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02-12-2009, 18:52
The Tale of Fantasy Painters 2009-2010

Month 4

Hello chaps,

Sorry I have not been around much.
Not finding much time for painting right now but looking forward to seeing what you guys have been up to and finding some inspiration.

All the best,

This is the thread on which you post your work for month FOUR. (The work you have done in the month of NOVEMBER).

Please make only one post (for each army) in the first week.

Your post should include:

1) The description and points of the unit. AND YOUR TOTAL POINTS SO FAR.
2) Any additional information you care to share with us about your painting.
3) A Dice roll. (Explained below)
4) Up to six photographs of your months work and the army so far.

The dice role.

With over 250 painters in this years Fantasy tale it would be impossible to try to comment on everyones work. (Although there are some who will try!) We considered splitting into army factions which would have left every one only posting on others painting the same army. Someone came up with the great idea of dicing for it. So you throw a dice and record the score. You then try and post comment on everyone who has the same dice roll as you. In return you can expect comment form all of them. This way each month we will all be commenting on a random selection of other painters work.
(Note: this does not stop anyone posting anything they like about anyones work regardless of the numbers rolled!)

A Word on using photographs

You can use up to six photographs (the maximum allowed in a post by warseer). To show us your months painting and the 'army' so far. The best size for showing your work is 640x480 (It can be smaller or you can use ‘thumbs’ which link to bigger pictures but they must not be bigger or it takes too long for the pages to load). The best thing to do is to resize them, wherever you are hosting your images, and then drag and drop the ‘img code’ directly into the text.

This month (NOVEMBERS) WIP Thread.

AFTER THE FIRST WEEK ... This thread will become the 'normal' ... comment and crit’ of others work, Work In Progress (WIP) pictures of your work as it develops, how you are getting on, seeking advice and encouragement for your ideas and your painting and generally chatting about the project, life and the cosmos.

However, please continue to only post your work for the first week. This is to give everyone a chance to post up their finished work before it gets lost amongst a sea of chat and WIP shots.

Thanks again to everyone who has signed up for this madness.

If you have not signed up yet…

If you have not signed up yet and would like to join us you are not to late.
Just post on this thread which army and how many points you intend to paint and then crack on.
Anything you post this month will count for last months painting.
(Although you will have to push on and paint something for next month to catch us up).

If you can not post anything this month …

DO NOT PANIC! … use a joker.
Busy lives calm down again, enthusiasm returns, time presents itself.
When it does 'push hard and 'buy back' your joker by painting extra. If your struggling post and say so. (don't just slip quietly away) You will be amazed by the posts of encouragement and support which come from your fellow painters eager to see you successfully complete this project. Most importantly ... 'Stick with it' ... The prize of getting your stuff painted remains worth all the effort.

What is it all about?

Do you want to paint a 2000 point army in the next 12 months?
Do you want to meet a great bunch, with the same goal who will encourage and support you throughout the process?
Can you do the same in return?
Are you completely bonkers?
Then you have come to the right place! :D

The aim of The Tale of Painters (TOP) is to help motivate those involved to start and complete an army in the next twelve months.

We made a decision early on to split the Tale into two separate 'halves' one for 40K and one for Fantasy. They have continued to evolve in slightly different ways but this is how the Fantasy Tale works.

The painters involved have made a commitment to paint and post, by the last day of each month, approx 200 points of their chosen army. They do this each month for the next 12 months. Starting with their first post on the last day of August 2009 and finishing with their last post on the last day of July 2010.

However, because people have real lives with exams, holidays, honeymoons, new babies etc, etc. They get two 'Jokers'. For two months within the year you can ‘play a joker’ and rather than post an update they can post "sorry guys couldn't get it done this month. Real life got in the way." But the other 10 Months they have to come up with (approx) 200 points of painted and based figures. That is 200 points for 10 of the next 12 months.

At the end of each month a new thread will appear for the painters to post your previous months painting.

In twelve months time we will all end up with a finished 2000 point army.
(Or at least everyone who can see it through to the end ... it's harder than you think!)

Men and Boys (and Infants!)

Because this is harder than you would think this year rather than try and hold everyone to 200 points a month we have decided to allow folks to join in and paint only 100 points a month. Whilst the goal for many remains getting a 2000 point army painted in a year the original and ongoing intention of this whole thing was to encourage and support folks to get stuff painted and 1000 points is better than no points! As a result we have two catagories. 'Men' (painting 2000 points/month) and 'Boys' painting 1000 points/month).
I have also added a list for the 'Infants' or Warmaster painters.

The Painters:


Frequently Asked Questions

Q : Am I too Late? Can I still Join in?
A : No you are not too late. Yes you can still join in. Just post on this thread saying which army and how many points you intend to paint.

Q : Can I paint more than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes (we are not here to tell you how and when to paint your stuff, it is great to get ahead) BUT we would like you only to post 200 points (approx) each month and try to stay roughly on track with 200 points a month (200 points in month 1, 400 points by month 2, 600 points by month 3, etc.) so as not to depress the hell out of those of us who are struggling to keep up.

Q : Can I paint less than 200 points in a month?
A : Yes. But we try to stay on track by painting more points in the next month to 'catch up'. For example oif you only painted 100 points one month you could try and get 300 points painted the next month. Equally if you paint more one month you can take it easy and paint less the next month.

Q : What happens when I paint an expensive character?
A : This happens a lot. If your character was over 400 points you would simply paint him over two months (the sort of time your general deserves!) So You start posting him one month and post nothing the first month (unless you want to post WIP) then the second month you post the finished model and all the points get added on.

Q : Can I include a short narrative with each months post.
A : Yes. Write much as you like. We love background. write as much as you like it will be read and enjoyed by many.1 Men : 0 Boys

02-12-2009, 18:53

HIGHS: Well, I don't mind the old knights that much, in fact you can paint them really fast and that's always a good thing.
LOWS: Knights and horses don't fit well, thus knights are leaning to one side. :(


TOTAL POINTS: 579 (1 Joker)





@Harry: I was so proud that I finished this month's entry on time, I just couldn't wait to post it. (Stalking the forum all day long, hitting refresh every minute - at least it felt like that.) ^^

02-12-2009, 18:56
Bloody hell that was quick! Less than a minute! :D

02-12-2009, 19:28
ARMY: Middenheim

UNIT: 20 Flagellants incl. Champion (although I'm not sure yet which one he is) & 1 BSB

PAINTING: Pretty much just the base colours and a lot of washes on the Flaggies. After all they are supposed to be filthy.

BASING: Still to do. I guess at this point I'll just try to do it once the army is complete.

STILL TO DO: Nothing

HIGHS AND LOWS: I actually enjoyed painting these. It seems the end is indeed nigh.






02-12-2009, 19:34
ARMY: Middenland

UNITS: Steam Tank & Giant

PAINTING: Nothing special.

BASING: Still to do.

STILL TO DO: Some of the banners on the Steam Tank.

LOWS: Good grief, the metal Steam Tank is a horrible model to build. I bought this one on ebay in protest against the price of the plastic one. Boy, did that backfire. It doesn't fit at all and I'd be surprised if it lasted a whole game without falling apart. If I had paid the full price for this - a whopping 70€ - I'd have taken it to the next GW store to throw their windows in.


TOTAL POINTS: 970 (looks like I got ahead of myself here a little, or rather wasn't too practical about splitting the units over the two armies)




02-12-2009, 20:16

CHARACTER: Dark Elf Dreadlord on Black Dragon

BUILD/CONVERSION: I used the High Elf dragon kit (as if you can’t tell!), and removed all of the gems/glyphs etc. The runes on the rock were also filled in. The back of the seat has been significantly shortened.

The dreadlord was converted using the High Elf mage legs with the long flowing robes cut off. The top half is from the new Cold One kit. I can’t remember where the head came from, quite possibly from the new Corsair plastics.

PAINTING: Blacks are various mixes of Black/Codex Grey. Gold is Shining Gold, highlighted with Chainmail and washed with Badab. Scales are a mix of Liche/Warlock purple, with Dwarf Flesh mixed in for highlights.

BASING: Gritty sand inked with Chestnut Ink, highlighted with Bleached Bone and then snow flock added.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Half the dragons in the Warhammer world seem to be the High Elf dragon, so it’s a shame I ended up using it. I had my hopes on using the new Heresy dragon, but who knows when that will be finished and available to buy.

It was fairly easy to paint and looks reasonable enough, so I’m happy for now. I do plan to replace it with a better dragon at some point in the future though (maybe a GW dragon if they get round to making a new one…)

STILL TO DO: I need some chains to connect the rider to the dragons horns. I have no idea where to get some from, other than paying out more than I want to on a cheap necklace. I’d welcome any suggestions!

SOME WAFFLE: I know I’m now well over points and may not post anything next month to make up for it. I’m working on some Gamezone harpies though, and they may just sneak in!

POINTS: 460 points.

TOTAL POINTS: 1036 Points.





Dark Apostle
02-12-2009, 20:24
ARMY: Empire/Wissenland

Part 1 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4002682&postcount=15)
Part 2 (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4090384&postcount=13)

"Have a taste of this! BWAHAHAHA" The bellowing laughter, followed by a loud explosion disturbed Wenzel in his meditation, but the slightest hint of a sneer on his lips was soon replaced by a wide grin as he realized what the comotion was all about. That laughter could only belong to one man, and the phrase he had roared out was well known throughout all Wissenland. It meant that Beowurg Donnerhelm, foster father to Wenzels brother had arrived with his men.

Well past his fifties, but still strong as any twenty-year-old, Beowurg is a welcome guest in any warparty. While being no slouch with a sword or cavalry hammer, he favours black powder weapons over anything else, and his battlecry, "Have a taste of this" is commonly heard on the battle fields just before he fires his guns into the face of an unfortunate enemy soldier. It is also heard during the nights from warious bed chambers wherever Beowurg happend to end up at the end of a long day - the saying is that while he has five legitimate sons with his wife, he has considerably more offspring littering the southern parts of the Empire. What his wife thinks about this nobody knows, but the number of younglings at Beowurg castle is constantly growing, and it's believed that a fair number of maids, grooms and guards at his gate carries the blood of the Donnerhelms...

Considering his taste for things that go bang it's not surprising that Beowurg has brought with him a contingent of handgunners as well as a pice of artilery. He also carries his familys pride, the Steel banner which can usually be seen at the very frontline of whatever army Beowurg joins, streaming behind him as a red streak of blood as he charges into the fray.

UNITS: 5 Handgunners, 1 Great Cannon, Knight w banner (steel standard): 199 points

BUILD/CONVERSION: Used the steam tank wheels for the cannon (looks great, no?), and converted the knight banner from various empire parts and bretonnian banner. I like his helmet - it mirrors the skeleton on the horses head.

PAINTING: Same as previous. The main new thing here is the wood grain, which is simply a basecoat of Chardon granite with thin lines of Khemri brown.

STILL TO DO: Maybe I'll add a base for the cannon at a later stage, but for now they're all finished!

HIGHS AND LOWS: I particularly liked to do the freehand on the banner - the white lion with the lance and the skull. My dislike for painting metalics have only increased though.








Will update with more info tomorrow

02-12-2009, 20:40
ARMY : Tomb Kings (2000 points)

UNIT: 10 skeleton archers, Icon bearer on foot, Tomb Scorpion

BACKGROUND/THEME: I will try to come with something clever over the course of the tales.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Just out of the box models

PAINTING: same as before [ details here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showpost.php?p=4090055&postcount=7) ]

BASING: The scorpion is on a base from Back2Base-ix (http://www.back2base-ix.com/), I'm really please with it.

STILL TO DO: nothing, they are complete!

HIGHS AND LOWS: High : The icon bearer was a blast to paint can't wait to paint the lord!

Lows : The tomb scorpion was a pain to assemble and not as fun as i would expected to paint.

POINTS : 230 (without upgrades)



The other unit of skeleton archers is pretty much the same as the first one :

the scorpion :


And the Icon bearer :

close-up of the icon :

Complete army shot :

next month : 4 chariots w/banner.

There are more pictures in my project log [ here (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?t=212761) ]

02-12-2009, 21:18
Dino reporting in.

Red Green Clan

Army: Dwarfs

Units: Runesmith, Cannon, 2 Bolt throwers(no crews)

Build/Conversion: The runesmith was just made out of a regular dwarf to begin with. I used the standard that was being held with one hand and put a miner hammer on the top. Gave him a bear stien in his left hand, and GS the cloth. Cannon is strait from the BFSP box set. The two bolt throwers are made out of dwarf miner parts, dwarf standards, and sprue along with iron wire. The bolts are made or platic rods and empire spear tips.

Painting: Same as others.

Basing: same as others.

Points: Runesmith, Master Rune of Balance, Great weapon, Rune of Stone Pts. 129
Cannon, Rune of Forging Pts. 125
2 Bolt throwers Pts.45(i'm count them as halfish points becouse they don't have crews yet)
Total this month 299
Total last month 591
Grand total 890
Bolt Throwers
Army Shot

The Raven Host

Army: Warriors of Chaos

Units: 1 Dragon Ogre

Build/Conversion: Same os the first.

Painting: Same as the first.

Basing: Same as the others.

Points: Dragon ogre with great weapon Pts. 77
Total from last month 217
Gand Total 294
Dragon Ogre

Dice roll: 5

For next month expect miners, rangers, and two dragon ogres.

02-12-2009, 21:29
Army: Orcs and Goblins (2000pts)

Background/Theme: Warhammer Online inspired greenskins fighting through Empire farmland.

Unit(s): Black Orcs with full command and shields and a giant. The orcs were meant to be submitted last month but weren't quite finished, so I'm posting them this month alongside the giant in the hope I can buy back my joker. We can do that right?

Build/Conversion: The orcs are straight from box. The models are great without needing tweaked.

Giant was a cheap find on Ebay but had some damage and the weapon was removed so I repaired it up and made him a new banded club by adding greenstuff to a length of plasticard tube.

Painting: The orcs are painted the same way as the tester I painted in month 1. Blue and bone being the main colours for the army. Giant has a few blue patches making up his trousers.

Basing: Broken Starbucks coffee stirrers, sand, static grass. Hopefully it gives the impression of burnt/ruined Empire farmland.

Still to do: Just noticed I have forgotten to paint the scaly wristband on the giant... *sigh*

Highs and Lows: Getting the giant useable from a pretty damaged model is a high. No real lows. Yay!

Points: 192 (1 orc already painted)+205=397

Total: 776/2000

Dice Roll: 2 again. At least I'm consistent...

Black Orcs


Army shot (troll is hiding at the back)

Fabius Bile
02-12-2009, 22:18
Army - 2000+pts Averland Empire

Units - 10 x Militia (Leitdorf's Own Gardeners and Gamekeepers)
1 x Hellstorm Rocket Battery

Points - 165

Total Points so far - 846

Background - "Mad" Marius Leitdorf was infamous for his eccentric ideas. One of his more unusual notions was to put his own household staff through mock military training. The staff were immaculately uniformed, but had to fight with the equipment required to do their jobs. This meant that the Gamekeepers were happier with their lot than the Gardeners were. That said, a pair of shears can still make a mess of an unfortunate enemy!

Build/Conversions - weapons for the Militia, also removed one rocket from a rail, so that the crewman is reloading it. I scratchbuilt the bunker for the Rocket Battery using Plasticard and car body filler.

Highs - All the building, conversion and painting was very enjoyable.

Lows - Just the photography, which is not up to the usual standard due to a complete lack of decent sunlight, so I had to take pictures indoors under florescent lights.







Dice Roll - 2

This Month - due to going home for Christmas, there will be 10 days when I won't be able to paint, so I will have a light month and paint just 5 Outriders, which I will easily manage in 20 days.

Might I be the first to wish everyone a Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukhah/Joyous Kwanzaa etc.

03-12-2009, 00:36
Army : Miraglean Dogs of War
Dice Roll : Noo.... Not a 1!
Units : 1 Beasts Wizard, 6 Lumpin Croops. Hurray! Hurray! The Moot! The Moot!

Points : 110 + 90 = Exactly 200. Could be a bit more if he was a level 2 wizard.
Total Points : 706
Comments : Really enjoyed painting the Beast Wizard. A nice model that one. The Halflings were a mixed bunch. Hard to paint their little grubby toe's and pants without messing up elsewhere, but other than that, they were a treat to do.
Still to come : Well, you get 12 Halflings, not 6! 6 is just the minium unit size, so eventually I'll probably come back and paint 6 more. Obviously still got the rest of Asarnil to paint as well. Deathfang keeps looking up at me sadly, asking why I don't paint him.
Coming in December : At the moment, I'm thinking a mix of everything. Pistol Duellists, some Light Cavalry and a Man-Eater. Maybe more if I take some time off around the new year.


I did take a picture of my work so far as well... but it's crowded in the background, so I think I'll take a better image later.

03-12-2009, 04:24
Ok, here is my painting for month 4. It will be a while until i paint this many models again, as i am returning to denmark for christmas and exams.

Army: Empire, Averland.

Unit(s): 25 Halberdiers with a 9 man swordsmen attachment.

Build/conversion: I repositioned most of the halberdiers. I thought it would look quite messy with their original stances. So for the ones holding the halberd in one hand i used the swordsmen arms, drilled through the hand and used a piece of wire for extending the shaft of the halberd. The front models were quite tricky as i needed to reposition the arms and hands to get the result, but i am pretty happy with how the unit as a whole turned out.

Still to do: Shields! The should get shields, but i simply dont have enough of them. I am trying to make some with a greenstuff mold, but it takes forever. I hope to find some shields somewhere.

