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Col. Dash
01-12-2009, 21:42
Does anyone have any pics of the old Kislev Winged Cavalry or know if any company out there is producing historical Polish-Lithuanian Winged Hussars for 28mm. I have an army idea based on something I am working on in RL and wouldnt mind a small Empire army based around these guys.

01-12-2009, 21:45
Winged Lancers: http://www.nugaming.com/assets/images/WarhammerKislevWingedLancers.JPG

Gryphon Legion: http://www.nugaming.com/WHFB/WarhammerKislevGryphonLegion.JPG

Cypher, the Emperor
01-12-2009, 23:01
your probably better off tracking down some historical models, IMO. The old Kislev stuff is extremely rare and expensive, and their Mordheim stuff is basically unbuyably rare.

Which sucks, because I was going to build an awesome Golden Compass themed army (DoW/Ogres/Kislev) but couldnt get the amount of their metal infantry because I was unwilling to drop 50-100 dollars per box.

Red Metal
01-12-2009, 23:20
For some reason a LGS near me has three boxes of the Winged Lancers and three boxes of the Gryphon Legion and none have moved at the $50 price point for some time.

They're great looking models, but hard to assemble a reasonable force at their secondary market prices and limited availability.

02-12-2009, 00:57
Prices may come down for the cavalry, which were in production for a loooong time. For several months recently I was watching eBay for Kislev models looking for a couple of specific things for my wife, and after a time I realized many of the auctions for the winged lancers and the light cavalry, which had high starting prices, were there week after week after week from the same sellers - not moving at all at the prices people were asking.

Flea markets and shows are a good place to look. My wife picked up a unit of the lancers at Historicon 2008 for well under the original GW price, and I saw other units there as well. Just to gloat, my brother found me a shrink-wrapped box of the Mordheim Kislev warband at Nashcon this summer... the guy was asking about 2/3s the original price. If you can go to cons that have good flea markets, you can pick up some great deals.

By the way, some of the Privateer Press Khador miniatures make good Kislev infantry models (although they tend to be a pain to assemble).

02-12-2009, 10:50
Actually, I would expect those prices to go up instead, seeing as the molds are over 13 years old.

04-12-2009, 07:56
if you want some models cheack this place out.