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29-01-2006, 19:36
Had a blast at my local gameshop yesterday. 32 entrants for a 1850 40K tournament. I brought my bugs. I decided to go the warrior heavy theme to my army, so I had 8 choices of warriors, 2 Carnies, 2 Zoanthropes, and 6 gaunt choices. Yes, that was a full force organization. All warriors had rending and some with shooty, the Zoanthropes were shooters with psi scream, the carnies were armed with V-cannons and Barbed Sranglers andall but the 1 squad of hormogaunts had guns of some sort. My model count was 76.

Game 1 was a challenge to my buddy who had his brand new Black Templars. Oye, this was a great game for me, but lousy for him. I would hit with my barbed stranglers and do 9 wounds, he would save 1. Every round of shooting for me was catastrophic to him. His model count was slightly less than mine, as well, so that didn't help matters much. Learned a new trick against him. He moved his tac squad within 12" to rapid fire a warrior squad, with no effect. I then moved said squad within 5" in cover towards that squad. He had a bike squad to the left side of the table that I then shot my warriors at, ignoring the closer marines right in front of me. Using a squad of devourer armed gaunts, I targetted the marines and killed 2 of them, causing them to run into hth with my rending warriors, who proceded to rip them another one. Fun trick. Of course, the V-cannon on one of my carnies glanced 6'd the crusader. He quit bottom of the 5th turn. Honestly, his dice hate him.

Game 2 was against a guy I knew for some 8 years, but had never played. He was playing a scorpion heavy biel-tan army with serpents and a squad of guardians. The hive mind must have been sated becuase my guys could not hit the broadside of a broadside. My list of damage to him is as follows: 1 immobolized wave serpent, 1 destryed wave serpent. That's it. His purple scorpion squad took down 3 squads of warriors and 2 squads of guants. Mandiblasters were hitting left and right. My mandiblasters never do any damage. His were doing all of the damage. I swear, I had 3 rounds of shooting that missed everything or did not wound. Sigh.

Game 3 was also against someone I had never played before. Kid with necrons. No monolith, no C'tan. Just 2 lords, 2 full squads of warriors, 1 squad of the elite warriors, a squad of wraiths and 2 squads of destroyers. It was a random setup for placement, and I found 6 of my squads stuck in a far corner of the table. He ran up with the wraiths and the destroyer lord right into the midst of all the far end stuff. 2 rounds later, dead lord and wraiths. Meanwhile, his destroyers were picking off my hiding flying warriors. I had quite a few casualties, with no real return fire. Until turn 3. Carnies wrecked the elite guys, causing them to fall back. But not off the table. Some warriors did manage to break a destroyer squad off the table. Woot, happy dance. The other destroyer squad decided to shoot one of my carnies and brought him down to 1 wound. My small bugs finally got into grips with warriors and did some damage, however, a Lord with veil was in the squad and tp'd them out of combat, about 10" away. They shot at the carnie with one wound, but failed to kill it. Seeing that he was right in the middle of all of my shooty stuff I proceeded to kill all of the warriors off. His lord survived my assaualt by some warriors and he ported nearby, killing my carnie with a shot. It was a draw in my favor, 876 to 827. Fun times. Can't wait till next time.

29-01-2006, 21:46
You were pretty lucky with your draw's against two armies that are predominatly close combat orientated. And what was that Necron player thinking?!

Although with no Heavy weapons killing your Carnifexes and Zoanthropes must of been hard.

Keep us posted, Id like to hear how you fair against Tau or Imperial Guard.