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13-12-2009, 15:54
I had a 2250 battle the other day against another Dark Elf player. It was nice because we had very similar armies, so it would be a game that would come down to luck and skills.

My List:

LvL 4 Sorc, Lifetaker, Sacrificial Dagger, Seal of Ghond
LvL 2 Sorc, Darkstar Cloak, Scroll
Cauldron of Blood
Death Hag BSB, Banner of Hag Graef

5 Dark Riders, xbows, full cc
22 Warriors, Shields, full cc
2 X 10 Crossbowmen
2 X 5 Harpies

2 X Chariots
17 Witch Elves, full cc

Reaper Bolt thrower

He Had:

LvL 4 Sorc, Black Staff, Seal of Ghond
LvL 2 Sorc, Scroll, Darkstar Cloack
Master BSB on Cold One, Hydra Banner

2 X 10 Crossbowmen
2 X 20 Warriors, shields, full cc
2 X Assassins, Rune of Khaine, Manbane (in the warrior blocks)

5 Cold Ones, full cc, Ring of Hotek
15 Black Guards, full cc, Banner of Hag Graef

2 X Reaper Bolt Throwers

The terrain was left pretty open, hills in the deployment zones on the left with a forest between them, and two forests on the right side in the deployment zones. Deployment looked like this:

Hydra - Xbowmen+lvl 2 sorc - Bolt thrower - Warriors - Cold One Knights - Warriors - Xbowmen+lvl 4 sorc - Bolt thrower(Woods)


Dark Riders - Hydra - Bolt Thrower - Xbowmen - Harpies - Chariot - Chariot - Harpies - Xbowmen(Woods)
-----------------------------------------------Witch Elves - Warriors+both sorcs

Turn 1

He won first turn, moved everything forward remaining out of charge range with his cold ones. The Hydra entered halfway into the woods. Didn't move magic was out of range. Shooting was out of range except for Bolt Throwers, 1 in my bolt thrower doing nothing, and 1 in the chariot taking out 1 wound.

One of my chariots went stupid, and so I just moved my other chariot to join him. The right bowmen wheeled and moved forward to aim for his black guard. My Hydra went into the woods to try and stop him from going through to my bowmen, and the dark riders went around to get a shot at his Hydra's butt that was sticking out. Left harpies moved to the center to stop any charge possibility with the cold one knights, and the right harpies moved up to block line of sight of his right xbowmen. Magic saw 5 Guards fall. Shooting killed another 3 guards and 2 cold one knights.

Turn 2

The Cold One Knights were stupid. He moved his left crossbowmen forward because they were out of the action, marching 10 inches. The hydra swept by and aimed the flame thrower across my hydra so he could hit the hydra and the guards. Magic saw off 3 of the 5 harpies on the left, 3 witch elves, and I burned my dispel scroll. Shooting killed both of my hydra beast masters, and my Hydra became stupid. Another wound came off another chariot.

The blessing gave the dark riders an extra attack, and charged the flank of the hydra. I then discovered that if I flank a hydra, it re-orients itself for a frontal charge. I moved forward to get a charge possibility on his warriors on the right with my chariots. The ASF witch elves, not fearing a charge, moved forward close to the warriors and knights. The cauldron moved forward for the stubborn bubble on the witches, and the warriors moved forward to get some line of site. Magic was devastating. My wall of fire on my lvl 2 went off on 3 dice on his right Xbowmen, killing 6, and Fireball took out the remaining 4, leaving the Sorceress by herself. In the shooting phase another knight fell, leaving 3 alive counting the BSB, and took out a wound from his lonely LvL 4 sorceress. Hand to Hand I had a possibility to kill off both handlers due to my frontage. Unfortunately they completely fluffed their 2 str 4 hatred and 1 str 3 hatred attacks, and only 1 handler fell. The Dark Riders on the other hand somehow managed to pull through 3 wounds on the hydra! Of course, the Hydra did not fluff his attacks, and there was no more Dark Riders after he chomped them down

Turn 3

His LvL 4 Sorc quickly rushed to get into the cover of the right Warriors. The left xbowmen, see the Hydra coming through as a threat, decided to try and get the fire mage to take a few wounds out of it, changed directions, and went into the woods. His Hydra also moved up to be able to charge my left xbowmen. Magic saw a miscast, and the fire sorceress lost her lvl in magic. Shooting dropped 1 of the chariots down to 1 wound. He also killed a few Witch elves, giving them only 2 ranks.