Points this month: 199
points total: 747 (i will catch up eventually)

Dice roll: 5


03-12-2009, 06:21
Turns out my wife brand new phone has a camera so heres 2 months of pics! Not great pics, especially for the wizard, but they'll do for now.

ARMY: Stirland River Patrol (1000pts)

UNIT: 4 IC Lancers with FC and 1 lvl 2 wizard

PAINTING: Same as the prior Lancer. Banner done identical on both sides with much cursing in between. Wizard painted with the same scheme except the blue gems as i wanted him to clearly be part of the River Patrol, likely assigned to a ship.

BASING: Same as before except the wizard whose base is cork. Tested some water effects out which i will be using to finish his base.

STILL TO DO: Finish the wizards base. Didnt realize the shield sprue only had 4 of the laurel/skull shields so one of my poor knights is shieldless.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Very nice payoff but a giant pain in the butt. Doing the banner identically on both sides of a wrapped banner was tough. It looks cool though. The wizard was a nice easy break, used a new head to give the sea swept look.








Elazar The Glorified
03-12-2009, 09:15
ARMY : The Devotees of Elazar (Warriors of Chaos)

UNIT: Harkaitz - The Herald of Elazar, Bearer of The Glorious Standard

BACKGROUND/THEME: Quite a bit again here for those that aren't interested to skip!

The stories of Harkaitz, amongst the tribes, are many but in truth very little is known of The Herald of Elazar. He has fought alongside the Daemon Prince’s armies as far back as any mortal memory goes and he has witnessed the rise and fall of a great many champions. Legend has it that Harkaitz is the last surviving member of Elazar’s warband from before his ascension, and that is why he has the honour of carrying the Daemon’s banner. This would make Harkaitz centuries old but within the Realm of Chaos such things are possible. Whatever the truth of things his presence in an army is an omen of a great battle to come. Elazar does not send his banner bearer lightly.

The Glorious Standard that Harkaitz carries acts as a vacuum for the souls of those that fall in battle against Elazar’s armies. Dragged into the Realm of Chaos these souls are subjected to endless tortures for Elazar’s pleasure. The wails and screams of the trapped souls can be heard emanating from the banner in a cacophony of suffering. More disturbing still, faces press against the mortal realm from within the banner. They plead for their freedom before they are dragged back by the daemonic minions for more tortures. The sight of one’s fallen comrades begging for deliverance from the next plane is enough to unman many a foe and the mere presence of the banner has turned the tide of many a battle, the resolve of the enemy crumbling the face of such terror.

After the battle Harkaitz can be seen riding back into the chaos wastes to return to his Prince’s side. His name drifting back into legend until the next time he marches to war.

The Daemonic Steed that bears Harkaitz to war is the subject of a great many legends itself. This terrible beast has been named as Gentza by the tribesmen that worship the Daemon Prince. Gentza was the cruel steed gifted to the then mortal Elazar by Slaanesh and Harkaitz’s steed matches all the descriptions in the tribes’ oldest tales. However, Gentza is said to have sired many offspring and these spawn of the daemon mount are given as gifts to those warriors who earn Elazar’s favour. Some of them wholly Daemonic, others an impure mix of horse and daemon.


The Glorious Standard (counts as Banner of the Gods).
Unnerving foes and inspiring acts of devotion from Elazar's servants, the banner is a thing of pure chaos. Anguished howls of the fallen echo across the battlefield and promise the ruin of all who oppose the Glorious Host...
The presence of The Glorious Standard has such an effect on the combatants of a battle that the bearer causes Terror. Also, all friendly units within 6” of the banner become Stubborn.

BUILD/CONVERSION: The mini is the Chaos Lord on Daemonic Mount. The flail was built using the haft of the hammer the mini normally carries and then the head of a marauder flail. I swapped the mace heads from the chaos knights sprues in for the ones from the marauder flail. The banner is the marauder horsemen banner. Part of my army's theme is that there is little to no mutation amongst the Devotees, their arrogance means they and their daemonic master consider them perfect already. This meant I had to remove the tentacle arm that normall holds the shield. I cut and filed the tentacle back and added a chaos knight shield arm that would hold the banner pole. I had to resculpt the top of the arm but my green stuff skills are below average at best so I extended the fur on the cloak to cover up a lot of the scratch built part of the arm. The faces on the banner were scrounged from my bits box and also a friend's. The mini's head is Harry the Hammer's. On the horse I added chains from the marauder horsemen sprue to the barding instead of the extra horns. I used the hourglass and the key from the flagellants sprues to add to the end of two of the chains as I feel they add a lot of character and mystery to the mini. Took a lot of work to put it all together, lots of pinning and green stuff. The WIP shots can be seen in my project log or blog.

PAINTING: The bone coloured barding is painted the same as I paint the armour across the rest of my army. I wrote this up here (http://elazartheglorified.blogspot.com/2009/11/how-to-paint-devotee-bone-armour.html). The bone colour on Harkaitz's armour is very similar but I kept the colour a bit brighter to contrast with the horse's barding better. The other colours are much the same as I've used elsewhere in the army again but I'll answer any questions if people have them!

BASING: A big rock and lots of snow flock. As I've mentioned in my project log the rock actually has a little sentimental value which is why it was used but I think it worked out well in the end.

STILL TO DO: Some people have said the hourglass blue is a little too bright and detracts from the mini so I might have to redo that but I'm in no rush, I'm really happy with the end result for the most part so won't be doing much to the mini any time soon!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Highs - My gaming club had another painting competition and Harkaitz here won me the fantasy category which was nice. The big high though was making my own wet palette and realising just how much of a difference it has made to my painting. Really would recommend making one to everybody on here! Really enjoyed painting this mini all round though and building it. It's a beautiful sculpt by GW.

Lows - The hourglass! Seemed like a great idea when building the mini, didn't realise until I got to it though that I had absolutely no idea how I was going to go about painting glass! It came out ok in the end I think but certainly something to learn there for the future.

POINTS: 324 ( Exalted Hero, Mark of Slaanesh, Flail, Shield, Daemonic Mount, Battle Standard Bearer, Banner of the Gods)

TOTAL POINTS SO FAR: 724 (will make the difference up next month to completely buy back the joker I had to use last month)







There are more pictures on my project log too. Sorry didn't do an army pic of just the Tale stuff but have a poor one of the parts of my whole army that I'm (mostly) happy with instead


03-12-2009, 09:43

7x plague monks (including command group)
1x warplightning cannon (without a crew...)
1x stormvermin fangleader
1x Throt the Unclean

BUILD/CONVERSION: Nothing. Straight out of the box. Well I made the movement tray for the cannon but somehow I don't se it counting... :)

PAINTING: During the first week of the month a painted as a rabid rat in excitement that the new skaven were finally here. Theeeeen I kinda forgot the whole business. Made a lot of test subjects fangleader being a success (imo) and plaguecenser bearer beign a failure. Also I'll probably paint the banner again as it looks quite ridiculous right now.


HIGHS AND LOWS: Pretty much only lows. I had miscalculated by budjet (fragging FFG with their new Warhammer roleplay! :D ) and couldn't afford to by new clanrats or even the new army book. I also seem to have miss-placed a box with the crew to the lightning cannon and several of the plague monks. Here's hoping that Hog-father brings me lots of new rats and helps me to find the missing ones...

POINTS: 250 (counting Throt as a master moulder, not counting the "to be painted again" censer bearer and calculating the lightning cannon at it's full cost. All according to previous edition... ^___^)

TOTAL POINTS: 732 Points. One joker used.



edit: okaaaay... What's up with the image limit? I cannot even link two images as it tells me that I've inserted seven images then... Weird.

Comments for 4 rollers
(I'm really behind with these... Sorry for that)

@jahorin - I like the gritty appearance of the tomb scorpion. It gives out a quite disturbing vibe. In a good way. Can't say much about the archers as the pic is quite dark as with the icon bearer. Though from what I see I like. Nice army shot too! I'll get around these when I finally get my main stay unit... :angel:

@Catferret - Blue as a color theme wouldn't be the first one to come into my mind when thinking orcs. But you pull it of with remarkable skill! These guys are awesome! The Giant too makes a really big impression though I'm not fond of the model of the head (the painting is superb but the model isn't). Really really good!

@Fabious Bile - These chaps are colorful! I like the way that the free company looks like it really consists of drafted men without a single uniforme style. I'm not sure if it's the lighting but I would probably try to use little less paint as it makes the minis look a bit thick. The Rocket Battery looks good but I have to ask - what's up with the blue terrain pieces? Please tell me it's getting colors sometime... :)

03-12-2009, 10:42

Unfortunately I am forced to use my first Joker. Between holidays, overtime, and a ruptured eardrum this has been a crowded month.

I'll be happy to comment on everyone's work, and I will hopefully buy it back next month! :D

03-12-2009, 12:26
Warriors Of Chaos (Still in the think tank on a name for them)

Unit: 4* Knights of Chaos, (Standard+Musician to be added)

Points: 160 (once the 5th, musician, standard are done))

Conversions: Pretty much built from the box.

Painting: Was the first time in a long time tackling something so detailed, personally I think a little over the top, and chose to ignore a lot of it as so much variation would look "messy".

High/lows: They are alright models but to transport and rank as a unit is a nightmare. Think I may buy another unit at some point and do them a bit better justice, meh we'll see.

To be done: Bases are about 50% done, need to decide on whether they will be snowy or grassy. The horns on most need to be done waiting for some inspiration although I think DAgreen worked up to snot+white. *The 5th bloke decided to fall off my tray whilst transporting after a really good fight, vs. the new skaven (HPAs a beach), and land just under my foot mid step. Even its 1+ plastic sv didn't do much vs "The hand that moves all" bloke, doh.


Will try and get an "army" shot sometime soon.


03-12-2009, 12:35
ARMY : Empire - Talabheim (2000 Points)

UNITS: 8 Knights w. banner

BACKGROUND/THEME: Sons of the Red Shield. The Order of the Red Shield, the personal bodyguard of Elector Count Halmut Feuerbach, are missing following the Storm of Chaos. In their absence other knightly orders with a presence in Talabheim have been consolidating power and influence. In order to preserve the status and honour of the order, sons, relatives and supporters have formed a loose-knit alliance called The Sons of the Red Shield. Hiding their identities behind closed visors and wearing no heraldry, the Sons have been patrolling Talabheim and the surrounding area hunting beastmen and chaos worshipers.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Classic knights straight out of the box.

PAINTING: The horses are a variety of shades based on an excellent guide to painting horses I found on the web. The red is blood red highlighted up to solar mac orange with a red wash.

STILL TO DO: Finished.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The high is definitely getting something finished and photo'd! The low is the amount of time it took - must paint faster...

POINTS : 200







Ego Ninja
03-12-2009, 15:43
Army - Daemons of Chaos

This months painting - 11 plaguebearers - 132

Total so far - 622

Sorry in advance for the bad pictures!



Army shot


Next month im going to either finish the plaguebearer's or have a break from nurgle and try a different god.


Ego Ninja
03-12-2009, 15:47
Army - Empire

This months painting - Captain, Sword (mace) of fate, full plate, shield, pistol - 106

Total so far - 311

Again sorry for the bad photo's - ill try and get something sorted for next month (i know i said this pretty much every month last year, but im going to make an effort this time ;))




I havent had a chance to get an army shot sorted yet, ill update this post when i get a chance.



03-12-2009, 18:36
I'd like to join the thread, but I won't be able to contribute until after the New Year.

My name is Jon. Army is Dwarfs.

I will be doing a repaint of existing forces, and retooling my list a bit.

Point designation is 2250.

Desert Rain
03-12-2009, 19:28
Unfortunately I have to use my first JOKER this month, university studies has taken up a lot of my time and I have several exams coming up :(
A lack of motivation is another reason, well that should be enough excuses;)

03-12-2009, 20:37

UNIT: Goblin Big Boss and Orc Big Boss on Ironback Boar

BACKGROUND/THEME: Army by the rules of the ‘7 knights’ scenario.

BUILD/CONVERSION: Goblin is straight from blister. The Orc is plastic Orc and Ork bits from both the boyz boxes, and has an Ironback Boar made from two Warmachine Deathrippers.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Has been on the shelf, partly painted, for months. Too long, again... Put I´m getting more and more back into painting, after spending a summer mostly outside. And I really like this conversion, as I haven´t seen anyone doing a similar one (the few ironbacks I've seen so far were just plain khorne juggers).



04-12-2009, 04:28
Alright, again, gotta do this quick because i've mapped out my month of painting and gotta get on it pronto!
ARMIES: Lizardmen, Dwarfs, Empire

UNITS: L: Stegadon, D: Bolt Throwers, E: Cannon and crew

PAINTING: Lots of using foundation paints and washes to speed things up.

BASING: Still to do.

STILL TO DO: Basing of course, but also catch up with and slayers.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I actually got something done this month with everything else going on, but we will have to see how this month goes. My lows are that i couldn't even touch the goblin hewer.

POINTS: L: 235 D: 185 E: 100

TOTAL POINTS: Lizardmen: 858
Dwarfs: 994
Empire: 413
Slayers: 741

Total points so far: 3006


Big Blue:

To Date:

Bolt Throwers:

5 warriors left out of the picture for last month:

To Date:

I'll include the empire cannon pics in the next post and i'll explain my plan for the next couple of months.

04-12-2009, 04:42

upcoming plans:
I'm going to try and use my jokers in a way that i can get done with two of my armies before february. I know it's early in the year but if i don't do it things are going to get tough for me with the new baby.
so here it is:
My wip is i'm going to push and finish the lizardmen for the month of december and try and get basing done as well, then for january, push to also get dwarfs done with basing. yippie!

good luck guys and keep truckin!

05-12-2009, 05:27
ARMY: Dark Elves

UNITS: 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers (an old one and a new one)

PAINTING: Tried some new versions of woodgrain, experimenting with this to find a quick method that still looks good!

BASING: Done using my 'old method'. When I have time in the distant I will however update the bases...

STILL TO DO: Nothing except the above.

HIGHS AND LOWS: I Actually enjoyed painting the old BT more than the new one. The last has quite a lot of nooks and cranies that were difficult to reach. The new one is of course much more impressive when painted up.

POINTS: 200 pts.

TOTAL POINTS: 789 + 200 = 989 pts.





Seems to me last month had a lot of jokers and/or dropouts. So a very big cheer for those who managed to stay on track, and to those that are doing the best they can to stay aboard!! Now I'm off to finishing the mortar for my empire army!

Inquisitor Pariah
05-12-2009, 10:32
ARMY: Dark Elves

UNITS: 6 Black Guard, 1 Sorceress

CONVERTING: The Black Guard Champion is another Hasslefree Kaylee model (the armoured one this time) converted to be carrying a halberd. The rest of the unit are converted from plastic/metal spearmen using Empire halberd blades.

The Sorceress is the top half of the old Cold One riding Sorceress with a some Wood Elf Mage legs. The waist to chest were Greenstuffed but I couldn't get it smooth enough :(

PAINTING: Making sure the Sorceress' rough areas wouldn't show up to much

BASING: Done! I went for the stony wasteland look in the end. Crushed slate, static grass and two flavours of clump foliage. I will not use so much on future infantry models as the bases look a bit busy.

PICS: (sorry about the quality...there's just no light today)
Black Guard:


Army shot:

STILL TO DO: I've just noticed the Cold One Knights don't have shields...

HIGHS AND LOWS:The sculpting was fun but I never want to pin halberds ever again!

MASSIVE LOW: Mislaying my Death Hag...I have no idea where it's gone!

POINTS: Black Guard (@6x18 + Full command=104) Sorceress (100)



05-12-2009, 12:24
Joker for me in November. Here's a photo of my excuse. No - not a gaming room- at least not exclusively.

05-12-2009, 18:15
Army: Dwarfs 1 and 2

Units: Quarrellers and organ gun

Highs and lows: Much like the warriors the models holding the crossbows close to their face made painting their face very difficult. Warmachines on the other hand are always a quick and easy thing to paint.

Edit: Also the lack of details on the warmachine crew make them very bland. Comparing them to the crossbowmen is like night and day.

Dice roll: 4



Army shot:


So I'm now at 1796 points painted and posted. One thing I'm finding tough is since I'm ahead in the painting by two months is that I'm finding it hard to keep motivated...

Anyway next month will be two bolt throwers with engineers and 10 miners with banner.

05-12-2009, 23:03
So I'm now at 1796 points painted and posted. One thing I'm finding tough is since I'm ahead in the painting by two months I'm finding it hard to keep motivated...

1796? Really? I couldn't keep track of how much you painted so far, as you didn't post numbers. For now, I'll just make it 200, 200, 200, 300 for month 1-4 for both armies. If you want something else, let me know.

05-12-2009, 23:15
1796? Really? I couldn't keep track of how much you painted so far, as you didn't post numbers. For now, I'll just make it 200, 200, 200, 300 for month 1-4 for both armies. If you want something else, let me know.

Might as well keep it as 200 all the time. It all works out in the end.

06-12-2009, 11:47
sorry count me out :(

(skaven, empire, lizards)

One of these years i'll actually manage it

06-12-2009, 14:12
Darn, I was about to comment on all painters last month, but while searching for time to do all that, I failed at even commenting on one!

ARMY: Lizardmen 2000pts

MODELS: Low on stuff this time, but got something painted for the Tale anyway..
1 Salamander hunting pack with extra skink
1 Saurus (he was the only one already greenstuffed)

NOTE: Will do some final touches (including the eyes and correcting some mistakes) later on, but I'm a bit shakey at the moment!

