to our in the UK ;)

Some people suggested using superglue to seal the edges then using a sharpie to darken it. Superglue should soak in less as wood glue and white glue are water based.

14-12-2009, 19:38
Cool pics Pochtecatl. Do you mind explaining your Genestealer color scheme?