View Full Version : Who is your most competent model?

15-12-2009, 21:56
The wolverine dude has not let me down, followed by the cannon guy.


16-12-2009, 01:32
The least competent model has been Leon (assault cannon). In the first two games he got only half a dozen shots off - and missed with every single one.

So far the flamer has killed evey stealer and blip caught in the blast - no 1s yet.

16-12-2009, 07:22
I'm discounting Calistarius here cos he kinda cheats...

I have to say, that overall the most reliable has been Sergeant Lorenzo in all aspects, shooting and close combat. He has managed to slay five stealers in a row, when he has no other choice but to press on and fight through to let the others follow after the collapse of the rear guard. He earned his truly heroic status for me, and has only ever died on one occasion so far.

As for a few others...

Claudius with his lightning claws seems to die in his very first combat even when on guard every time.

Leon has done well, but is not to be left alone due to ammo limits. He managed to slay the Broodlord with his very first shot at it - great job that man!

Zael has been particularly effective holding the rear and driving the way forwards, though this is all in combination with team work and pulling him back once he is about out of ammo.

Gideon has done well on one or two missions where he has needed to hold a position or lose me the game, but otherwise he tends to do very average as the stealers can close with him and attack en masse pretty easily. When this happens he rarely lasts more than a turn or two. A great model to hide out of the line of fire of another model and step in when needed using command points to block the way.

The generic troopers don't seem to have stood out in any way yet despite me loving some of the models.

16-12-2009, 18:18
Not sure but I think that wolverine dude killed a broodlord.

Cpt. Drill
16-12-2009, 20:41
Brother Claw-dio always fails me... he is demoted to hiding behind real marines or sent on some pointless gaurding mission to try and halt some genestealers at a point that doesnt matter to much. That guy just dies so quickly in combat, I never trust him with anything important.

I think one of my favourites is Valencio. At first he died all the time but now he seems to be some kind of super trooper. Surviving ludicras combats (killing a brood lord with his crappy chainfist) and getting generally goos overwatch rolls. He is the best in my eyes!

18-12-2009, 20:37
I have noticed Valencio doing reasonably well too now that you mention it, however I think of him as being one of the generic marine's as the chainfist is of little use as he does not appear in games with the jammed doors... This should be rectified to use the correct squads in my opinion. And to further the above - Claudio does not match his fluff in game, as he really does stand little more chance than a normal marine. A Terminator Sergeant with Lightning Claws may do a little better but I am scared to try replacing my whole squad with them, now that my space hulk time has been halved following having a child...

19-12-2009, 08:54
It's all in how you paint them. :D it imbues them with mojo!

peculiar interloper
26-12-2009, 18:54
genestealer n 23912

31-12-2009, 20:23
Sergeant Lorenzo.
Once when he was on Guard, he killed 4 Genestealers in Close Combat in row. And before that, he killed at least 4 Genestealers on Overwatch earlier the game!

03-01-2010, 00:55
Brother Omnio seem to have an unnaturally good aim, and has most likely killed more stealers than anyone else.
Brother Zael's heavy flamer has come in handy on more than one occasion, where he has been able to block corridors, to save his brothers some time. His ability to kill stealers is not to be underestimated either, although he still can not match Brother Omnio in that department.
Sergeant Lorenzo has proven that while his aim is not as good as that of Brother Omnio, he is more than capable of using a power sword. He has won a far larger percentage of his close combats than Sergeant Gideon and Brother Claudio, even when he has not been on guard, and his storm bolter has managed to slay more than a handful of genestealers.

On the other end of the spectrum:
Sergeant Gideon seem to be one of the least competent marines that entered the hulk. He seem to be unable to hold of more than 2-3 genestealers, and has often found himself getting killed by the first stealers to come get close.
Brother Claudio has not had as many chances to prove himself as Sergeant Gideon, but has as of yet only shown that he is an incompetent fighter. He has been beaten in combat three times, and has only won one combat, which makes me wonder why he even got the honor of becoming a terminator.

08-01-2010, 22:27
The guy with the thunderhammer and stormshield was hideous in one game I played with him... put on guard he was near impossible to kill (ok, if I had got round behind him it would have been a different story, but for various reasons this was not possible with the time available). However, the second game in which I played where he features he went down in the first combat...

10-01-2010, 10:46
gloriel, my gw had a huge game with people linking their space hulks together and i was fighting my friends stealers gloriel and leon were the last standing leon ran out of bullets then died a glorious death and gloriel was left killing any stealer that tried, he didn't die either he fought to an objective and stayed there.

10-01-2010, 18:42
Another bout of games and Zael has still killed every stealer in range of his flamer - plus one in close combat, winning Suicide Mission and Cleanse and Burn each time he's been in them.

25-01-2010, 11:39
I did mission two for the first time the other night, and Mr. Chainfist terminator deployed all by himself as a sacrificial lamb killed TWENTY-EIGHT genestealers. Top that!

25-01-2010, 15:50
After playing the first mission yesterday, it's the guy with the 'stealer head in his fist - gunned down nearly a dozen 'stealers, and killed a couple in close assault before going down. He only got killed when attacked from behind.

22-03-2010, 18:22
For me so far, oddly enough: Brother Scipio. He's managed to gun down hordes of 'stealers while on overwatch, and then power-fisted any that got to him. He always seems to go down eventually, but never without a fight.

Odd, as the model is not one of my favourites :p

24-03-2010, 13:30
genestealer n 23912
JO! that's true.. the brood are the most effective of all...