HIGHS AND LOWS: Painting/modelling many things, though few for the Tale. I hope I'll be able to make up for it this month!


TOTAL POINTS: 722 (78 short)

D6-ROLL: 3



06-12-2009, 14:37
Dark Elves.

Unit:10 Corsairs with command.

Points: 125

Army Total Points:900
Models: 25

Build/Conversion: Straight from Box.

Painting: Much drybrushing was done this month, especially on the faces and armour.
Basing: Sand, GW Charadon Granite, Vallejo MC Stone Grey, flock/static grass.

Highs/Lows: Do you think the damned standard bearer would stand up after being put together? No....... had to stick a washer underneath his base.
Actually finished after the due date, had so much happening in RL last month.
Still to do: Nothing to see here.

Dice Roll: 1





Next Month:
New High Sorceress on Cold One.

06-12-2009, 22:20
Screamers and a flamer champion from me. That's 200 points exactly, bringing me up to 831.

Definitely breaking up all the blue this month. Oh and with poor pics.




Dice roll: three.

06-12-2009, 23:51
arobe : Vampire Counts- (2250+) This month: 288 Total: 954

Dice: 1

Army: Undead (Vampire)

This month:
2 units of 18 Ghouls

Total points 244

Modeling: Normal Ghouls - bit of extra on the bases (Woods etc.)

Painting - very simple paint and army dip

Highs: this finishes the core for the army not I have elites and character to go + models for the raised.

Lows: still having fun painting this army so no lows



07-12-2009, 13:53

Second joker for me. Life is filled with other things than small metall soldiers atm so will see if I can get back in business after christmas.

07-12-2009, 14:07
ARMY: Nordland Empire Army.

UNIT: Cannon & Mortar

CONVERSION: I tried to make the two variations using only one kit. It's up to you guys to say if I succeeded or not. Part of the mortar is scratch-built from balsa-wood and the crew from the mortar are converted state troops.

PAINTING: Same old, same old yellow & blue.

STILL TO DO: I'll probably end up making a scenic base for the mortar & crew as well.

HIGHS AND LOWS: The scenic base was a definite high for me. No real low, though now that I see the pictures I should have painted the mortar in metal colour, not the fake wood grain. Meh... It 'll have to do!

POINTS: 100 + 85 = 185 pts.

TOTAL POINTS: 635 + 185 = 820 pts





07-12-2009, 14:21
well, i figure it's safe to do this now. and i'm going to go ahead and tell everyone a little something because of all the jokers being played. congrats to all!
Gargobot – congrats on sticking with the two color theme, everything is coming along very nicely!
EmperorNorton – great looking flagellants and bsb! I started painting my stank and yours just makes me want to finish.. what are you going to do for a base? I like Thud the giant too
Derv – always good to see another hijacked high elf dragon. Kinda reminds me of one I did
Dark Apostle – been busy? I really like your painting. Really really clean. Do you use any washes or do you do all layering? You may hate doing metallics, but you sure do them well.
Jahorin – coming along very nicely.. will be very nice when that new book comes out and you already have everything painted
Dino – dwarfs looking great and the dragon ogres also are very cool conversions. I like your little “steam” bolt throwers.
Catferret – still like the blue, and nice use of the coffee stirrers. Army is surely looking tough.
Fabius Bile – united averland. Lots of different colors makes them have that “called to arms” look throughout.
someone2040 – dig the dogs of war. I have some lumpin croop models I’m using for archers and I actually can’t wait to paint them.
TonyFlow – always a sucker for averland. That’s a lot to paint in a month, congrats! I like the older models too
Calibretto – nice lancers and wizard. Pretty good photos from a phone for sure!
Elazar The Glorified – Glorious figure. And definitely worth of the avatar. I like the modeling on the banner, really tells a story.
Doc_cthulhu – I really have gotten starry eyed for skaven lately with the new book.. I like your plague monks too some of my favorite minis
H2O – the chaos Christmas knights I like the green on the armor. Looking forward to seeing the whole unit
Harvey – thatsalottared! Never thought about painting shields with a color instead of a metallic, but I like it. I like the setup of 4x4.. old school ranking.
Ego Ninja – that’s a lot of uncleanliness going on. Are you tired of painting green yet? Keep it up! Looking awesome. Also.. nice bitz captain. I like your use of different pieces.
Braad – I like the mechanized orcs. I like the shields
Matrim_Cauthon – I like the oldschool bolt thrower and of course the paint jobs certainly do them both justice. Yellow and blue empire looks cool too.. I like the scenic base.
Inquisitor Pariah – you’ll like those black guard on the table, fun to watch people just avoid them. I like the conversion on the sorceress too
Malorian – whole lotta dwarfs. Getting it done eh? Nice collection and very consistent looking
C-Coen – still liking the leopard theme.. keep it up, I can’t wait to see more.
Bluesabre – what great models. Paintjob looks awesome and I really like your freehand on your banner.
Discord – nice painting. I really like your bases.. a lot going on but simple layout, the best!
arobe – I really like those models. The dip method is really growing on me, looks great for as quick as it is.

07-12-2009, 16:45
Have to use a Joker! for this month.

07-12-2009, 18:52
Army: Orcs and Goblins (2000pts)

Background/Theme: retro orcs and gobs

Month 4 submission

Unit(s): 5 boarboyz std and boss, doom diver and 1 orc biggun.

Build/Conversion: standard bearer made to fit onto a boar.

Painting: lots of yellow, purple and brazen brass.

Basing: drybrushed grey and brown

Still to do: complete.

Highs and Lows: lost the will to paint any more boarboyz

Points: 231

Total: 846/2000

Dice Roll: 4

Next month- trolls



07-12-2009, 19:09
ARMY: Dwarfs

UNITS: Master Engineer and Engineer

CONVERSION: The Master Engineer is the old Burlok Damminson model with the banner pole removed. The Engineer is a very old crewman for the organ-gun.

PAINTING: Lots of metal and washes on the Master Engineer.
The engineer was painted with Scorched brown highlighted up to pure snakebite leather, Mercrite red highlighted with bleached bone, Hormagaunt purple highlighted with warlock purple and skull white.

STILL TO DO: Nothing.

HIGHS AND LOWS: It was great fun to paint these old models.

POINTS: 85 pts.

TOTAL POINTS: 310 pts.




07-12-2009, 19:37
ARMY: Bretonnians
UNIT: 12 Archers


PAINTING: Nothing out of the usual, drybrushed metal and layered clothes.

STILL TO DO: I might redo the snow on some of the bases since it didnt really come out how i wanted it.

HIGHS AND LOWS: Started building my trebuchet but then had to rush to finish these as something to show when i noticed it wouldnt be done in time for this month.


And the unfinished trebuchet, maybe next month?
POINTS: 100-ish pts


DICE ROLL: http://www.random.org/dice/dice5.png

Next month i'm not sure if i'll get anything done since i've got mock exams all these 2 weeks and then after that i'm going to France. :S

Anyway ill try n get a damsel painted soon. :)

07-12-2009, 19:38

Gargobot: Nice shiny knights. Look very valliant indeed.
EmperorNorton: The converted flagellants look great and I understand your comment on the steam tank. My buddy has one of the old ones and it breaks ALL the time.
derv: Very nice conversion.
Dark Apostle: Your wood looks very realistic. Nicely done.
Jahorin: Not all the pictures are showing for me but the archers and scorpian look good.
Dino: Your warmachine crew look a lot better than mine. In my painting scheme they just didn't have any detail to bring out but you painting scheme makes them look great.
Catferet: The blue seems odd when I'm just looking at the black orcs but in the army pic it seems more fitting.
Fabius Bile: Does that model on the far right have hedge clippers???
someone2040: Some old models there. I haven't even seen that mage model before.
TonyFlow: Nice looking unit although the top view brings to light the older models with shorter halbreds in the back ranks.
Calibretto: Nice looking knights. Is this DoW or something though? No barding?
Elazar: That lord looks great but I'm sure that big rock gets in the way during the game.
doc_cthulhu: Keep the skaven coming. More nice looking old models.
8bitmummies: BOO!
H2O: Too bad you stepped on one... it always seem that it's the freshly painted ones that break...
Ego Ninja: Pictures aren't bad. Keep it up!
Desert Rain: BOO!
Braad: I already comments on your other thread.
dwarfhold13: Those stegadons are a pain to paint. I hope you painted the skinks before you glued them into the howda, and the dwarfs look really good.
Matrim_Cauthon: Never seen that old RBT before. Personally I like it more than the new one. And the empire cannon looks good too. The highlight work on the crew shows off well.
Inquisitor Pariah: The converted black guard are nice but just make sure you paint any other warriors a different color as they still might be confused for merely cool looking spearmen.
gsmc: BOO!
Kaine: BOO!
C-Coen: I'm still liking the cheeta theme.
Bluesabre: Very nice corsairs :)
Discord: The painting is good but the bases are great!
arobe: The ghoul look nice and wild but is there a way that the bases match up better?
Rhasget: BOO!
Giledan: BOO!
smokemeakipper: Now those models just look funny :) You can't help but smile looking at the faces of the boar boyz.
saltpappa: That master engineer looks fantastic!
rhys60: Who gave those peasants gold? Something tells me that any second they are going to break rank and rush off to sell their gold tipped bows for a cow ;)

(I'll post more comments later in the month.)

Desert Rain
07-12-2009, 20:21
First of all everything looks great!
And I want to apologise for not making any comments last month, I'll make up for it this month I promise.
I have changed my painting plan a bit so I won't have to joker December as well, so this month I will be painting the Everqueen model for use as an Archmage.

Lord Obsidianus
07-12-2009, 21:17
I'm currently having some camera issues and will be posting in the next couple of days.

I have 206 points(assassin and 5 harpies) painted this month.

If it's ok with everyone I'm likely going to post once or twice more this month with ~200 point entries(or a 600 point dragon, haven't decided yet) to buy back my jokers.

I expect that next university semester (Jan-April) will be similar to the last one and I'll have to burn a couple more jokers.

07-12-2009, 21:56
I have done some painting!

Its getting decent light to take pictures in that is the problem. Hopefully I shall have some up soon.

*I reserve this post for photos*

07-12-2009, 22:03
Best laid plans and all that. I made a few starts but work got in the way last month. Nothing got finished - but on the bright side i do have some more money coming my way and 4 weeks holiday starting friday :D

Vampire Counts - Worked on some cav, another necromancer - my pile of partially complete models continues to grow :wtf:
Warhamster undead - Some character models and warmachines partially painted
Sparta - they never saw the light of day :(

Will try and catch up if i can this month


08-12-2009, 03:20
Here are a few comments so far. I would like to comment on everyone, but i only have time to comment on the ones with the same dice roll as me or if i just really feel like commenting on something.

@EmperorNorton: Thats a really nice giant you have there! Neat painting. Maybe you should try putting a little black in his eyes, it doesnt look too natural all blue. But apart from that, really nice work!

@Dark Apostle: Again really clean painting. I wish i could do it as neat as you do. Although i wouldnt think knights the kind to carry pistols.

@Dino: Loving the bolt thrower conversions! The same goes for the dragon ogre. What did you use for the lower body?

@Catferret: I really like the colourscheme. Not the colours i have seen most often on an orc and goblin army, but it really fits!

@Malorian: Thats an impressive amount of models you go through! The army looks great!

@Bluesabre: Stunning dark elves really.

@Matrim_cauthon: The painting is looking good, and the mortar as well. I have just never been a big fan of the new state troops.

@Smokemeakipper: I love the old orc and goblin models! Keep posting so i can see more of them!

@Saltpappa: You just keep showing off your beautiful painting on those beautiful models!

@rhys60: I like the chains on the spikes. And the trebuchet is looking promising!

Oh and @Malorian again: My halberds are actually all the same length. The models are all the same version and i have removed all the original poles, replacing them with steel rod. The only difference is that the ones in the back are holding them in one hand resting them on the ground, while the ones in the front are holding them in two hands ready for fighting.

08-12-2009, 07:35
The 2 rollers.

Jahorin: That's quite a sizeable force you've gathered already. Well done, keep it up.

Fabius Bile: The gardeners are great. It must be quite demeaning for the enemy to be hit by shears, a hoe and a small shovel. :D

doc_cthulhu: Nice rust on the Stormvermin's sword. p.s. Smilies count towards the image limit in a post. ;)

dwarfhold13: Great variety of blues across your army. It keeps the differnt types different yet the whole force looks cohesive.

Seems quiet this month so here are a few extra comments.

rhys60: Looks like a very promising start to the trebuchet. I'm scratchbuilding my own artillery so I'll keep an eye on your progress to steel ideas. :evilgrin:

saltpappa: Burlok Damminson is still one of my favourite Dwarf characters. Great job on him.

Dark Apostle: The larger wheels seem to make the cannon look more realistic. The standard bearer is a great wee conversion too.

Tonyflow: As much as I hate yellow, Averlanders always seem to look good and yours are no exception. I really like the conversion work on the halberdiers, they really look like something I'd have misgivings about charging.

08-12-2009, 08:19
It is with some regret i have to leave this message, but i hope you all realise my reasons for it.

Over the past couple of months I have had alot go on in my life, one of which and the major factor is the seperation from my long term partner.

Added to the ridiculous way work is going at the moment I am going to have to withdraw from the Warhammer Tale.

I'll still keep my eye on here, and love seeing each and every update from all of you.

I'm going to try to keep my 40k tale going although I have found myself behind, but wish you all the very best of luck in moving this forward.

Many of you know me either from here or in real life and I do hope i havent let the side down. I have a huge love for the hobby, GW and Warseer. However... at the moment... i need to find myself and begin to start loving me again before I can afford to spend the time on this.

My best regards to all

My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer

Fabius Bile
08-12-2009, 09:47
I guess it's the time of year when most people have better things to do than paint soldiers. Not I, however, so I will comment on all the entries.

@Gargobot - very neat and clean knights - I had the same trouble with the knights not fitting the horses well. Hopefully this will be corrected on the rumoured update due next summer.

@EmperorNorton - looks like you had fun with the flagellants, I am currently assembling a unit - great standard bearer too. Great work on the Steam Tank and the Giant - he looks like our town tramp!

@Derv - Good conversion and painting - looks great as a black dragon!

@Dark Apostle - very neat work - love the wood grain on the cannon & handgunners. Those wheels look great on the cannon!

@Jahorin - Great work on the skeletons and scorpions, they really look like they just rose from the sand(as they should!).

@Dino - Cool war machines! I'm not sure why, but your dwarves remind me of the Gauls in Asterix and Obelix (which is a good thing!).

@Catferret - Cool! - Black Orcs as they SHOULD look (ie DARK!) - The giant looks mean, great work on the face.

@Someone2040 - Nice to see some old DOW minis - The wizard is a great mini painted well - Santa's elves look great too!

@TonyFlow - I quite agree, extended halberds are the way of the future (now why didn't I think of that?;)) - painting looks great - Up the Averland!

@Calibretto -I love your lancers - the horses look amazing (I'm painting the same horses right now)

@ElazartheGlorified - That is an awesome piece of work! - Great conversion + Great painting + Great base = Amazing centrpiece for your army - love the weapon!

@DocCthulhu - nice dirty rats - great rust!

@H20 - Very cool knights - love the greenish brass tint on the armour - was this with washes?

@Harvey - your knights are very neat, but to me they don't seem finished. I would be inclined to add some detail to the armour, shield and laurel wreaths - the horses look great though.

@EgoNinja - Great standard you have across the army - very coherent force you have there.

@Braad - love the Ironback Boar, looks great, but would benefit from a few washes to dirty it down. Surely Orcs don't clean their equipment?

@Dwarfhold13 - nice as the new steg is, it is nice to see an old metal one painted so well. The dwarves look great, as do the cannon and crew. Your style and standard is very consistent across all your armies.

@Matrim Cauthon (Dark Elves) - Nice bolt throwers - great to see one of each - I like the way the wood grain came out.

@Inquisitor Pariah -Good looking army - I think your bases suit the look and theme of your force.

@Malorian - good uniform look across your units, but I would add a few different coloured details to make the units stand out from each other a bit more - beards in particular.

@C-coen - nice to see a lizard player using something other than that awful turquoise scheme that GW seem to insist on - keep it up!

@Bluesabre - Awesome corsairs! - Love the colours and the banner is amazing!

@Dischord - Wow! They aren't blue! Those screamers will definitely stand out from your army - love the detailing on the bases.

@Arobe - Lots of Ghouls! - They certainly look good fron a distance, and I love the variation on the bases.

@Matrim Cauthon (Empire) - Nice work maintaining your high standard. The only thing I'd suggest is a few washes on the gun barrels to age them a bit, right now they look factory fresh!

@Smokemeakipper - great use of classic minis - your painting style is decidedly "old school" as well - great work!

@Saltpappa - Great work on those characters - I love the waqy your metal has turned out.

@Rhys60 - The Archers look great, lots of individual detail - the bases look good from here anyway!

Finally, in reply to comments:

@Malorian - Yes, those are hedge clippers/shears!

@Doc Cthulhu - yes I agree the bunker is too blue, and the lighting in the pic didn't help. I am darkening it down to a granite effect, so it looks more like concrete than blu-tack!

08-12-2009, 14:05
@Malorian - Yes, those are hedge clippers/shears!

Awesomeness :p

gonzosbignose: I don't think anyone can blame you for not painting when things like that happen. :(

I hope things turn around for you.

08-12-2009, 16:29
Sorry for the late post, been in Stockholm over the weekend!

