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30-11-2009, 00:52
Hey all,

So recently I finally got my grubby 'lil paws on a copy of Space Hulk! :mrgreen:

Anyway, I got the termies primed and they're waiting to dry, but I'm unsure how to go about painting the 'stealers. I want them to look like they do on the box, but i don't have the proper paints and was wondering if any of you guys could hook me up with a quick and easy recipe to get the same effect before I go off and start buying paitns I don't need.


Cpt. Drill
30-11-2009, 01:22
For super cheapness I thing you could paint them with just four paints.

Skull White
Chaos Black
A purple
Storm Blue

Just paint the bodies storm blue, then highlight or drybrush them by adding some white.

The actual skin paint it your chosen purple (i use warlock as it makes them look pinker but one of the others would work fine... Lich?) Do the same as the blue just highlight or drybrush up. Keep adding white once again.

Pick out the teeth and claws with white. Although maybe the claws could be black?

Drybrush the bases with a mix of white and black depending on how you want them.

You could of course add more colours, Red for blood effects, some bleached bone for the claws and other bone. I used a few other colours such as browns for the bases just to make them look a little dirtier. And some purple ink can be used all over the genestealer to for some extra detail.

30-11-2009, 01:33
I use:
"Enchanted Opaque" ( Delta Ceramcoat color, basically really light pink)
Dark grey/light grey (not sure exactly, old paints)
Light blue, dark blue
Leviathan Purple wash and Badab black wash
Any metal color you like

Flesh: Base coat in black, paint all the "flesh" with the pink color (hands, head, etc). Once that's dry, wash those painted bits with leviathan purple and clean up any slip-ups with black.

Body/chitin/armor/etc: Paint most areas dark blue (leave really dark areas black), highlight with light blue. whala!

Face: Paint in the mouth with black, pick out teeth with bleached bone, paint eyes with either white or bleached bone, paint tongue red and wash with black.

Claws: Paint black if not already all black. Highlight with dark Grey, highlight further with light Grey.

Base: Drybrush with boltgun metal, wash with black

That's how I painted mine:

30-11-2009, 15:13
For 'proper' Genestealer colours, ink washes really do work and make them look great, so I would add a purple and blue ink to the list.

30-11-2009, 19:31
Instead of a blue ink, a black ink over a slightly lighter blue also works well, but going for a lighter pinker shade and using purple ink is certainly the best way of doing the purple rather than darker and highlighting by drybrushing.

Inks are easier to use than drybrushing for the results as you literally just slap them on.