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30-11-2009, 21:08
Hello all!

I have got the skaven book, and have been reading tons of it it is like my bibel haha!
Well as i can see the skaven is a really offensiv army whit lack of defensiv parts. As they need to Horde ther oppentens to win. I did try the Warriors of Chos (Nurgel) as an friend told me they wher alot of offensiv and have strong armor and save etc
So i did try it alot and it dident suit my play style.

I would like to have an army that has quit good Offensiv and defensiv if ther is any army of that ofc haha!
Was thinking Tomb Kings. Tho i have never read or anything about them..

Thos armys i am quit intressted in is

Tomb Kings

Thos are thos armys i know and ofc WoC that i know has alot of good Offensiv parts
Sorry for bad english got a new Keyboard some like super mini one (Fiance did think it was cute)

anyone have any tips for my dielemma?

Bard Harlock
30-11-2009, 21:23
Dwarfs suit a defensive play style. You seem to want something in the middle. Lizardmen are very good all around. Dark Elves may be a bit too offensive and not so tough. How do you feel about mounted knights? Brettonians may be what you are looking for.

30-11-2009, 21:26
How about bretonnians? Very offensive (CHARGE!) and very defensive (2+ AS and 5/6+ ward).

If you liked WoC then you could do the same thing by just taking a bunch of knights (like most WoC players do).

metal midget
30-11-2009, 21:37
from what i see you have 2 options as it sounds like you want an all round army so either empire or lizardmen

30-11-2009, 21:56
Vampire Counts or Deamons of Chaos, way to go, top tier armies

02-12-2009, 04:20
I'd try either Lizardmen or Bretonnia, as both are offensive armies with staying power. Undead armies (tomb kings and vampire counts) and horde armies (skaven) will see your basic units dying in large groups, and though the undead can be brought back to life, it's not really the same thing.

It sounds like you're describing the Brettons, though.

02-12-2009, 04:30
If you like a challenge ogres are super offensive, but suffer somewhat from glass cannon syndrome. Lizardmen core troops are SUPER killy and have above average (core troop) saves, and skinks just scare the bajesus out of people when you drop a giant in a turn. Wood elves can be super offensive built right, but never really get better than a 5+ ward save. TK and vampires are both kind of defensive armies at their heart, they fight battles of attrition, counting to outlast the enemy, rather than defeat them. Dark elves can also be super offensive if you build that way.

02-12-2009, 06:24
From what I understand, the Skaven are quite capable of playing defensively. Just take some plague catapults/warp lightning cannons, mortars, maybe a screaming bell, some more offensive magic, jezzails and put the rest into whatever you think should be able to mop up the rest.

And throw out the mini-keyboard. It's a fast track to RSI and the resultant post makes you look like you're 12. ;)

02-12-2009, 10:31
If your refering to defensive as in tough (which is what I think you are) than I would say bretts are a good choice, or WoC. If you are refering to defensive as in they can play both defensive and offensive then I would say dark elves or empire, maybe high elves too. Skaven and tomb kings can work but if what your looking for is an army that can play both offensively and defensively then i would say empire or dark elves.

02-12-2009, 11:15
Never get a minikeyboard. Never. Unless you're a mini yourself. Tiny keyboard isn't an excuse for poor spelling, either, in the end. It's just lose/lose here.

Dwarfs are very defensive, high toughness, nice armour and an ability for a life-long grudge. They also have cannons and slayers.

02-12-2009, 17:14
Hello again been Off for a few days and tryed alot of armys got a few from friends that it tryed.

I have got a big intressted in Wood elves as i know they are Kinda Wierd to Play but i did found it quit nice. as i know they are really low on Magic and Offensiv / Defensiv side. but i think whit ther speed and shooting they are really deadly if u can stay away from the enemy. tho i have only played a few battels whit them and Dwarfs.

As thos i play whit is Playing Dark elves, High elvs, WoC, Empier, Bret. tho never at the same time. but thos are the teams that is busy hehe