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18-12-2009, 09:48
Being a big gorkamorka fan I've a soft spot for the Digganob oddmobs, especially the Rebel Grots. However I havn't seen a decent tactica, battle report or anything really regarding them. Diggas got a couple of WD battle reports when they came out, as did Muties (even though they were obviously using a playtest rulesset because of the glaring errors) but Rebel Grots got an article and that was all.

Given the lack of interest in the Gorkamorka, its very difficult to find any players to play any games, let alone test out tactics and the stuff. So anyone got any good ideas about Muties and Rebel Grots?

I was toying with the idea of running Rebel Grots as a drive by gang. Cuttas filled with grots armed with six shootas and snots with bows will (hopefully) zip by the orks and take them down with massed fire, only pilin on if there is no other choice. I am also tempted to buy 5-8 snots just to power the Lugga leaving them with just a knife.

As for the Muties a band of Unks led by the Keeper and Seeker. A Jezail and Fusil on the leaders and Arbalasts on the Unks. I can either give everyone a Glaive as well or have 1 extra Unk and keep the gang as a shooty gang, running rings round the orks and gunning the down. I'm tempted to get the extra Unk for extra cash and then buy the glaives later but a bad first game will reduce my income and if its a CC band I'm up against they might overpower me armed with just a knife.

Any ideas?

18-12-2009, 23:46
I've not played for many years now but a friend used to get good results with his Grots by having as many grots and snots with just clubs and knives as he could afford. The boss types in the mob, plus any grots with decent BS advances, got guns but the rest were there purely to provide motive power for the Big Lugga and to swarm across boarding ramps and take out orks on buggies by weight of numbers.

I'm trying to remember how I equipped my old mutie mob. I think it had 5 models (Seeker, Keeper, mix of Unks and Snagas). Seeker had the blast template thing and a powerswordy thing; Keeper had the plasmagun thing (he has some bonus regarding anmmo rolls or something right?); rest had the sustained fire lasgun thingies with 18" range. Any leftover cash went on the chainsword/axe things. That all would likely have made more sense if I could remember the names of the weapons.

20-12-2009, 12:20
I was thinking of using the Arbalasts (the long range lasguns) to keep out of the Orks ranges and take them down bit by bit although this would leave me open to a sudden rush. I think everyone takes the Jezail (Plasma gun) on the Keeper because of his ammo roll bonusI was planning to use the unks for the bonus toughness and strength, but I did decide to go CC.

For a middle ground I was planning on keeping the unks in and giving everyone a glaive but this would cost the same as having another long range unk. So 5 models with guns and CC or six models with guns. The other thing to remember is that its only the unks/snagas who gain the warband cash so an extra one gives me more chance of money depending on casualties. Then the cash gets funneled into glaives, armour and upgrades with an eye to extra members after a few games if all goes to plan.

An interesting idea with the Rebel Grots. I still havn't seen them played so I havn't seen how good the Pilin on rule really is. It does seem to give them a bonus but how they will fare against an Ork with a choppa worries me a bit. The Cutta seems next to useless until its had a spikey upgrade to run warriors down, its a shame you can't fit it with a linked gun (even a linked blunderbuss or something).