But first...
I've changed my Empire to "boys" and my Skaven to "men"!

Now that that's taken care of...

ARMY: Warlord Hyzterik's Mad-Rat-Pox-Kill Horde

UNITS: 6 Clanrats, 3 Plague Censer Bearers, Ratling Gun, Warp Lightning Cannon, 2 Pack Masters

PAINTING: Quick-quick but I like-like!


STILL TO DO: Nothing really. Oh the joy!

HIGHS: Converting the WLC! Most warhammer related fun I've had for a while!

LOWS: Nothing, really, except for the pressing need to buy and paint more core units and a few characters over the next two months, which is harsh on my student economy...


TOTAL POINTS: 348 (two jokers used and still a bit behind, I'm blaming the late start but I'm confident I'll catch up over the next few months, as I'm churning these out at quite a rate now!)


(all pics are a tad bright btw, the models are quite a bit darker IRL)







08-12-2009, 16:48
ARMY: Count Carl Leijonhufvud's Manor Garrison

UNITS: 5 Handgunners, 5 Halberdiers

PAINTING: Same as before, have began giving the skin areas a light wash of gryphonne sepia though.

BASING: Lacking snow!

STILL TO DO: The above.

HIGHS: None, really. Way too much time spent on 65 pts.

LOWS: The above...


TOTAL POINTS: 470 (One joker played)




08-12-2009, 17:52
And comments to everybody! :)

Page 1:

Gargobot - Nice, clean knights! The banner looks rather empty though?
EmperorNorton - Like your freehand on the banner, and the flaggies look nice though I'd love a better pic of them! I feel your pain on the steam tank as well, though it looks great finished!
Derv - Sweeeeeeet! Magnificient center piece for your army! Your snow bases are wonderful as well.
Dark Apostle - Definitely one of my favourite Empire armies around ATM, they're unbelievably neat! Great job.
Jahorin - Already a massive army, looks great! Interesting but effective choice painting the scorpion claws bronze/gold.
Dino - Great conversions for your bolt throwers! If I ever get around to Dwarfs again I might have to steal that one. Nice Dragon Ogre as well, though his armour looks a little too well-polished I think!
Catferret - Nice, grim orcs. Unusual but very effective colour scheme as well, they're looking very striking together.
Fabius Bile - Coming together nicely! Really like how you're basing your artillery pieces, and the militia looks suitably rag-tag as well.
Someone2040 - Wonderful old models, you're doing them great justice! I think they'd look better with brown base rims though, but that's just personal bias :)
Tonyflow - Can't stop being amazed at all the Empire players painting so many great looking models each month. Looks striking as always!
Calibretto - Nice! Really like the standard and the wizard's book, details like these add so much!
Elazar the Glorified - Awesome. Great conversions, great painting, great basing. What's more to say?
Doc_cthulhu - I'm really impressed how you make models with so different colours still look unified! Love your use of old models as well, especially the plague monks.
H20 - Great job! The unpainted horns are distracting though, looking forward to seeing them entirely finished!
Harvey - Wonderful! Didn't think the long-serving Empire Knights made the cut anymore, but you proved me wrong. Really, really neat and good choice of colours.
Ego Ninja - Oh, darkness! Really like the look you've got going, I'd love to see a whole Nurgle army of these but it seems you have different plans?

Page 2:

Braad - Mad use of Warmachine parts! I like it a lot.
Dwarfhold13 - Incredible blue on the stegadon! The Dwarfs skin is just wonderful, same goes for Empire... but for all your armies - base them! NOW! :D
Matrim_Cauthon - Really nice colours as always. Love the old RBT as well.
Inquisitor Pariah - Neat command group in the warriors! Great to see some variation there.
Malorian - Madness! Almost at 2000 already? Great job! Now base 'em!
C-Coen - Great, bright colours! Army shot?
Bluesabre - Drybrushing or not, they look great. The basing is really nice as well, how did you make the movement tray?
Discord - Nice to see some other colours for a change, though I love your blue... It'd be nice with an army shot to see how everything goes together!
Arobe - Great colours! Would be nice to see some pics of the unit fillers as well, they look interesting!
Matrim_Cauthon - GO NORDLAND! Really nice artillery this month, I think you made the state troops -> artillery crew conversion quite nicely. Perhaps they'd blend in even more if you mixed them up with each other? The yelling one should be interchangeable!

Page 3:

Smokemeakipper - Wonderful old-school orcs! The boar boyz look great, thougg some faces look a bit distorted? Problem in the models or in the camera? Or in my mind? ;)
Saltpappa - WOAH! Great skin on both models! Lovely models as well, the first one in particular has really aged well.
Rhys60 - Looks nice, though it's hard to make out details! Looking forward to seeing the trebuchet finished as well.

Nice to see that so many are still going strong! Keep it up, everybody :)

08-12-2009, 18:36

@Gargobot Grats on getting finished so soon and looking good too :)
@EmperorNorton Those flagellants are looking great especially the book at the front. Nice to see an old giant model too.
@Derv The base on that looks really cool, my snow bases have all been coming out all see-through instead of white recently :(
@Dark Apostle Some of the best models in the tale!!!!
@Jahorin You're getting a really good dirty bone colour there :)
@Dino I like the extreme highlights on the beard but some of them seem a bit too thick, maybe less would look more effective. The bluey silver though is a great effect.
@Catferret Nice base there although it looks like the giant has already smashed through it lol
@Fabius Bile Good idea with that bunker and militia's stripy trousers look cool.
@Someone 2040 I like to see you;ve even done the little fur on their feet lol :P
@Tonyflow That looks like one very spiky unit.
@Calibretto Nice freehand on the wizards book.
@Elazar The Glorified Really cool banner there, looking forward to more.
@Doc_Cthulhu What are the bases gna be like when finished?
@Ξ H2O Ξ The red stands out a lot against that dark green.
@Harvey Ooooh, nice bright red breaks up the all that silver well.
@Ego Ninja Looking good considering pics are a bit gloomy at the moment. Looking forward to that army shot.
@Braad I've got too many minis just the same that really need to be painted, looks good.
@Dwarfhold13 All the stegadons that have been in the tale so far have looked fantastic and you keep that standard up, especially like the grey stones on the giant bow. You not only paint well but you paint fast.
@Matrim_Cauthon Nice bases but that skull doesn't half look out of proportion :S
@Malorian That army is growing really fast!!!
@C-Coen Nice skintone on the salamander.
@Bluesabre Awesome freehand, in some ways this is more effective than the more realistic ones i think.
@Discord Cool little mushrooms on the bases :)
@arobe got any closer pics of those, look good as far as i can see
@Smokemeakipper Those minis are awesome XD is the whole army gna be with these old minis??
@Saltpappa They look great all over.

@Malorian Never thought of that lol, maybe theyll get some magic beans instead.
@Catferret If you're stealing mine i'm stealing yours back.:angel:

Great that so many are still going but sad to see so many also dropping out :(

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull
08-12-2009, 18:36
I will have to use my first joker this month, schoolwork took a lot of time.


08-12-2009, 18:48
@Malorian Never thought of that lol, maybe theyll get some magic beans instead.

:p Nice :)

I don't think Braad has posted the summary yey but I'm not looking forward to see how many people have already dropped out at month 4... :(

08-12-2009, 19:04
Hey all,

I have not had much time in the past month to paint much of anything, but I have plenty of points to spare from last month. I am also kind of merging my DOW with Empire, kind of an either or army, that I can use either as an Empire or DOW army(halflings become huntsmen, pikemen become spearmen, etc). So you may see some decidedly Empirey things coming up, like a steam tank:D



08-12-2009, 20:36
ARMY: Count Carl Leijonhufvud's Manor Garrison

TOTAL POINTS: 470 (One joker played)

470 points in boyz is enough for not having any jokers yet.
I switched your armies. It should show in the next update, probably somewhere halfway through the month.

I will have to use my first joker this month, schoolwork took a lot of time.


Same for you, you already got more than 800 points already, if my list is correct, so you don't need to joker.

I don't think Braad has posted the summary yey but I'm not looking forward to see how many people have already dropped out at month 4... :(

Not that many yet. 3 drop outs so far in this thread, 10 in total.
Though that's not counting people who said they dropped out and haven't even posted anything yet. I only consider people who posted some models to start with to be actually dropping out, others just haven't really joined yet.

08-12-2009, 21:47
Hey guys, sorry for the late post, but I've been a bit busy what with Christmas coming and all.

First up I'd like to add skaven to my list of Armies in the Mens category.

now thats sorted I'm having to joker my Dark Elves again this month, but I have managed to get some Skaven painted

Army : Seer Squeekskrits Verminous host of Doom

Unit: 20 Clanrats 120pts
Painting: Skin is Tallarn Flesh, Fur is Bestial Brown, metal is Boltgun Metal, all given a liberal wash of devlan mud, then clothing picked out in Dark Angels Green

Still to do, bases and glue back on shields in the last rank

Dice roll 2


09-12-2009, 00:44
Well I'm going to play my first Joker.


Well this month I was converting up a Butcher (from a Bull, not a fan of the metal model). The conversion went well but when it came to painting it began to stand out less and less from the Bulls and my motivation suffered. Next to those I've converted without gut plates it looks fine (bigger stomach) but those with gut plates look roughly the same size, and having chosen to not give it the typical apron set up it doesn't stand out from a distance (i.e. from across the table).

So I'm going to Joker, put the project aside, work on a side project for a nice change and then come back with fresh eyes in a couple of weeks and hope that the blood and gore (once I've settled on a method, want it more realistic then the GW Ogres but I also dont want to cover it in red) will fix my problems. Between the points I'm ahead and the fact I'm in the Boys league I'll be able to buy back my joker at the end of the month with this guy anyway. And if I get enough time I'll even have gotten the models originally planned for this month done as well and be back where I was (on holidays so I've got plenty of time).

Comments to come tonight if all goes to plan.


Lt Dougheim
09-12-2009, 01:03
ARMY: Empire 2000 pts

UNIT: Karl Franz with Ghal Maraz on dragon

THEME/ BACKGROUND: This is going to be an expansion of my halfling army.

BUILD/ CONVERSION: Halfling spearmen with some militia bitz and green stuff, plus old citadel dragon.

PAINT: Orkhide shade, snot green, scorpian green, scorched brown, tin bitz,dwarf bronze, shining gold, brown ink, black ink, boltgunmetal, and mithral.

BASE: Sand gavel mix with a brown ink wash. Highlighted with snakebite leather and bubonic brown. Topped with regular static grass and glade grass.




HIGHS: Figuring out I can use the skaven army book to represent my halflings.

LOWS: Finding out Im going to have to paint a hundred halfling militia to use as skaven slaves.

09-12-2009, 03:04
Lt. Dougheim,
2 steam tanks and a diminutive Franz on a dragon will make a quite a powerful halfling army. I like the theme, the painting and especially the doggy cavalry.

Which model is the dragon - I don't recognize it - not that I'm an expert.


09-12-2009, 07:40
Doi: Mix any black ink with Tamiya Clear Red for a quick and fairly realistic fresh blood/gore. Mix some brown in for the dried stuff.

09-12-2009, 07:56
2nd Joker for my Tomb Kings, not looking good!

09-12-2009, 08:50
Doi: Mix any black ink with Tamiya Clear Red for a quick and fairly realistic fresh blood/gore. Mix some brown in for the dried stuff.

Right, now I just need to get my hands on said Tamiya Clear Red :p. Is there a GW equivalent? That would make it easier, but I dont see luck being on my side. Any pictures of how it looks?


Dark Apostle
09-12-2009, 09:16
Right, now I just need to get my hands on said Tamiya Clear Red :p. Is there a GW equivalent? That would make it easier, but I dont see luck being on my side. Any pictures of how it looks?

Try this (http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/index.php?autocom=ineo&showarticle=298) post over at B&C!

09-12-2009, 10:59
*heroic music* Dark Apostle to the rescue! :D

09-12-2009, 11:05
Wow, that's good. Now my only worry is that blood looking more realistic then the rest of my paintjob :p.

I'll be near a military model shop on Friday so I'll try and find some Tamiya paints in there.

This might be just what I need to get back my Ogre motivation...


09-12-2009, 15:19
And some comments for these latest posts:

@ Korkalis - Yay, more skaven! They look good, though the photo is a little dark. Would be nice to see a better pic of them!
@ Lt Dougheim - Wonderful "Karl Franz"! Lovely job on both dragon and rider, and the army as a whole looks great.

09-12-2009, 17:39
All right, I've been lurking for a while now, and I think I'm up to the challenge...well, the boys challenge. I paint too glacially slow to do 200 points a month, especially since I have some commissions to do as well.

So, Harry, I am officially IN!
Name: Mr.Chair
League: Boys
Army: Vampire Counts

Total points so far: 465
Description of progress so far: Just one Vampire and a unit of 20 grave guard with full command, painted for an escalation league that crashed and burned at my LGS last winter.
Next up: a Wight King!
Dice roll: 3
Photos: My apologies because these are old and bad. Everything is reflecting light so badly you can't see any detail! I've got a new camera now, so I'll try and snap some better photos for next month.

09-12-2009, 19:09
Time for some comments:

@Gargobot: I too am a fan of the old (should we say old, they are current :-)) Knights. I have 8 undercoated and ready to be painted right now. Yours look really clean. Nice paintjob.

@EmperorNorton: You paint the same way I do! Clean basecoat followed by some washes. Works for me and it seems it does for you too. Great job on that old Steamtank. I don't really like the model, but your paintjob makes me rethink my opinion!

@Derv: You make it look like it's meant to be a Dark Elf dragon. Great job!

@Dark Apostle: Simply fantastic wood grain. Is that Graveyard Earth grained with Bleached Bone?

@Jahorin: Quite the army you have painted there. I like the look of your bone, looks really ancient!

@Dino: Cool dwarves. The Dragon Ogre is looking outstanding!

@Catferret: Great skin tones on the Giant. The base is simple but looks really great!

@Fabius Bile: Superb! The spirals on the heads of those rockets are a touch of brilliance...

@Someone2040: Halflings for the win! I really like those models but can't seem to find them, at least not for a reasonable price (damn you e-bay!!). Great paintjob.

@TonyFlow: I simply love those minis. I wish I bought 4 boxes of them back in the days. I loke them much more than the current ones, they are a horror to paint.

@Calibretto: Great idea and executed to perfection.

@ElazartheGlorified: The shining armour is a great contrast to that gruesome banner. Absolutely lovely (In a disgusting way, of course).

@DocCthulhu: A paintjob that befits the ratmen! Great!

@H20: Unorthodox colour combination for chaos, but it works. Nice paintjob!

@Harvey: The time you take for painting is worth it. They look great, although I am not that keen on red lances.

@EgoNinja: Nurgle as Nurgle should be. Oozing disease! Empire captain looks great.

@Braad: Superb boarboy. Looks like he's punching with the wrong end of his spear though ;).

@Dwarfhold13: The speed at which you paint is daunting. At least it is at the level of quality you paint. Every last one of those models looks stunning!

@Inquisitor Pariah: Great conversions. The sorceress is very nice! I have the same one (top half) and her face is all screwed up. Yours seems ok though!

@Malorian: Yoy should write to Guinness for the fastest painted army :-). Great level and speed of painting. Bravo!

@C-coen: Love the salamander, the red looks very realistic.

@Bluesabre: Splendid banner. And you got them to rank up too... congratz on that!

@Dischord: Dreaded screamers. Great paintjob!

@Arobe: You can't really see the detail, but it seems like the dipping turned out all right for you. Dark and menacing as ghouls should be!

@Smokemeakipper: I love those old school gobbers and orcs. Clean paintjob!

@Saltpappa: Very characterful dwarves. Worth the extra time you took into highlighting them.

@Rhys60: They don't seem rushed at all. Good luck on that Trebuchet. Seems very difficult!

@BeatTheBeat: Rats look great. I mean they look dirty, but that's a good thing, right! Nice job on the rust effects too. Believe me I know what you mean when you say 'way too much time spent on...'. I'm trying to start painting 20 state troops right now, and they're only 140 pts too. Ah well... next year I 'll paint Chaos Warriors!

@korkalis: can't really see them from this far, but they look great.

@Lt Dougheim: A general to be proud of. And jealous, very jealous. Your army just oozes character!

@Mr.chair: I use that vampire (with cut-off sword) as my bloodbowl captain. Nice paintjob. Love the banner on those Grave Guard.

Keep up the great work everyone. I have never been so motivated at painting in my entire life. This certainly does the trick for me :).


Lord Obsidianus
09-12-2009, 20:00
After a long semester at the university it is time to get back on this horse and begin posting my work.

The Highs: I finished something

The Lows: It took me three months

Points: 206 (55 for Harpies, 151 for mr. Death)





EDIT: Dice roll: 1

And woohoo, 200th post. Only took me 2.5 years to get there.

09-12-2009, 20:40
Hey guys, sorry for the late post, but I've been a bit busy what with Christmas coming and all.

First up I'd like to add skaven to my list of Armies in the Mens category.

now thats sorted I'm having to joker my Dark Elves again this month, but I have managed to get some Skaven painted

Euhm... As far as I noted it down last month, you dropped out with your dark elves, and your skaven was already in there...

But still, it's all fine with me. Joker on DE, and first post on skaven, got it.

Fabius Bile
09-12-2009, 21:20
Time for some comments:

@Fabius Bile: Superb! The spirals on the heads of those rockets are a touch of brilliance...

Thanks Dude - anytime I see the rocket battery in other armies with the warhead in one colour, the rockets look like crayons to me, so the spirals and pattern just stop that (that's the idea anyway).

