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15-12-2009, 04:09
Quick thought experiment:

Let's say there was a mission that was more of less 'in the open'- no corridors, just wide open spaces with the occasional barrier or crate for a small amount of cover. Image this space was quite large- say 40x40. Marines start at one end. Stealers come through a hole at the other. The goal of the marines is to get to the hole and seal it up. How many stealers would you need to make the mission challenging for the marines?

I'll be playtesting this one (thought it would be cool to start a campaign with Marines walking along the exterior hull of the Hulk) but any stats on numbers would help with the initial setup.

15-12-2009, 04:13
Honestly I have no idea on the stats so I can't contribute that way. But..

That sounds awesome! I've always wanted to play "The Grand Hall" on table-top.

15-12-2009, 06:06
The rules were designed for scenarios where things would usually be tight and cramped.
So range was ignored for ranged weapons and "number of shots" was ignored for overwatch. Which kept the rules fast and simple.

In an outdoor/roomy scenario, those (lack of) rules may become awkward.

15-12-2009, 08:32
Under such circum stances, over watch would be come insanely powerful, with practically every marine being able to shoot. You'd need huge numbers of stealers each turn to survive the combined firepower, which would then be overwhelming during the marine turn as they couldn't fire enough shots to do enough damage.

I'd suggest a modification to the overwatch rules. Perhaps nominate which marine is firing each time, and only one fires at a time?

Perhaps a wide open board is a bit much. Somerthing like the old Space Crusade board might be better? Mostly large rooms, with some smaller corridors?

15-12-2009, 15:22
Has anyone tried to redo the space crusade boards in the style of the new space hulk?

that would be cool...

16-12-2009, 07:36
I've played 'Grand Hall' myself, and it was a walk over. I kept overwatch limited to 12 squares, and firing on every model with each as stated - this means you may jam quickly with each but is also not so bad when you form a firing line and get closer where you can't see all the entry points. I divided the board into sections for the flamer, generally being 3x3 areas with some being slightly larger at the edges due to the main room being a wedge shape. I only tried this once, with the marines having a resounding victory both times. I didn't bother with blips due to there nearly always being line of sight, and I just brought on 2D6 genestealers the first game, and 3D6 the second game. The second game was more the right amount of stealers but some lucky shooting seemed to win the day here. I'd try with more if I get the map out again, but 3D6 is probably the right number. The only other thing you may wish to do is to alter the lurking rules for stealers at the very bottom to make that overwatch fire that more important. I never tried this in my games but may in future. I also didn't use the powerfield generators found in the two side rooms.

I love the wider corridors from the original Deathwing, and this certainly makes for interesting games when there are much larger quantities of genestealers. (I have 60ish new ones, and 32 old ones so have plenty to use!).

I am yet to make my next large board pieces - made as board pieces rather than drawn out on a large sheet like grand hall was. This is to be a landing platform as if a hangar built into a ship, with corridors leading off into the rest of the ship. This will be fifteen squares by ten as currently designed. I also intend using a Dreadnought in this, to help secure the landing zone - however the marines will hjave to leave this safe zone and enter the darkness of the hulk and it's maze of corridors... I will post pics when I finally get it done.

Cpt. Drill
16-12-2009, 15:31
Has anyone tried to redo the space crusade boards in the style of the new space hulk?

that would be cool...

Yeah we have been using the old space crusade tiles alot in our games. The flamer can sometimes need clarification on which parts of the board it will effect.

We also tried some bigger boarded games, those big rooms end up being really dull... it changes space hulk from a tactical game into a dice rolling exercise. I would only reccomend large spaces if they are acompanies by lots of corridors at the sides aswell as ladders on the floor so the stealers can come from more directions.

16-12-2009, 23:29
I thought of mixing in the old space crusade bits but I was surprised at how dated the boards looked.

I always liked that picture on the Warhammer Compilation where it looked like the marines were fighting genestealers on a space port:


17-12-2009, 05:15
Thanks for these responses guys, they're both really helpful. Love the idea of 3D6 stealers per turn.

Captain Drill, your idea is totally awesome! So right now, I'm thinking:

Two boards: One is the 'grand hall', representing the exterior surface of the Hulk. Terminator squad begins on this board.

On the second board is your run of the mill Space Hulk map, with corridors and rooms made from regular tiles, representing the part of the ship immediately below the hull. Stealers come on this map in the regular fashion.

The two maps are connected by, say, two or three ladder sections that the Terminators have to get to, descend into the Hulk, and seal off each of the genestealer entry areas. This means the battle will be a balance- the Terminators must choose how many descend into the Hulk where the stealers have the protection of the corridors, and how many will stay on the hull to slaughter the `stealers that try to emerge to move quickly across the map in open environs.

Hmm. That might not work- there would need to be some kind of impetus for the stealers to go outside.

Anyway, I'll playtest some options. I quite like the idea of having so many stealers that they Terminators literally can't keep up with the killing. Not for every mission, mind you, but for one it could be fun.

18-12-2009, 20:35
One idea I have never tried, but wanted to do when I was first making paper sections - never ever got round to making them in card to be compatible with the tiles...

1/ Build a map which is open - totally empty with maybe just a single building which is the top of a lift shaft or something. Have every edge piece of the table as an entry area and the terminators starting in the middle - defending the entrance from genestealers coming out of the desert from all the other nearby cities etc.

2/ Meanwhile, other missions will be taking place in normal space hulk tile sets using a lot of rooms and some very long corridors joining different areas etc, and the air vents rules, and all these are taking place in the underground base at the bottom of the aformentioned elevator shaft. Allowing ladders and levels would also be good, as well as making the marine safe zones where they deploy into alternate genestealer entry areas if they lose the previous mission and so no longer have a secure perimeter. I like linking games into campaigns. I'll have to create a new one one day, but will watch Resident Evil again first for some ideas. Even a city street map with wide 'corridors' would be good for them cleansing an infested area.

19-12-2009, 05:53
Well I remember being in a large cargo bay in one of the space hulk mission on PS1 Which I would LOVE for them to re-release it on the PSN.