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02-12-2009, 14:55
In an effort to get a bit more discussion going about War of the Ring, I decided to see what people generally bring when playing WotR.

Votes are made public, so you can see what armies were picked by whichever poster. They are made visible by clicking any blue highlighted number of votes in the right column.

For myself, I am a Dwarf, Misty Mountain and Angmar kind of guy.

Pistols At Dawn
02-12-2009, 15:58
I'm finishing off my gondor army (lots of dol amroth troops and knights), and am already planning my evil army(fallen realms), can't quite decide whether to go for an all Harad force or add in some easterlings and khandish troops.

Still haven't got round to playing a game though :( (my gaming club is busy wrapping up this years campaigns to start a new system)

bork da basher
02-12-2009, 17:05
ive just started to play and am assembling 2000pts of mordor themed around minas morgul. i've no plans to get another faction yet as i don't have alot of time for games as it is but if i do get another it'll likely be dwarves as i love the miniatures and i won't need to buy quite as many being more expensive points wise than my mordor orc horde.

02-12-2009, 22:41
I'm throwing down Dwarves with Forgotten allies. My evil army for demos later I am not quite sure, but it will have to have some Trolls.

03-12-2009, 01:11
I didn't tick Mordor, as I assumed from the list you are only talking main forces?

I'm currently in the process of building a 'feral' Misty Mountains army, plus I also use:

Fallen Realms (Easterlings) with Mordor/ Misty Mountains allies. I will add some Warlord Games Dacian figures as Khands once I have the rest painted.

Rohan with Forgotten Kingdoms allies

In the rest of my gaming group there is:

Misty Mountains (Moria Goblins)
Dwarfs (in the process of being built)
Fallen Realms (Khands, using the Warlord Games Celt miniatures and a lot of converting)
Angmar (also using Warlord Games Celt figures, plus wargames factory, and Celt chariots as allied 'Carn-Dum' chariots)
Fallen Realms (Harad, with over 300 models including 60 cav and 5 Mumakil)
Mordor (in the process of being built)

That will keep us going for a while! So much choice given to players by the lists in this game it's amazing.

darkened sun
03-12-2009, 02:47
I had many, many SBG armies, but then I traded them with people to get two really big good and evil armies, Gondor and Mordor. Then I've got a Fallen Realms army because I have both Harad and Easterlings. And alot of allies for both armies... Elves, Forgotten Kingdoms, Angmar...

Most of the people I know collect one good and one evil army. The difference between SBG and WOTR is that you find out that your once big army is just a tiny one by WOTR standards, and all those models make only 2 formations...

03-12-2009, 03:13
I am torn between Rohan and Isengard which are the majority of the minis I've bought so far. Then, I have an ever growing Mordor/Misty Mountains/Morannon army, and a few dwarves, and I am planning to buy lots of Haradrim and Easterlings before Xmas, so I am pretty much into the game except for Umbar, Gondor and the Elves (which the wife likes a lot and is collecting, albeit at a much slower pace that I do... but then again, I'm a well-known mini-maniac).

Damn, after seeing a few Old Glory minis, I'm thinking about letting my Orks go (even when I said I wasn't) to bolster the human armies.

Yes, I can see myself dumping my last 40kK army and thus, the game, for more WotR stuff and extra goodies from other manufacturers.

03-12-2009, 10:22
I'm just starting painting an Elven army, based around the Last Alliance.

I'm also planning on an Isengard, Rohan and Fallen Realms army.

So I've got much painting to look forward to.

03-12-2009, 17:58
I've painted up;
Rohan http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/Rohan003.jpg
and Isengard http://i491.photobucket.com/albums/rr279/waylander2/Isengard006.jpg

03-12-2009, 19:37
NIce! Really, really nice, Nuada!