10-12-2009, 02:48
Time for comments.

@Gargobot: Very nice job sir.
@EmporerNorton: Flaggies look very good. I really Like the Teutogen Guard BSB a lot. I wish I could have found one. Stank and Giant look great as well.
@Derv: Ver nice black dragon and lord. I'd have personally given it a different head but thats just me.
@Dark Apostle: You really are gonna have a nice army when all this is over. Everything is looking super cool. BSB, cannon, and handgunners look sweet.
@jahorin: Your tomb kings are comming along very quickly. Keep it up.
@Catferret: Black orcs and Giant look sweet. Black orcs are just one of those units I've always wanted to paint. I will one day though.
@Fabius Bile: Your free company fighters looks really cool. The Helstorm looks great as well. The addition of the barracade looks interesting as well.
@someone2040: Wizard looks really cool. Halflings look great as well.
@TonyFlow: Halbediers look just plan awsome man. How is it apinting so much empire stuff every month? I just used lizzie cold ones for the dragon ofre lower body.
@Calibretto: Very cool. Haven't I seen these some were before?
@Elazar the Glorified: BSB looks really cool and original.
@doc_cthulhu: Very cool looking skaven. Will we see some of the fun new skaven stuff soon.
@H20: Very cool looking chaos knights.
@Harvey: Interesting knights. I think I've never seen someone paint knights like that ever. I knida like it.
@Ego Ninja: Good to finally see some Plaguebearers. Now lets see a Great unclean one or herald soon. Caption looks cool as well.
@Braad: Very interesting O&G characters. I like the Orc Big Boss.
@dwarfhold13: Very nice stegadon. The dwarf stuff looks just plan awsome. Empire cannon looks good as well.
@Matrim_Cauthon: A new and retro DE bolt thrower, nice. Empire Cannon and mortar look great as well.
@Inqusitor Pariah: I think you did a pretty good job on the conversion i think. May just want to smooth out the GS a little. Spearmen look good as well.
@Malorian: I just love how much dwarf stuff you have painted. 1796 points of dwarfs in four months is not to shabby at all. You will definetly have a large throng when you are done. I kinda envy you on that. Also can I ask how you made your lord on sheild?
@C-Coen: Nice work on the lizzies. Hope we can see more soon.
@Bluesabre: Nice work on the Black arc corsairs. I really need to paint some of those one of these days.
@Discord: Very cool looking flamer and screamer. Keep up the great work.
@arobe: Very nice job on the crypt ghouls. Thats quick a lot for just one month. My hat is off to you sir.
@smokemeakipper: Very neat old looking orcs and goblins stuff. I never realised that the old doomdiver was that small.
@saltpappa: Always happy to see your dwarfs. And these just look plan great.
@rhys60: Peasont bowmen look just cool. The trebuchet looks good as well so far. A suggestion for the weigt. Do you think you could have it like a bunch of peasents pulling it down or have a few prisoners in cages as the weights. That would look just plan awsome and make it stand out.
@BeatTheBeat: Skaven hu? I can't lie I wish I could start them but I can't. But you seem of to a good start. Empire stuff looks good as well.
@korkalis: Nice skaven. Can't wait to see whats next.
@Lt Doughiem: Nice conversion. It really stands out.
@Mr.Chair: Very nice work on the grave guard and vampire. I need to paint some of those.
@Lord Obsidianus: Assassin and Harpies look pretty cool man. Keep it up man.

10-12-2009, 04:02
@Dwarfhold13: The speed at which you paint is daunting. At least it is at the level of quality you paint. Every last one of those models looks stunning!

thank you! i don't know if i would call it speed.. it's a lot of late nights to get this stuff done.. i NEED to finish something though, for my own sanity :)

Elazar The Glorified
10-12-2009, 05:42
Lots more great stuff this month, I think I've commented on anyone but sorry if I have missed anybody it certainly wasn't intentional!

Page 1

Gargobot: The Knights look great. I really love how they work with your colour scheme, the predominance of red really contrasts beautifully with the sparing use of the green in this instance. They look wonderful with the rest of the force too. The only shame is the slightly drunken lean of the knights :(

Emperor Norton: Will comment on both your posts together. Certainly a productive month. The flagellants look good, the flames look nice and vibrant on the torches too which is great. Like the BSB is that all freehand? Looks great either way. The Steam Tank is looking lovely in spite of the problems you may have had with the mini, what stands out to me is how well you've done the scrolls and parchments, the shading looks great on them! As for the Marauder Giant, it will always be one of my favourite minis and you've done a great job on it, the colours look great

Derv: The conversion work looks to have gone well and the dragon and rider certainly look the part. The claws and horns look particularly great with the painting. Might just be little bits but they really stood out to me that you've made a proper job of them!

Dark Apostle: Love the background, really adds a lot of character to the army and the mini of Beowurg. The use of the Steam Tank wheels on the cannon was inspired and makes the cannon look a lot more formidable. Your paintwork on these is brilliant as ever.

Jahorin: More great minis. Still really loving the gritty colouring to these skellies and the army is starting to look pretty huge now!

Dino: Great little conversions for the bolt throwers! Shows what you can do with all the spare bits you have lying around! The latest Dragon Ogres looking good too!

Catferret: The Orcs are good. The work you've done on the giant is great, the club looks brilliant and I love the broken fence on his base. Will be stealing some coffee stirrers from Starbucks when I'm next there!

Fabius Bile: The militia unit is very characterful. Love the shears etc, such brilliant little conversions. The Hellstorm looks great too but I'm particularly keen on the militia conversions!

someone2040: My comment could be quickly summed up with "Halflings!" but that would be a little short. The wizard looks great but it's certainly Halflings for the win today!

TonyFlow: The repositioning of the halberdiers seems to have worked out really well and the unit looks great. You're getting lovely crisp finishes to your painting. All that yellow and black looks great on the army shot.

Calibretto: I think the word I need is insane. The banner looks awesome but I reckon you must be insane to try and paint that twice! Legend! The minis look great too. I really love the Empire Wizard kit and your wizard looks great.

doc_cthulhu: Great look rats. What's wrong with the banner? I think it looks brilliant personally!

H20: The Knights look good. I know what you mean about transporting them. Mine always get blue-tacked to the bottom of a shoe box. The vast majority of my army is horrible to transport so usually I turn up to my gaming club with a big box full of shoeboxes. Each full of models blue-tacked to the bottom... madness! Anyhow, very off subject! I like the way you've used the red in different ways across the models. I do think that the red could do with a nice edge highlight though. The rest of the colours are looking really good though especially the metallics. I think you should post a wip pic of that charioteer of yours as well... :D

Harvey: Nice big unit of Knights. You need to do the eyes on some of the horses though if you can as they look a little unfinished because of it. The use of that guide has been worthwhile though, the horses look lovely, especialy the chestnut one of the front of the left flank!

Ego Ninja: That's quite the grotty Nurgle force you have there now, I bet you can't wait to paint something non-rotten now though! Looking good so far, intrigued to see what you do with a different god now! The Empire Captain looks good but I think he suffers more than the plaguebearers did on the picture front. Might just be the pic but I reckon the boots could maybe do with a extra higlight just to make them pop a bit more but otherwise looks good!

Page 2

Braad: Both minis look great. Love the shield for the Orc. I'm a massive fan of the Goblin Big Boss. I think the Goblin characters have some of the most characterful minis in the GW range. Love the 'retro' base rims ;)

dwarfhold13: That's a lot of painting you've done this month! The minis are all looking great. Your dwarfs I think are looking especially good. Seeing the 5 warriors there made me realise just how good the shields you've painted look. Nice job!

Matrim_Cauthon: Great painting again. Nice to see the old Bolt Thrower getting some use! I was never a fan of how that crewman (crewelf) holds the bolt though, it looks very awkward. Might be just the way the pictures have come out but I prefer the way you've done the woodgrain on the newer Bolt Thrower, it looks nice that little bit darker.

Inquisitor Pariah: Good going on converting the Black Guard. I reckon though that they could do with some cloaks or something to set them apart from the regular Dark Elf warriors a little more. The Empire Halberds look great on them though!

Malorian: Wow the Dwarf army is quickly getting to be huge there! Looks great also. The crossbowmen look to have come out well in spite of any difficulties you might have had painting the faces on some.

C-Coen: Looking good. The Salamander itself looks especially impressive. Lots of great shading on the mini, well done!

Bluesabre: The Corsairs look great. I really love the banner. You've done a great job on it. Shame it won't stand up of its own accord but such is life. Looking forward to the mounted Sorceress next month.

Discord: More great minis there. I bet you were really pleased to paint something other than all that blue this time?! I love the colours of the screamers, they look great. Your bases look good with little details like the mushrooms etc.

arobe: The units look great. The pics aren't the easiest to tell from but the painting looks good. Really like the unit filler bases you've done for them, very characterful!

Matrim_Cauthon: The cannon and the mortar both look great. The converted crew for the mortar don't look out of place either so a good job all round!

Page 3

smokemeakipper: I really am enjoying this army of yours. So many lovely old minis keep making an appearance. The painting is of a consistently high quality too. The colour scheme looks great on these guys.

saltpappa: The Master Engineer and Engineer both look great. Love the painting on bot minis but I especially like the painting on the purple helmet plume and the jerkin of the Engineer. Really great.

rhys60: The bowmen look good but not the easiest picture to see on. The WIP Trebuchet looks very promising. Looking forward to seeing this finished!

BeatTheBeat: The WLC looks great. Can understand why converting that would have been so much fun! :) The rest of the rats are looking great too. The empire troops look good as well, the yellow is still coming out really well!

Page 4

korkalis: The clanrats look good but not the easiest picture to see them on.

Lt Dougheim: A halfling riding a dragon. Really have seen it all now! Certainly quite the vicious force now as well considering they're halflings!

Mr.chair: Good to see you here! The Grave Guard look great, they're brilliant minis and you've done a great job on the painting and the Blood Dragon Vampire looks awesome too. The banner freehand is just plain legendary!

Lord Obsidianus: Great looking minis. Like the assassin especially.

Comment Responses

dwarfhold13: Thanks, glad you like the BSB. Especially pleased that you think the banner really tells a story. That was the plan but you never know how these things will work out!

Malorian: Thanks! So far the rock hasn't been too bad gaming wise so far. The front of the mini the rock doesn't leave the base so it only becomes an issue if he gets charged in the flank or rear. He just about ranks up in my unit of Knights if he goes on the outside (I most often have my characters on the flank nearest the enemy just in case anyway).

Fabius Bile: Thanks glad you think so! Glad you like the weapon too, it's my favourite bit of the mini!

BeatTheBeat: Thanks for the nice comment!

rhys60: Thanks, working on a unit of chaos warriors at the minute but trying hard not to get distracted by a Shaggoth...!

Matrim_Cauthon: Thank you. I'm quite pleased with how the mini contrasts across the different parts, completely by accident!

Dino: Thanks, glad you think so!

Already looking forward to seeing what everybody does for next month. There are some great looking armies really starting to take shape with the Tale now!

10-12-2009, 09:59
Page 1:

Gargobot – very nice knights! Simple colours but v effective
EmperorNorton – the flaggellents look great. I like the skin tone and the clean crisp style of your painting
Derv – nice colour scheme on the dragon
Dark Apostle – lovely subtle and muted colours, excellent painting.
Jahorin – looking like a decent sized army already, good work.
Dino - the army shot looks great, v good overall colour scheme
Catferret – great black orcs, I tried a red colour scheme and a silver and black one and dislike both and gave up, the consistent blue in the army looks great.
Fabius Bile – good sized army already, those militia are hard work to paint, lots of colours required
Someone2040 – that’s a great wizard there, with a paintjob to match.
Tonyflow – very good colour scheme, seems like far too much work for shields, I get v lazy with them myself
Calibretto – the knights look very unique and polished. excellent
Elazar the Glorified – great hero, had a look at your plog, very different in terms of the conversions and colour schemes, your painting is getting better and better too.
Doc_cthulhu – love the old models, keep it up!
H20-interesting way in painting chaos knights
Harvey – really like the red shields
Ego Ninja – excellent bogey men … I mean plague bearers!

Page 2:
Ego Ninja – very nicely painted captain
Braad – unusual interpretation of the iron back boar. Are you going to do any regiments at all or just the 7 characters?
Dwarfhold13 – huge amount of painting, I couldn’t do it in suc a short time, really like the dwarf crew- very well painted
Matrim_Cauthon – the newer dark elf crew look like they have been starved compared to the old ones, nice painting.
Inquisitor Pariah – nice conversions there, keep it up.
Malorian – great example of how to build and paint a large army in a very short time, well done, if you are getting bored with green dwarves why not paint some troll slayers or a gyro copter for a change?
C-Coen – nice colours on the salamander
Bluesabre – great movement tray and good free hand painting on the banner
Discord – really good basing on well painted models.
Arobe – really good looking ghouls, will have to try this dipping one day
Matrim_Cauthon – nice bright crewmen, well painted

Page 3:

Saltpappa – excellent painting on great models.
Rhys60 - Looks good! the trebuchet looks interesting.
Beatthebeat-nice painting on the clanrats, I think you are going to have to paint bucket loads more though! The faces are kind of humorous on the orcs, they didn’t take themselves as seriously in those days!
Korkalis- clanrats looking good despite quite a dark photo
Lt dougheim- I think that halfling would probably be lunch for that dragon, very nice painting on the dragons skin
Mr chair- nice painting on the graveguard and particularly the vampire
Lord obsidianus-looking good , I like the assassin model

thanks for the nice comments on my greenskins, helps to keep me motivated, cheers!

10-12-2009, 15:41
"@Malorian: I just love how much dwarf stuff you have painted. 1796 points of dwarfs in four months is not to shabby at all. You will definetly have a large throng when you are done. I kinda envy you on that. Also can I ask how you made your lord on sheild?"

The shieldbearers are just regular warriors with using the (usually outstretched) arm to go up and then repositioning the hand to a holding position. Actually the one that's on the wrong side (because there is only one open hand in the sprue) has the thumb on the wrong side, but nobody seems to notice ;)

Then the 'shield' is two ball holders from the organ gun put together with an oath stone on top and the alternate musician top (dragon) on either side. And finally the dwarf lord is just the unit champ you can order from direct services with some wings glued to his helmet.

Would it surprise anyone to know I actually have roughly 3000 points painted ;)

10-12-2009, 17:06
Ok, here we go! comments to everybody!

page 1!

@Gargobot: Nice and clean knights. The army is looking very nice so far.
@EmperorNorton: Good looking flagellants, I like the banner. The steam tanks is very good as well. You have done on a classic giant, nicely done.
@derv: Excellent dragon. it's a nice center piece.
@Dark Apostle: As always brillant painting.The knight is very impressive. You force is just WOW!
@dino: Nice warmachines, the army is looking quite good. The dragon ogre could use a bit more blood on the mace, it's only a small bruise he inflicted ;)
@Catferret: Very good black orcs, I really like the beard ans baldness of your giant, he looks pissed off!
@Fabius Bile: Your rocket looks good, the army is getting impressive.
@someone2040: I like your take on this classic model, it looks good. The halfling are also looking good.
@TonyFlow: I really like the pose on the halberdier, the painting is very nice and clean. Keep up the good work.
@Calibretto: the freehand in the book is impressive. The painting is very nice.
@Elazar The Glorified: Wow, most impressive standard bearer. The army is looking very nice.
@doc_cthulhu: very good looking rats. keep it up.
@Ξ H2O Ξ: Very good knights, I like the contrast with the red, the effect is quite nice.
@Harvey: Very good and clean unit. They are ready to trample their foe!
@Ego Ninja: The unit looks good, that's a lot of nurgling!

page 2!

@Ego Ninja: Nice captain, clean and crisp, well done.
@Braad: The shield is simple but nice, great idea. The painting is really good, nice idea for the ironback boar.
@dwarfhold13: Very good stegadon, well done. The bolts throwers are really looking good. The dwarves are going to be quite a force to
reckon with. The cannon is well executed.
@Matrim_Cauthon: Good work on both bolt thrower. Nicely done on the gem from the classic model.
@Inquisitor Pariah: Nice work on the guard, the army is coming up really nicely.
@Malorian: Good work on the unit, they look nice, the organ gun is ready to sing :). That's quite an army you have there.
@C-Coen: Can't wait to see the model finished.
@Bluesabre: Wow! Great unit, the freehand on the banner is impressive.
@Discord: I really like the screamer, quite different from the blue, I like it.
@arobe: Very good unit of ghouls. Very nice painting.
@Matrim_Cauthon: Great cannon, really good. The mortar is also very good.

Page 3!

@smokemeakipper: Very good painting, thanks for the trip throught memory lane.
@saltpappa: Excellent work, the metal is very good.
@rhys60: Nice archers, the trebuchet is coming along quite nicely.
@BeatTheBeat: very nice rats. the globes are very nice.
@BeatTheBeat: nice empire troops, the colour are nice and well painted.

page 4!

@korkalis: The unit is looking nice.
@Lt Dougheim: Very nice model. The painting is well done, the army is looking quite good.
@Mr.chair: Great looking undead. The vampire is really nice.
@Lord Obsidianus: Nice harpies, I like the colour, the army is looking good.

To everyone, keep it up, it's looking really, thanks to all who have commented on my work. So far, so good. I really appreciate the Tale, thanks guys.

10-12-2009, 18:15
Braad – unusual interpretation of the iron back boar. Are you going to do any regiments at all or just the 7 characters?