This time the blessing went to the unwounded chariot, giving the men on top an extra attack each. The Left harpies that had been preventing the clash in the center charged the flank of the now turned crossbowmen. Both chariots charged the right warriors, who successfully fled, leaving an opening for a flank charge on the part of his knights. My Hydra, in it's stupidity, charged his Xbowmen. My right Harpies moved right in front of his right Bolt Thrower to stop him from shooting other stuff, and the witch elves tried to tempt the knights from charging them, and moved up between the knights and the left warriors. During the magic phase, line of site prevented me from casting, so I didn't cast anything. Shooting was concentrated on the Hydra, who was completely unharmed by all my shots. Close Combat my harpies fluffed their attacks, and 2 of them got themselves killed. The Hydra on the other hand killed 5. They managed to hold.

Turn 4

His Hydra charged my crossbowmen, who fled, but the 3 inch flee was one inch short of getting chomped by that monster, who caught them. The left Warriors charged my witch elves, and the 3 knights and the 5 black guards charged the chariot with 1 wound remaining, who decided to flee through my warriors instead of fighting the knights. The knights still ended up running into my chariot with full wounds. The impact hits only killed 2 warriors though, so it wasn't too bad. His fleeing Warriors on the far right with the sorceress rallied, but were too far to do anything. During close combat, the harpies fluffed their attacks again, and after the crossbowmen had gone, only 1 harpy was remaining. The Hydra chomped through them though, and this time, they fled, getting caught by the lone harpy. His Warriors popped up an assassin, who killed 4 witch elves. My death hag and champion, the only 2 that could retort, killed 4 warriors as well, and not having the ranks or the number, relied on the cauldron's stubbornness and the BSBs rerolledness in order to stay, as they roll a pair of 6s the first time around. The Cold One Knights had a handful of attacks thanks to the Hydra Banner. Luck on the armour save of the chariot saw it keeping a lone wound, and retorted back by killing the remaining knights, and dealing a wound on the BSB.

Seeing the danger of the assassin on my witch elves, I gave them all a 5+ ward save with the cauldron. My Bolt Thrower team were terrorized by the Hydra and fled. The Chariot rallied, and bothlone harpies on either side charged both reaper bolt throwers. Magic saw 3 irresistable force spells cast in a row by me. The first was a word of pain on his warriors, hopefully preventing the assassin from killing more. The second was a black horror in his remaining black guards. and a magic missle in them as well, downing their numbers to just a champion. Close combat the assassin came in almost as strong, taking down 2. Without frenzy, the witch elves didn't hit strong enough to stop the warriors to take down another of their numbers, but did manage to know off another rank. They lost combat again, and thanks to the stubborn cauldron managed to stay. Both harpies died, without dishing out any casualties. The BSB managed to take out the chariot at last. And this finished the game, as the store had closed 15 minutes ago.

End Result - Minor Win for the Dark Elves! (err, my dark elves)

Final Thoughts

We didn't have time for a proper tally up but we agreed on a minor victory on my side. I had knocked down most of his stuff to below starting strength, hit most of his characters, taken a few banners as well, and had a lot of stuff that was still healthy. The Hydra was a bit problematic, but at this point I had taken over the magic phase, the ring of hotek was gone and so was his other sorceress, and scrolls.

It was a good game. I made a few mistakes. A single harpy is only good to protect the 22.5 points it's worth for half unit strength. I realized how scary and devastating a creature like a hydra is. I was extremely lucky during the magic phases, but I did fluff a lot during hand to hand. All in all, I think my opponent played better than I did, but the extreme luck I had during 2 magic phases gave me the minor victory. I learned a lot more about my army after having played against it.

13-12-2009, 15:57
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