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11-12-2009, 04:55
well I hope the title is self expanitory; can any one help me find the rules of the Warmaster Emperor Dragon?


13-12-2009, 15:37
It's in Warmag issue 21. The Emperor Dragon is Scenario specific the object being to kill the Dragon and/or capture it's lair.


Monster Attacks 8/4 Hits 8 Armour 4+ Size 1 Max 1

Fly, Causes terror, breathes fire (4 shooting attacks), Badly hurt if it accumulates 5 - 7 hits in a shooting/combat phase (Hits and attacks halved for rest of Battle)

No point value as the Emperor Dragon does not belong to either army it's an independant piece.

Place a marker for the Dragons lair on the table away from either player deployment zone. Each round roll 1D6. On turn 1 the dragon wakes on 6+, turn 2 5+, turn 3 4+, turn 4 3+, turn 5 and beyond 2+. Once awake place the dragon at the lair marker he will initiative charge any unit within 20 cm in the initiative phase doesn't matter which army and he will charge the closest unit. The other armies get to use their initiative first then the dragon. If no unit is within 20cm he will stay at the lair entrance.

Each player may issue the Dragon an order in their command phase (move charge attack etc.). If no commander is within command range the Dragon may home back to the lair. During combat the dragon is controlled by the player that is not being attacked. If it happens that the dragon is attacking both sides roll a dice for control. The dragon is always placed so that it is not touching any stands at the start of a turn so seperate the stands if they are still in contact at the end of a turn. The dragon can be shot at by either side but can be ignored if it's the closest target.

If a player kills the dragon they get +300 Victory points per 1000 points of army (eg 2000pts army = +600 pts.). +100 VP points per 1000 points of army if a friendly unbroken unit is within 20cm of the dragons lair at game end and is closer than an enemy unit.

Other than that you can just use the Emperor dragon as a Dragon mount

15-12-2009, 02:57
That was one rightous dragon model, and the damsel is a cool objective as well. Thanks for sharing the rules.