Well, what's in a name? 7 is just what the scenario is called... It's gonna be slightly more then that. I've planned at least 12.
9 orc characters, of which 4 will be mounted on boars (including the ironback one) and 2 on wyverns, and 3 goblins of which one is actually two and carrying a flag, and one mounted on gigantic spider.

And I might do a few more, if I have the time. Ofcourse, I'll also paint regiment stuff (right now stuff like boyz and goblin bat riders), but to stick to my theme for the tale, I'll only post those in my blog. Just finished one of those bats by the way. I think its cool :p

10-12-2009, 18:25
Hi Guys n' Gals!

Apologies again for the lack of painted goodies - my free time for painting has been all but naught for the past 8 or 9 weeks and it doesn't look to be freeing up any time soon. It's with great regret that I'm going to have to bow out of this years Tale. I wish everyone the very best with their armies, and although I'm now not participating myself, I'm looking forward to seeing how everybodys' armies turn out when I manage to get the chance to pop into the forums. Hopefully next years Tale may work out a little better for me :)

Good luck, my fellow hobbyists - great work by everybody so far!


10-12-2009, 18:27
Alrighty, comments for everyone!!

@Gargobot-The knights look solid but seem a bit rushed. Could just be lighting washing it out though. Still a good looking unit, you have a little army forming up now!

@EmperorNorton-The flaggelants look good, the simple fire is surprisingly effective. The banner is nice. The steamtank is impressive despite your disdain for it and ive always loved the old Giant. Good job!

@derv-Good use of the high elf dragon, everything looks suitably grim. For chain check out stores like Hobby Lobby, they sell jewelers chain pretty cheap.

@Dark Apostle-Awesome as always, love the wood grain, and the simple clean shading and highlighting. Not in love with the knights helm (stylistically) but everything else is sharp

@Jahorin-Youre a machine, thats a lot of bone to paint! I like the bright colors on the interior of the scorpions claws they really offset the sand and grit of the rest of him.

@Dino-Love the tartans and the bolt throwers are genius! I like the DO as well but i feel like his skin could use one more highlight.

@Catferret-Very interesting seeing a whole unit of blue orcs but they look the business. I like the mini-diorama on the Giants base.

@Fabius Bile-Love the spade and hedgeclippers, that was a great idea. I like the battery as well but the groundworks theyre in reminds me of a cutout of the world globe.

@someone2040- Lovely old wizard and a solid paint job. The halflings are great but they all look possessed without pupils.

@TonyFlow-They look great repositioned, well worth the effort! Your colors are very striking in a large unit. The swordsmen look good as well.

@Elazar The Glorified-At first i said Wow thats a good looking model. Then i tried to figure out what parts were involved...thats a lot of work my man! It really looks great, well worth the effort! Having followed your log for a while youve really gotten better at painting those colors, well done.

@doc_cthulu-I like that you use brighter colors on your Skaven, its different and fun to see, especially the orange one. The WLC looks hazardous as it should.

@H2O-They look solid, id be interested in seeing a finished pic. I like the green youve used on the horses.

@Harvey-Nice classic Reiksguard knights. It would have been nice to see the details on the shields picked out but i love the horse variety, well done. The one does look a bit jaundiced though.

@Ego Ninja-From what i can see they look good, a little rust on the blades would give them some color though. Nice job. On the Empire side good looking Captain.

@Braad-I like the orcs shield, very innovative use of warmachine parts. Id have preferred to see a boar's head on there with cables running from it but thats just personal preference. The goblin looks good, i like his whoopin stick.

@dwarfhold13-Good looking stegadon, a bit flat on the steg himself but with how much stuff youre painting i understand! The dwarves look great, clean, vibrant colors. As do your empire for that matter, the lens is sharp.

@Matrim_Cauthon-Both bolt throwers look good though the new one does look sharper. I like the marriage of purple and blue. I like your cannon as well, it looks well oiled and ready to go! Your guys look a little glossy though.

@Inquisitor Pariah-Interesting look, you dont usually see dark elves in such a subdued color scheme but it works, good job

@Malorian-They look good, especially for painting them already built, that'd be tough, i dont paint anything built! Thats quite the horde youve accumulated!

@C-Coen-Love the salamander and still digging the yellow with black dot scheme, keep it up!

@Bluesabre- Love the banner! Very interesting color scheme, those elves have a lot of bling! The cloaks (interior at least) blend into the armor color a bit too much though, at least in these pics. Maybe change the shade?

@Discord-Nice subtle color gradiation on the flamer. I wasnt sure on the screamer color scheme up close but looking at the unit it looks great!

@arobe-I like the "in action" ghouls, solid paintjob as well.

@smokemeakipper-the old doom divers look great! Nice paint job on the boar boys even if the models are terrible (IMO).

@saltpappa-Great looking master engineer! Its a treat seeing that old engineer, especially dressed so nicely.

@rhys60-Good looking archers, i like the chain on the spikes. The trebuchet looks promising.

@BeatTheBeat-The skaven look rushed but they look solid ranked up. I like the clanrats. From what i can see the state troops look good.

@korakalis-Very difficult to see anything but its an accomplishment getting 20 infantry done in a month!

@Lt Dougheim-Hilarious and well painted! Your army is shaping up to be deadly and adorable simultaneously!

@Mr. Chair-Welcome and a fine entrance even if the light does wash out some of your detail. Sharp looking GG and Vamp, i like the bird silhouette banner.

@Lord Obsidianus-Very demonic looking harpies, i like them. Assassin is solid.

@gonzobignose-no one is going to give you guff for leaving over that! Get your life back in order first, paint second! Best of luck to you.

Comments to me:

@everyone who commented on my work-Thanks a lot, all the great comments really keep me motivated!

@Malorian-Theyre Empire Knights. I figured since Empire doesnt even have the option for no barding on their knights it wouldnt confuse anyone too much. I just wanted a sort of Cuirassier look for my knights and the Knight horses are terrible.

@Fabius Bile-The horses are great to paint, just time consuming!

@Dino-yes you have, over at warhammer-empire

@Elazar the Glorified-Insane is good, or stupid. Trying to get to look identical on both sides was what was killing me.

10-12-2009, 19:42
Army: The Army of the Grand County of Stirland!

Units: 2 Great Cannon & Lv 2 Battle Wizard

Still to do: Basing, to be done with the rest of army on completion

Highs and lows: Running late but still in!

Points: 300

Total Points: 678

Next Month: 25 Greatswords with full command (hopefully)

Dice-roll: 4

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0087/DSCF4255.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0087/DSCF4255)

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0553/DSCF4268.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0553/DSCF4268)

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0457/DSCF4270.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0457/DSCF4270)

http://g.imagehost.org/t/0325/DSCF4251.jpg (http://g.imagehost.org/view/0325/DSCF4251)

10-12-2009, 20:34
Well i deleted my 1st set of commentes to much swearing on my part, but have redone them so here goes.

@Gargobot: Nice looking knights. The army as a whole looks to be shaping up really nicely.
@EmperorNorton: Flagellents are looking good and the BSB is really nice. The STank is nice but the giant steals it for simply being an awesome oldschooler.
@derv: Seriously love the dragon, the pink+black work so well together and tie it in nicely. The rider also does nothing but add to such a great centrepiece.
@Dark Apostle: The smoothness of all the painting is truely stunning. The reds are my favourate parts of the "army".
@jahorin:Nice looking blokes, really like the blue+red in the middle of the scorpian(?) to give the eye something to be drawn to.
@Dino: Really like the bolt throwers, and the whole lot looks great together.
@Catferret: Love the blue of the army makes a nice change to the "normal" O&Gs armies. The giant's base looks simple but really effective.
@Fabius Bile: Good looking stuff, really like the rocket battery espically the heads of the rockets.
@someone2040:Wicked looking lot. Love the halflings, have so much character and your painting captures that well.
@TonyFlow:All are looking great. The shields on the detatchment look really neat and clean, which I find difficult to get lines that strait.
@Calibretto: the horsemen look really nice, the banner espically. The wizard I think is great, simple but such a nice looking bloke, nice one.
@Elazar The Glorified: Think I've already said that he looks great in ur Plog. Is great though.
@doc_cthulhu: nice looking underthings. The rust effect looks really nicely done, and the fangleader bloke looks really great.
@Harvey:Look great as a unit. Like the background of the army a lot aswell.
@Ego Ninja:Think the PBs look great, the bone horn things are a nice breaking up area for all the grey/green.
@Braad:The ironback is really nice, and the horns on the shield look great.
@dwarfhold13: Great looking steggy. The purple+green looking gems on the front piece look really great imo.
@Matrim_Cauthon: Cool looking RBT. the purple, black, gold work really well on the crewman, nice one. Like the look of the empire artillery aswell.
@Inquisitor Pariah:The BGs are good looking, the champion looks really great and full of character. Sorceress is also a nice looking chick.
@Malorian: Liking the units this month. Such a huge good looking army already, wish I could paint so quickly+well.
@C-Coen: Like the LMs so far. The salamander itself loks really good, the eye is nicely picked out and painted.
@Bluesabre: Really great looking unit, the blue of the unit is really nicely done the banner espically.
@Discord: Cool looking demons. The bases are really nice imo, pretty simple but detailed once you give them a closer look.
@arobe: Wicked looking units, they seem to have a lot of character and look real great.
@smokemeakipper: the DD looks really nice. The goblins look even crazier than the regular craziness of the O&Gs.
@saltpappa: The masterengineer is a really great looking model and your painting makes it look even better. The nrmal engineer is a really nice model aswell.
@rhys60: Nice looking archer unit and fair play on the scratch building the Treb.
@BTB: Like the WLC is a nice kitbash, the engineer stands out as a great little guy. The new clanrats are a nice looking lot, as are the old PCBs.
@Korkalis: The new clanrats are such great models and you seem to have done them justice.
@Lt Dougheim: Having never tried painting warmaster I can only apreciate ur nice looking job of such small models from an impression, look real good though.
@Mr.chair: Really nice looking GG and the Vamp itself is a nice looking bloke. Can't wait to see next months stuff.
@Lord obsidianus:Nice looking harpys, and the assassin is a nice looking dude quite subtle and understated which suits an assassin.
@Grimtide: Nice looking cannon and the yellows are nice and bright throughout.

Cheers for the comments on my stuff.

Joseph Vintila
10-12-2009, 21:12
Exalted of slaanesh
6 chaos ogres of tzeentch



sorry for the bad pics my camera is away so i had to use the webcam.



10-12-2009, 21:47
an has rolled 2

gah! once again real life has gotten in the way. busy christmas period at work etc. thus my submision for november/december (can haz joker back plz mr harry? :3) is the EOTG i wip'd last submission. sorry for bad pics




@jahorin: making fantastic progress, putting me to shame fo' sho'. really like your back 2 base-ix base, subtle but efective

@catferret: really like the classic giant, especially the scenic base.

@doc_cthulhu: nice painting but a long way to go yet :D

@dwarfhold_13: your pregress really putting me to shame, your blending and highlights look really good, especially on the steg.

next month'll either be skinks or a steg.

11-12-2009, 10:10
Thanks for all the comments :)

@rhys60: Peasont bowmen look just cool. The trebuchet looks good as well so far. A suggestion for the weigt. Do you think you could have it like a bunch of peasents pulling it down or have a few prisoners in cages as the weights. That would look just plan awsome and make it stand out.

:eek: That's an awesome idea, i was gna go along the lines of boring old piece of rock or something, you've inspired me even more with this trebuchet so i'm gna try extra hard to get it done. You're right it would be plain awesome too btw :):)

11-12-2009, 14:01
More comments:

Basilbrush: BOO!
BeatTheBeat: Nice warp lightning cannon. I've seen some pretty bad conversions, but this one is a good one :) The empire is also looking good.
korkalis: Hard to see the models in the picture but overall the unit is looking nice. Did you put a final wash on them?
Doi: BOO!
Lt Dougheim: Very cool model. When I first saw it I actually wondered if that was an old emperor model ;)
Zujara: BOO!
Mr. chair: They might not have preformed well but they certainly look really good. Nice free-hand on the banner.
Lord Obsidianus: Ninjas and naked chicks... nice ;) Like the red eyes on the assassin.
Grimtide: Nice cannons, and the yellow works great against the green robe.
Joseph Vintila: Well can't tell much from the picture but glad to see you're still at it.
redyellowpinkgreen: Nice EtoG. The orange on blue works better than I would have thought.

Fabius Bile
11-12-2009, 16:07
As I mentioned in this month's entry, I wasn't happy with my photographs this time, due to lack of sunlight. This afternoon we had some sun for an hour or so, so I took more pictures. Also, I have repainted my bunker in darker, earthier tones. I think it looks a lot better. I have also taken a few individual pics of my Gardening Militia, as some of their tools/weapons weren't visible in the unit shot:


Fabius Bile
11-12-2009, 16:14
"Hoe, Hoe, Hoe...... MEEEEEERRRRY CHRISTMAS!!!":cheese:
That's right, I went there!

12-12-2009, 01:44
Some rather late comments (3's and some others):
EmperorNorton: Flaggies look cool, especially the flames. I'd ask for the recipe, but already read it on your log. (And copy/pasted it to my painting advice folder for later use.) BSB and Stank look good too, the giant looks awesome, especially the skin. I tend to have problems with skin on larger surfaces, so kudos.
Dark Apostle: Brilliant painting as always. Great use of the Stank wheels on the cannon, looks like it packs a lot of bang, just how Beowurg likes it. ^^
jahorin: Your army's coming along nicely, digging the scorpion btw.
Dino: Creative use of bits on the BTs, looks nice. And how'd you do the blonde beard? -Loving it! Drogre looks massive, much better than most DO conversions.
FabiusBile: Nice to see the gardeners painted, very fluffy unit. Army's shaping up nicely btw.
TonyFlow: Very good looking state troops, Averland sure has a lot of gingers. :p
Calibretto: Great knights, and bulky too. The freehand is awesome, banner and book.
Elazar The Glorified: Naked horse is still disturbing. ^^ Not sure how to describe that but I really love the color harmony (?), the violet and gold contrast great with the snow base. All the little (and not so little) details you added, really turn an already nice mini into an absolutely outstanding one.
Ξ H2O Ξ: If it's green and red I can't help but love it. How'd you achieve the metallic (seeming?) green on the barding?
Harvey: The strong theme of the knights is really cool. I'm wondering though why you have so many of the champion's horse-heads?
Ego Ninja: Nice captain, clean and crisp. Not sure if it's the lighting, but I think one more highlight on the boots would look good.
dwarfhold13: Man, do you have super powers? Just uncanny how much you get done every month and all of it is quality painting. From now on you're my official ToFP role model.
Matrim_Cauthon: Great painting, the wood grain on the old-school BT looks cool.
C-Coen: Sallie looks very good, very well shaded. In contrast the skinks could maybe use a wash?
Discord: Definitely breaking up the blue. Yellow-violet screamers look really good!
Matrim_Cauthon (again): Great painting again. And cool looking mortar, reminds me that I too have those bitz lying around.
rhys60: Nice archers, looking forward to the scratch build trebuchet.
BeatTheBeat: Cool looking Skaven, imho the bases would look better if they were darker, right now it brightens the minis too much. Empire looks great as always! But why are the handgunners shooting those poor helbardiers? :p
Mr.chair: Welcome to the tale. Great painting, especially the raven looks nice. The vampire looks awesome, very good rusty armor.
MindTheGap: Sucks to lose you Gappy. :(
Grimtide: Nice cannons and crews. A little blurry but the detail in the book seems very cool.

Thx to everyone who commented on my stuff. Some responses:
@Fabius Bile: Good to know that I'm not the only one with drunken knights. ^^
@BeatTheBeat: I'll add something at a later point, just wanted to get them done on time. Any suggestions?
@Calibretto: Indeed they're a bit rushed, though they look a notch darker in RL.

Apart from that: Happy holidays everyone!

12-12-2009, 11:38
Upsetting but my camera is now dead so I can't snap anything! Frustratingly my army is actually painted (used it at UKGT heat two) but can't actually get anything done. I've gone from a graphics card blowing up and flattening my pc for a bit to my camera just not holding any sort of powercharge. Supernatural intervention to frustrate me! See you next year I guess...

Great to see everyone else's armies though. Good work chaps!

12-12-2009, 12:31
Hey guys, thanks for all the comments, I'll be posting mine tomorrow, bit busy today with my Brother's Birthday.

As many of you have asked here are some (hopefully Better pictures of my Clanrats




12-12-2009, 16:39
Comments time! I have to admit I haven't taken the time to read everyone's comments, so I apologize for any redundancy in here.

Gargobot: Good looking Knights. The armor looks polished and smooth, very nice! My only suggestion would be to bring out the commander's sword pommel a bit- it seems to get lost next to his gauntlet.

EmperorNorton: Your Flagellants look great, you've nailed the ragtag appearance. The BSB is very well done! The banner came out very crisp. Your Steam Tank looks appropriately scary, and the metallic tones on there are awesome. Good job on your Giant, too!

Derv: I understand your frustration with using the cookie-cutter High Elf Dragon, but you've done a great job with it! I purchased my jewelry chain at a craft store for very cheap.

DarkApostle: Wow, those Empire dudes look nice. I am impressed by how smooth all of the whites and grays are, and the models really pop. The contrast with the reds in the banner look great!

Jahorin: Your Tomb Kings are shaping up nicely! The Icon Bearer looks good, as does the Scorpion. I can't say I dig the gold in the pincers/sting so much, but good job being creative! I've yet to see anyone else do that.

