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30-11-2009, 14:51
I've been working with my Necron army for almost a year or so now, and as much as I adore their fluff and overall design, I can't help but feel bored by their lack of tactical options and model designs. And so since it's almost Christmas time, I've decided pause my Necron development and work with a new army.

Here are a few armies I have in mind right now:

First, I can wait for the new Tyranid codex to come out, and start from there. When I originally started 40k, I had a serious hard time choosing between Necrons and Tyranids. With a shinny new codex coming out, it would be a great choice to start one of my favourite armies.

Pros: Brand new codex and models, should be relatively cheap to start the army.
Cons: Have to wait till January

Second, Chaos Marines/Space Wolves, this is a very odd case, a long time ago. I bought a Chaos Marine battleforce for no apparent reason, I had thought of building a Red Corsair army but it was dropped shortly after I concentrated all my time on Necrons. I only had time to paint Huron the Blackheart and a random aspiring champion in the mean time, but surprisingly those 2 models ended up been 2 of the best models I've ever painted. So here's my plan, buy a Space Wolves battleforce, kit-bash the 2 battleforce bits, do some conversions, and use the Red Corsair color scheme for all of them, and I'll make up a fluff for the Space Wolves portion of my army. This way I'll have some nice unique looking Space Wolves with a color scheme OTHER than blue/grey, and my Red Corsair army will have a more pirate look with all the Space Wolves bits.

Pros: Two effective armies in one, fun color scheme and conversions, good models to paint, relatively cheap to start.
Cons: Red Corsair color scheme on Space Wolves may not turn out so good, lots of people play Marines.

My final option is Eldars. Personally, I've always been more of a hobbyist than a gamer, Eldars models seem to provide me huge amount of options to do freehand and play with details. Moreover, the Eldar codex itself to very competitive and fun to use to begin with (even though it's a lot more demanding compared to other armies).

Pros: Amazing models and painting options, fun to play.
Cons: The battleforce doesn't seem to provide the right models to build an effective army, rather expensive with all the metal models.

That's all I've got now, I would really like to hear from anyone who has experience with the above armies, any suggestion is welcome. Thanks everyone in advance. ;)

30-11-2009, 17:52
It depends how good you are at painting. If you can paint each model to quite a good standard then I would say go for Eldar as they look great if painted well.
The Chaos/ SW idea sounds cool although it might turn out a bit expensive buying two boxes for each unit, and as you say alot of people play marines. Although if you can paint them well it might be a nice army to have.
On the Tyranid front I'd definately consider them but wait for the new codex before you buy anything, it might not be what you expect.

Goat of Yuggoth
30-11-2009, 18:59
Get a Nid battleforce and another squad of something plastic (gaunts, warriors, stealers, a fex, you name it). You can't go wrong. The nid battleforce is best-value, considering that you get a solid bunch of everything, and a good start that you can play straight out of the box.

And also Nidz are the most conversion-friendly army out there. Okay, marine conversions are easy, but with those beasties you can really go nuts and say it's "evolution". I don't know any creationists who play 40k, and I'm sure it won't offend them if they exist :D

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