Dino: Your Dwarves are always so bright, clean, and well painted! Excellent job as usual. You've captured a sense of movement with the Dragon Ogre, and the paint looks great.

Catferret: I like the blue shade on your Black Orcs! It adds a lot of character to them. Your metals look awesome, by the way! The Giant is great, you have done a good job on the bruised eye. My only suggestion would be to nix that mold line on his arm, but I can't say I would do it after taking the time to paint it! His base is great, too!

Fabius Bile: The second set of pictures really does your work justice. The bunker looks much better, and I am impressed by all of the clever conversions you've done. The bright colors work well with your style.

Someone2040: As I am sure everyone has already stated, great job bringing out the character in those old models. I really dig the earthy tones on the Beast Wizard.

TonyFlow: The yellow in your army is done really well, I'm not sure how you manage it. The shading across the board is great, too. I like how your Empire soldiers look gritty and fierce, but still impeccably painted. Good job!

Calibretto: Nice clean Lancers, and their banner is awesome! Great freehand. The wizard came out nice, looking forward to seeing his base. The green you are using is rich, excellent choice.

Elazar the Glorified: Your hard work really paid off, that BSB (I think) looks awesome. The paint scheme is perfect, the conversions look seamless. Cool banner, too! Personally, I like the bright blue on the hourglass. The flesh tones on the steed are really nice! Good job. The base is huge but fittingly epic, although maybe some dead grass/branches somewhere would break up the flatness of it. Really impressive stuff!

Doc_cthulhu: Everything looks nice, especially the banner! That freehand is beautiful, I really do not see what isn't to like about it. It looks appropriately frightening and mystical. Your Throt came out great, too! The dirty robes on both Throt and the monks are perfect. Looking forward to seeing more.

H2O: Solid Knights, I like the green tint on the armor. Those models are definitely intimidating, but maybe if you picked out a few more details here and there in the future it would break up the two-tone appearance. Don't get me wrong, though- they look great as is! Good job on the rusted weapons, too.

Harvey: The crimson in your Knights really makes them jump out. I like how you have varied the coloration in your horses, although I might bring out the detail on them a bit more, especially in the eyes. Looks good!

EgoNinja: Your Nurgle horde looks great. I like the deep, muddier colors you are using for your Plaguebearers. The yellow eyes make for a good contrast. Excellent job!

Gotta get to work, I will try and get to the rest of you in the future!

Dark Apostle
12-12-2009, 17:52

@Gargobot: Shiny knights! Can't say I agree with you on the sculpts, but your painting is good. If anything, the red looks a bit flat, but maybe that's just the photos. Keep it up!

@EmperorNorton: Impressive mob of lunatics. I like the flames and the freehand on the books. BSB looks cool too, as does the steam tank. And I love the expression on the giants face – he looks really confused.

@derv: Nice conversion. I can see what you mean about everyone using the HE dragon, but it's the only really good looking one GW sells today (if you don't count the new wyvern).

@Jahorin: I like how you manage to make the bone look really old and dry.'

@Dino: Very nice conversion on the runesmith and the bolt throwers. Great idea to have all you big weapons steam powered.

@Catferret: The new club looks really good! I also like the smashed fence you put on the base.

@Fabius Bile: Best militia ever! I just love the idea of the gardeners going to war with whatever tools they could find in their shed.

@someone2040: The beast wizard looks great. And of course you need 12 halflings!

@TonyFlow: Nice unit! The army looks really impresive already with two solid blocks of infantry.

@Calibretto: The freehand motif on the banner looks great. If you send me a PM with your adress I can send you an extra shield or two.

@Elazar the Glorified: I just love what you've done with this model. The banner is way cool, and the background adds a lot of flavour to this mini.

@doc_cthulhu: sweet painting. Throt looks really fancy with those yellow robes. And the fang leader looks cute!

@H2O: Nice green meatlics. Sorry to hear of the accident with the 5th knight, hopefully you'll be able to fix it.

@Harvey: Great unit. The only thing that I don't like is the yellow horse, it sticks out too much I think. Otherwise everything looks fine, yuo've got a nice, rich red.

@Ego Ninja: The rusty swords look cool. Nice to see some pretty dark plague bearers, I think it's fitting.

@Braad: I really dig that ironback boar! Creative use of the deathrippers.

@dwarfhold13: That's quite a lot of stuff for one month! Looks great, the bolt throwers with crew are my favourites soo far.

@Matrim_Cauthon: I kind of like the old reaper bolt thrower, although the crew isn't that impresive as sculpts. Painting wise they are both good looking, solid jobs, although I think you should try to find the time to update the bases.

@Inquisitor Pariah: The soeceress looks find, I can't see any rough areas. Really good attention to the bases, I like that!

@Malorian: That's a HUGE army already. Hope you can find motivation to keep adding more units and stay in the tale.

@C-Coen: You have a very characteristic colour scheme for your lizzies. I really like the red on the Salamander.

@Bluesabre: Nice freehand painting on the banner. And the corsairs look good, I like your colour combo of blue, green and gold.

@Discord: Great choise to break up the blue. The flamer looks great and I like what you've done with the bases fpr the screamers.

@arobe: cool bases!

@Matrim_Cauthon: Both cannons and crew look great. I like the use of state troopers for crew, and I think you should keep the wood grain on the mortar.

@Smokemeakipper: Those retro orcs are sooooo cool, and I think you've found a colour scheme to match these old models.

@saltpappa: Nice metalics, and great use of two old models. Burlok is cool, but the old crewman looks outright mean!

@rhys60: I like the muted colours on the bowmen and really look forward to see that trebuchet finished.

@BeatTheBeat: With blue and yellow you can never go wrong – heja Sverige! And I really like the metalics on your skaven. Great rust.

@Doi: Let's see some blood and gore next month!

@Lt Dougheim: Your army is asolutely hillarious. I love the Karl Franz halfling.

@Mr.Chair: You're right, a bit hard to see details – still looks good though, and I'm really interseted in seeing some betterphotos, in particular the gray robes look interesting.

@Lord Obsidianus: A really evil looking assassin you've got there – nice red eyes.

@Grimtide: Great wizard, particularly the freehand drawing in the book.

12-12-2009, 18:00
A joker for me this month. My scratch-built Hellcannon is taking more time than I hoped (though it's nearing completion now) and my camera has died on me too. Hope to be back on track during January.

13-12-2009, 02:29
Gargobot - Great looking Knights Reiksguard? I know what you mean about them not sitting properly, I just magnetized some I'm gonna be doing and they slump to one side :(
EmporerNorton Middenheim - Flagellants and BSB both look great. I really think the Banner has turned out great on the BSB.
EmporerNorten Middenland - Steam Tank and Giant are both looking great.
Derv - Great work using the High Elf Dragon for Dark Elves. You've got a great looking Dragon and Rider there.
Dark Apostle - I think your Empire guys look very good, with nice smooth painting on your greys.
Jahorin - It's a bit hard to see your Skeletons (Too far out), but I like the Scorpion a lot. Has a woody-bone type feel to it.
Dino Dwarves - Great work kitbashing those Bolt Throwers together.
Dino Warriors of CHaos - Cool looking Dragon Ogre, can't wait to see the full unit.
Catferret - Great looking unit of Black Orcs, they look tough as. The Giant also has a lot of character, the base does it justice.
Fabius Bile - Militia look good. The different colours don't seem to clash, so they do look like a rag-tag group. Your army looks great all assembled at once.
Tonyflow - Really like the look of your Averland State Troops. Looks like you've got a nice recipe for yellow nailed down.
Calibretto - I like how your Pistoliers have turned out. The red, green and then brown from the horses really suit. Your mage looks great as well, and is 'generic' enough that he could be used for multiple lores of magic if you choose.
Elazar the Glorified - That's an amazing looking BSB you've got there. Really love what you've done with the original model.
Doc-Cthulu - Great looking Skaven. Hope you find your crew for the Lightning Cannon.
H20 - The Knights look great. Too bad about the 5th member, hope he gets revived soon.
Harvey - Nice looking Knights. The simple paint scheme works really well.
Ego Ninja Daemons - Plaguebearers and the entire army are looking very nice. Keep up the good work for Papa Nurgle.

Ego Ninja Empire - Captain looks good, and gives the impression of a 'No-Nonsense' guy, perfect to lead the troops.
Braad - I like the Ironback boar. The goblin and Orc also look good.
Dwarfhold13 Lizardmen - The old Stegadon is great, but no basing on the army really hurts in appearance (Probably because blue is an odd base colour). Hope you get some basing done soon (Or are you doing it all at the end?)
Dwarfhold13 Dwarfs - Great looking Bolt Throwers.
Dwarfhold13 Empire - Cannon looks great, but those blue bases do look out of place ;).
Matrim Cauthon Dark Elves - Great looking Reaper Bolt Throwers. I think the base on the 2nd one looks especially good.
Inqusitor Pariah - Great job converting. They all look excellent.
Malorian - The Dwarves look great, but will definately look even better when the basing is done on the army.
C-Coen - Nice patterns on the Skinks and Saurus, really makes them stand out.
Bluesabre - Corsairs look good, but I think the back of the cloaks blend too much into the armour. Takes a bit away from the gold I feel.
Discord - Cool looking Daemons. Yellow is cerainly different than the regular Tzeentch colours.
Arobe - Your cools look really cool. Like the pack of them is scrambling and leaping over each other to get at the enemy.
Matrim Cauthon Empire - I think you suceeded fairly well. The Mortar Crew stand out a little bit, but nothing significant. Looks great, both Cannon and Mortar.

Smokemeakipper - Great looking old style models.
Saltpappa - Great to see good old Burlok. The other engineer also is looking good.
rhys60 - Archers are lookin good, and seems your Ballista is coming along well.
BeatTheBeat Skaven- The Skaven look good, but it's hard to tell they're based (I think at least, they're snow based). I think it'd go a long way if some patches of dirt and grass showed through the snow.
BeatTheBeat Empire - The soldiers are looking good. I had the same trouble with my Empire last year, too many models for so few points when it came to Infantry. But hey, at least they aren't goblins ;)

Korkalis - New Clanrats look good from what I can see, but hard to pick out details from the photo.
Lt Dougheim - Haha, that's a great looking 'Karl Franz' you got there. Very nice.
Mr.chair - Great looking Grave Guard and Vampire. Got a nice dirty look going on them.
Lord Obsidianus - Some nice models. I would be a bit careful when painting two sides of the cloak, as some of the black has made it onto the purple side.

Grimtide - Cannons and Wizard certainly look good. Can't wait to see them, and the rest of the army when based.
Joseph Vintila - It is certainly hard to comment with the poor quality pictures. So can't really comment much unfortunately.
RedYellowPinkGreen - Your Engine of the Gods looks good, keep up the great work.
Korkalis - Your clanrats look really good, and you've chosen a good nice green for them.

BeatTheBeat - None of the base rims have been done yet. In fact, most are still quite messy due to when I was painting the bases.
Calibretto - The whole no pupils thing started when I was painting LOTR, as their eyes are even smaller - I just find it very hard to paint pupils (And frustrated when I have to redo parts of the model due to scewing them up). Usually I paint the whites before I wash, so the whites get dulled down a bit.

13-12-2009, 07:57
D35t0y3r's months painting:
spider rider musician-19pts
6 night goblins-22
total points for this month-41
Dice Roll:2
sorry for submitting so late, had last exams for the year, then a week away in bundaberg (for those who dont know Australian trivia, this place produces a high quality rum)


(these were the best pics i could get)

13-12-2009, 10:57
ARMY: Tomb Kings (2000)
UNIT: 1 Liche Priest on a Skeletal Steed with magical items

Liche Priest:

Army so far:

13-12-2009, 11:41
Nefelenwen - funny how bending the neck on the undead steed make the whole model more dynamic.

Great clean paint job too.



13-12-2009, 12:09
Greetings everyone! Like last year I signed up as a painter for the tale. Up till now I haven't been able to get hold off a proper camera to snap some pictures, but the tale HAS pushed me to paint things. That's why I really don't want to drop out (like last year *shame*) I have some ''older'' pictures of my painting a little while back in the tale so you all just have to believe me I've painted a few more models than you will see in this update. I hope to get some pictures from off the few newer models up next week.

Army: Dammaz Uzkul dwarfs

Units: 9 Dwarf warriors with standard and musician and shields (not on the models yet), 8 Slayers. 7 Thunderers with shields (not on the models since I think it would mess them up, on a marker base which I place next to them in games.

Still to do: Basing, to be done with the rest of army when I get ahold of my cork and snow.

Highs and lows: Getting some pictures and painting these lovely models as I'm in love with the old school! Lows; not getting the amount of paint in that I wanted.

Points: 286

Total Points: 286

Next Month: A few more warriors, slayers, cannon and (hopefully) some longbeards

Dice-roll: 4




13-12-2009, 12:23
@Nefelenwen (http://www.warseer.com/forums/member.php?u=1692) The horse is very nice, it adds a lot of character to the model. I might have to steal your idea if you don't mind. The painting is quite good asweel, well done.

13-12-2009, 15:34
@arobe, jahorin - Thank you very much. :)

And yes please, steal "my" idea, I'm pretty sure, that I'm not the first one with this idea... ;) :)

13-12-2009, 20:42
Sorry for the delay, but I had lots of things to do. Anyway here are my handgunners.

UNIT: 9 handgunners + Master engineer with repeater handgun and light armour

BACKGROUND/THEME:Not so long ago a son of a local nobleman was fascinated with war and military. With the financial support of his aristocratic family, the young noble began to gather the finest warriors from all across the Empire and far beyond. Unfortunately the spoiled child has no military experienced due to extensive education thus the greatest warriors gain weight and their only opponent is the fearsome rust. :cheese:

BUILD/CONVERSION: Head swaps, drum and banner from new state troops.

PAINTING: I'm to lazy to write. If you really want to know ask me in my painting log or send me a PM

BASING: Usual.

STILL TO DO: Minor fixes, backside of the banner

+: their done, freehand banner ( It was based on a banner from the 6 edition army book )
-: quantity (Only 10. Thats not much)

POINTS : 169






TOFP army so far.


bert n ernie
14-12-2009, 19:42
Hi there lads.
So I've finally managed to get this months stuff painted. I only managed 80 out of 100pts, but it's not going too badly.

Dice Roll:6

Army: Dr. Frankenrat's favourite experiments.

Unit painted:2 Rat Ogres

Points: 80

Points so far: 280 (1 Joker)

Highs and Lows: The 'dragon' ogre has been in the making for ages, and I'm still not 100% happy. The 'stiched' ogre took me less than a week's worth of painting time, and I've very happy with the result.

Still to do:
The bases and the hole where I took out the awful looking claw from the Dragon Ogre's back.


EDIT: Tried to prevent the scrollbar of doom, but then realised it wasn't me!

16-12-2009, 14:12
D35t0y3r: Good start on the goblins. Do you plan to paint the moon on the shield?
Nefelenwen: Another nice addition to your TK. I really like the gold :)
Griffinclaw: Hurray more old dwarfs! Those handgunner models look great with their puffy hats ;)
Krzyek: Very nice. The base, the model, the banner, it's all very well done.
bert n ernie: It saddens me that the dragon was cut up, but it certainly makes for an original model.

Bit of an update from my side: Flame cannons are a pain to paint... cranys

16-12-2009, 20:31
Bit of an update from my part, chariots takes longer than I had first expected.

16-12-2009, 21:22
Bit of an update from my part, chariots takes longer than I had first expected.

That's for sure... almost impossible to get all the angles once the riders are glued in...

bert n ernie
16-12-2009, 22:38
Mal, Well, to be fair it was only a half dragon that I got 6 years ago in a grab bag of e-bay stuff. SO it was basically free, and the only thing not used is one wing. Make you feel better :)

OK, I'm going to go for a few comments. I'll try to do all of the 6's and a few others.

@Dark Apostle. Those guys look so crisp, it's great. You can just tell the evenly spread and well layered. How thin do you make your paints? Does it make you have very many layers when you do?

@Elazar the Glorified. What exactly is a wet palette? He looks worthy of the win. Is the banner supposed to be like the wall over the bed in the first freddy kreuger film? The one where his face keeps coming through the flat surfaced wall?

@doc_cuthulu. Great to see more skaven here. There's not as many as I expected. Everything looks really well painted, and for the most part your colour choices are fantastic.

@Ego Ninja. Very nice. Did you use mostly washes? The pics are a bit too dark to see.
I'm glad someone else is using their characters to get through the months where they don't have so much time.

@Matrim_cauthon. They look great, pale skin and lots of shading on the armour.
The Empire lot look really nice. Subtle touches like the effort on the barrel really show. Pity the guy on the left in the mortar unit looks like he's taking a power dump.

OK, that's all the replying/commenting I can bear for now. I've somehow just taken far too long. I'll try to do the rest later.

19-12-2009, 00:53
Nothing from me this month I'm afraid, although I'm well ahead of schedule so don't need to play a joker. Nice painting everyone.

19-12-2009, 09:21
Yarr! You land lubbers want a progress update aye? Well here be Miraglean Pirates! We just need a few touch ups then we be ship shape! Yarr!

This months painting is coming along quite well. Duellists are pretty much done apart from a few touch ups as mentioned. Light Cavalry with any luck should be in a similar situation by the end of the weekend. Then all that's left is painting 10 Crossbowmen (Plan was a Man-Eater, but he hasn't arrived). So things are looking quite promising for my Dogs of War.

19-12-2009, 11:30
Hi Guys,

New starter here, would I be able to join in the fun? I've got millions of unpainted Orcs and Gobbos as well as a new High Elf army that I've just started.

Could I join in the 200/month league with my Orcs and Gobbos?

Edit: Joining with High Elves instead!

19-12-2009, 11:32
Comments on 3 rollers.

@Gargobot - Very nice unit. Next time just paint horses in different colours and add markings to give more varition.

@EmperorNorton - The pictures are a bit dark but the minis look good. The only thing I don't like is the brazier-head flaggelant ( one of GW worst ideas ). Don't forget to paint the pupil in BSB eye.

@Dark Apostle - Your nickname says it all. You have sold your soul to the devil for painting and modeling skills. Whatever you make it's perfect.

@Calibretto - Interesting light cavalry conversion, but same as Gargobot randomize your horses next time. The freehand looks nice, but I have no idea what it is ( Redskull from Captain America comics, a sea serpent, Fire Monkey of DOOM ?)

@C-Coen - The skinks and surus could get one more highlight. The salamander is OK, nothing to change.

@Discord - Good painting. I like the mushrooms on the bases. Next time when you're writing a TOFP post use a number to inform about dice roll. That way it will be more visable.

@BeatTheBeat - Good TT quality, but the green thing looks more like moss than grass to me.

@Mr.chair (probably Chairface Chippendale) - Everything seems to be OK. I like the freehand on the banner. The bases look very nice.

19-12-2009, 13:25
Hi Guys,

New starter here, would I be able to join in the fun? I've got millions of unpainted Orcs and Gobbos as well as a new High Elf army that I've just started.

Could I join in the 200/month league with my Orcs and Gobbos?

Excellent! Welcome in the tale.

20-12-2009, 12:06
Hello here's my relatively late contribution for this month

Diceroll: 2

Saurus scarvet with Charm of the Jaguar warrior, lightarmor shield and GW



and 10x sauruses with spears



This should total at around 244 points.

20-12-2009, 16:29
Sorry for such a late post, internet issues and holiday activities
have kept me tied up.

Dice Roll:4

Army: Chaos Warriors (Golden Horde)

Unit painted:2 Chaos Spawn
Frick and Frack, two brothers who would compete with
everything, once the Golden Army broke from the Empire
they rushed for power, each growing strong as the days
passed, trying to out do each other until there mortal
bodies could no longer contain the Chaos Powers within.

Points: 160

Highs and Lows: Not as easy as it looks. I've found that
the nastier you try to make something look the more work
is involved with it. I did use some min-wax and glue work
on the Nurgle Spawn.

Still to do: Just clean up the base on the Nurgle one, pull the
grass off the edges, but I do like how the muck over flows.





20-12-2009, 22:36
Just joined, so this is my first post. Doing a High Elf army, not Orcs though.

Edit: Dice Roll : 4

This is December's WIP.


Nearly finished, just need to tidy up. It's remarkable how much stuff you notice is wrong with a mini when you photograph it!
I hate the little white spots where I've missed bits, is this normally a problem, or am I just being sloppy/impatient?

This mage comes to 185 pts.

Edit: I know it's a bit rough, not a great paintjob, but I joined the Tale not only to encourage me to get my army done, but also to receive critique from you guys and tips on how to paint better.

21-12-2009, 15:55
Just in time for Christmas, here's this month's submission. Theme: Things Which Do Not Have The Mark Of Slaanesh. Unfortunately I don't have my list as I'm posting from my boyfriend's parents' house, so I'm making an educated guess at the points cost here!

Units: Sorcerer with the Mark of Chaos Undivided and a spell familiar, 5 old-timey Chaos warhounds, including Redmaw. (No background this month, although one day I swear I'll post the proper background story for my army!)

Painting: Same as the previous months. Purple is 2:2:1 liche purple:regal blue: chaos black, highlighted up with liche purple and warlock purple. Greeny-grey is charadon granite with a black wash, highlighted up with white. Metal is dwarf bronze with a highlight of chainmail and dwarf bronze, and a brown wash. Bone is khemri brown highlighted up to white.

Basing: Sand with a scorched brown wash and drybrushed kemri brown and bleached bone, with scorched grass.

Still to do: Nowt.

Highs: Pretty easy to paint, and a nice change from the inevitable purple armour that I'm painting almost every other month.

Lows: Redmaw might look cool, but he's the least enjoyable thing I've painted so far. I think it's all the weird bone spikes...

POINTS: 180-ish (I know the dogs cost 30 points, and the sorcerer costs about 150.)

Total army points: 705

Dice roll: 5

Sorcerer and familiar:


The army so far:

22-12-2009, 03:46
ARMY : Dark Elves (2000 points)

UNIT: 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers

BUILD/CONVERSION: Bought these off ebay so if they're converted it's beyond my knowledge!

PAINTING/BASING: Same old sotry as the other months.

STILL TO DO:All set to continue to next month

HIGHS AND LOWS: High point would be the low model count this month. The obvious low would be the annoyance of finding time to paint in the lead up to christmas...




And a test scheme for the corsairs when i finally get round to doing them



Points this month ; 200

Points so far; 669

Jokers used; 1

22-12-2009, 08:02
I am afraid I will have to pull a joker this month. Too much work and Christmas preparation lately. But not to worry, I am well on the way to finish Decembers contribution :)

22-12-2009, 20:26
Army: Vampire Counts

Units: A Wight King (Krell) and some bat swarms.

Painting: Pretty much the same as previous work in the case of Krell. The red was stippled on starting at scab red through red gore to blood red. The bats were based with scorched brown. Furry bits were drybrushed with khemri brown. Flesh was painted with terracota and then dwarf flesh. Wings were painted black with a charadon granite highlight. The entire bat then recieved a devlan mud wash.

Basing: Sand, scorched brown, bleached bone. Scorched grass. Same as previous months.

Still to do: I've notice Krell has a bit of black on his jawbone which needs touching up. I also need to do a banner for him at some point.

Highs: I enjoyed doing Krell's armour. In contrast to the frustration of Kemmler, I found Krell to be a lot more enjoyable to paint.

Lows: The bats got a bit boring after a while, particularly when painting the flesh areas. Nothing too bad though.

POINTS: Approximately 235pts. I don't have my army book on hand so I could be wrong, but it's somewhere thereabouts.

Total army points: 640pts.

Dice roll: 3

Army so far:

22-12-2009, 22:48
Ok, I have done my painting for this month, 10 Thunderers and a Runesmith. But I'm yet again having trouble finding a camera to get some photos. I'll try to post them before the end of the month though.

Points come out to 291 for this months stuff.

My WIP for next month is a Thane carring the armys Battle Standard.

I'll try to comment soon.

23-12-2009, 06:16
I've finished painting January's submission but don't know when I'll have access to a camera again so may end up posting late. Still, at least it's all done so I can concentrate on eating xmas food and drinking many boozes. :D

Desert Rain
26-12-2009, 10:35
Sorry for not being around so much this month, stupid internet troubles. Anyway, I've started with this months painting and since it's only one model I should be able to finish it on time.

27-12-2009, 17:16
Hey I was posting to say I would like to join in for January. I will be painting Dark Elves mostly, but maybe the occasional Vampire Counts unit. I've been looking at the work here and I thought it looked cool, so I will post up some pictures of my own soon. Thanks!

27-12-2009, 20:02
Well this month is a joker as my little brother thought it would be a great idea to super glue the camera lense shut. NExt month will be Gnawtooth and his giant rat pack of doom.

28-12-2009, 19:53
Okay okay I'm a bit behind on schedule.
I only managed to submit the entry for month 1 on time. (I suck.... :( )
But thanks to the christmas holiday I can try to get back on track.

Today I finished my second unit of swordmasters (my entry for month 2):


The army so far :


My third entry is almost done, I expect it will be finished tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. It will be the first of three Mages accompanying this army.

Now I will have to go back to the painting and paint PAINT like a mad man to get back on schedule!

POINTS of the second unit: 230 (War Banner included)


29-12-2009, 10:34
Right then, commenting time...

Gargobot: I like the bright colours, truly the good guys!
EmperorNorton: That's quite some stuff there! Nice colours to make the army uniform.
derv: Good conversion, looks great!
Dark Apostle: Very nice paintwork, good choice of colours as well.
jahorin: Nice idea for the dark, dirty bone look.
Dino: Can't say no to beer! Nice and origional conversions. Same for the Dragon ogre, looks dangerous as hell!
Catferret: the blue looks surprisingly good on the Blorcs, giant has an excellent skintone.
Fabius Bile: Some of the weirder conversions I've seen in a while, but definitely good lookin'.
someone2040: Halflings! Epic stuff. Duellists have some great poses.
TonyFlow: Great choice of colours, fit very well and looks great as an army.
Calibretto: I really like the look of those knights, fantastic idea.
Elazar: Just an epic paintjob on that model, one heck of a conversion as well.
doc_ctulhu: Great dirty colours, rust looks very realistic.
H2O: Looking suitably chaotic! (and indeed, they're horrible to rank)
Harvey: Very striking colours, nice variety with the horses.
Ego Ninja: Truly dark 'n' dirty, as it should be! Nice neutral look with the captain.
Braad: That boar is just great, painting that hot metal must've been weird, but it looks exactly like it should!
dwarfhold13: Great work once more, steg looks ace, very nice muted colours on the dwarves and men, just excellent stuff.
Matrim_Cauthon: I really like the mixture of gold and silvery colours, also a fan of the deep blue. The dark metal looks great on the canon as well.
Inquisitor Pariah: The green looks quite good really, hadn't seen that before.
Malorian: That's a lot! Very impressive army, and that in such short period of time...
Bluesabre: A weird but nice choice of colours, great work on the banner!
Discord: Liking the bright daemons, good contrast on the flamer.
arobe: Excellent basing and a very nice paintjob on those horrible (in the positve way) ghouls.
smokemeakipper: another origional choice of colours, impressive how you used such bright colours without getting a bright look overall.
saltpappa: Some very nice models indeed, painted accordingly.
rhys60: Great basing and a suitably dirty paintjob.
BeatTheBeat: Seems like the new models fit very well with the old stuff, looking forward to more! Nice brightish colours on the imperials.
korkalis: I like the green and brown mixture of colourse, dark and skaveny.
Lt Dougheim: In some way, those are some of the most stupid conversions I've ever seen, but in most other ways, they're amazing!
Mr. chair: Great grave guard, vampire looks ace.
Lord Obsidianus: Nice dark dark elves, the golden edges on the assassin make him stand out nicely.
Grimtide: Wizard really stands out from the nice 'n neutral soldiers.
Joseph Vintilla: Is that blue stuff warpaint? Skin looks good.
redyellowpinkgreen: Very Aztecian bright colours, army must be one coloury sight!
D35tr0y3r: I like how the eye is drawn to the mushrooms, gobbo's look good as well!
Nefelenwen: Great use of colours on the Nehekerans, lovin' it.
Griffonclaw: Purple dwarves.. well, why not? Looks good.
Krzyek: You, sir, are a total nutcase for painting those basic warriors so detailed but ah well, they look great now!
bert n ernie: That will be a pretty weird army if you continue like that, I would love to see your take on a Hellpit Abomination!
Filie: Some very special lizards, that Scar-vet really stands out with all those details!
BigJon: I can see you've put quite some time in those spawns, but it really paid off!
dangermouse425: Yellow and blue looks good, will your whole army have those colours?
Verminmistress: Excellent contrast on those models, giving them a very special look.
Stormcrow: A very dark and cold take on the elves, really fits them. Corsair is slightly different, but even better I think.
Necoho: That army is shaping up nicely, I would love to see more!

So, that's it I guess. I would like to thank you all for your comments, it's good to know you like the leopard scheme on my lizards. Next month will have something quite big and dangerous.. and very, very... WIP... :angel:

29-12-2009, 14:18
Joker for me this month. :(

bert n ernie
29-12-2009, 22:40
I think there's one or two people I missed commenting on...

@BeatTheBeat. Some great rust effects on those skaven! Which technique do you use? I like the cleaver on the normal clanrat. Is that on the new sprue? The WLCis pretty super considering I think you just cobbled it together from completely random bits. The only down side it the rat isn't very warlock like. I really like your pack of clanrats and the packmaster. The rust effect on their armour is exactly right for them.

@korkalis. That looks like you have a good pallet for the unit. I'd consider looking into making an additional layer of highlihting on the green to get it nicely out of tabletop standard. Then again they're grand for that, and they are clanrats... it's just that the metal is so good.

@Joseph Vintila. I can't make out the pictures very well, but the shouting ogre's mouth is nice and gorey, and the rest looks suitably dirty.

@Avian. Looking forward to the scrathbuilt hellcannon. I'm half way through a converted(not exactly scratch built) doomwheel, and it is definitely taking longer than I expected.

@BigJon. How did you do the see-through snotty claws?

@Queekvondrak. Did I read about your camera on FML recently? Looking forward to seeing more skaven here.

@C-Coen. Thanks, I'll take that as a big compliment. Well right now I'm working on a doomwheel, not an abom. The abomination will be using rat ogres and some of a corpse cart. That's all I know so far.

I don't know if I'll get the whole model finished for next month, as I'm waiting on some wayland game stuff to come through for one or two parts. But then again I could post the WIP and count it for half points, which would be enough.

30-12-2009, 03:10
Sorry guys, I really wanted to try and get a late showing up this month but I just haven't been able to. So it looks like I will have to play a joker unfortunately. I've recently started a new Skaven army and they have been taking up a bit of my time and I'm actually considering of restarting the tale with the loathsome ratmen and setting my noble Bretonnians to the side for the time being.

Would that be okay with you guys?

31-12-2009, 11:51
Just reporting that the painter Thijs van Osch, who happens to be a friend of mine, is not - indeed - dropping out as one might expect from now, but he's planning to paint a lot and he should be able to be back on tracks soon enough, possibly having some 400pts done next month.

Morglum Necksnapper
31-12-2009, 11:53
Jokers for me this month also, for both savage orc armies. I thought I would be able to get my entries done in christmass holidays, but I got carried away with building the first part of a small walled town...
Some bloody nice painting again this month by you guys! I wish you all a great New year!

31-12-2009, 13:41
@bert n ernie

I did the effect with glue, the zap-a-gap, I just let it run slow and dry then
do another drop and another until it was where I wanted. Trick is not to use
the spray, that turns it white, letting it dry on its own will keep it clear.

31-12-2009, 14:34
JOKER this month.

Worked on my 40 K so much, I forgot to finish my dwarf cannons. Now it´s too late :rolleyes:

Next month I´ll be back!


31-12-2009, 14:46
Jokers for me all around (AGAIN!!!) ... I am on about 5 jokers now. :D ...
.... but I have done some painting and now that life has settled down a bit for me I hope to find som emore time for painting and will do my best to catch up with this starting in Januarys thread.

I will be starting the new thread tommorrow.

It may be a bit late in the day depending on how drunk I get and how bad the hangover is in the morning however I will try and get it done.....

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and you all got lots of new toys to paint.

I will just take this opportunity to wish you all a very peaceful and Happy New Year which will see the completion of lots of great armies.

Giant Dwarf
31-12-2009, 16:26
No, no, no! I don't want to use my second joker yet and now is the last moment to do something about it.

ARMY : Wood Elves (2000 points)

UNIT: Treeman

BUILD/CONVERSION: I warhammerized an old LotR ent; included some spites, skulls and stones with some asrai engravings from assorted dryad/glade guard bits.

PAINTING/BASING: Dheneb stone base + going crazy with washes. Some over/drybrushing with grays and browns.

STILL TO DO: Maybe some more shrubs to the branches.

HIGHS AND LOWS: No more miniatures painted than only one humble treeman. :o


Points this month ; 285

Points so far; 597

Jokers used; 1

31-12-2009, 17:13
I need to play a Joker, too. I didn't really get anything done. Perhaps next year. Happy new year everyone.

31-12-2009, 18:39
Sorry to sound like an naughty schoolboy, but...
please, sir, may I have an extra day or two to get my December homework in?

I've already played both my Jokers and now I'm scrabbling to keep in the game. So far I've only submitted one month's worth (rubbish effort, I know). I have done some painting- I'm working on two Dark Elf sorcorers this month. They're coming on nicely but I just can't get them finished by the deadline (ie tonight).

Would 400pts next month be ok? (And I won't make a habit out of it, promise)

PS. Happy new year everyone!

31-12-2009, 22:52
You can post all the way to the 7th, you know :)

01-01-2010, 00:29
@ C-coen
He just needs to post a Joker and tell us he is still alive to not be dropped out.

@ haydnc
As long as you tell us you post a Joker, you're in, and free to catch up whenever your ready.

@ BeattheBeat
Yeah, but we just came to the 31st and beyond...

GENERAL MESSAGE: Who hasn't posted up to now this month will receive a Joker. Those who haven't showed up this month at all to tell us they Jokered again, and already used up 2 Jokers, are now dropped out in the new tables next month!
This is not permanent though if you wish to continue, just tell me you're still in, and stuff is fine again. It just makes it easier for me to keep track of everything this way.

@ Harry
I'll get the links to the new tables in your inbox tomorrow (well... today, but first sleep a couple of hours :))

Just to let you all know, this month we painted a total of 12940 points!
And the tale now totals 64233.5 points in 4 months!

Happy new year everyone!

01-01-2010, 00:56
Ok, thanks. Then I guess month 4 was my third Joker (oh, the shame). I'll try and "buy it back" in Month 5.

01-01-2010, 07:52
Ok, thanks. Then I guess month 4 was my third Joker (oh, the shame). I'll try and "buy it back" in Month 5.

It certainly was :p But no worries, still 8 months to catch up!