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30-01-2006, 18:40
I have noticed recently in army lists that ward saves are not commonly used. Any suggestions to why that is?:wtf:
I personally like giving my fighter cahracters ward saves because it frustrates my opponents. I personnaly have been in challenges (against fellow chaosmen) and sometimes come out with barely a scratch thanks to ward saves!:evilgrin:
plus some ward saves protect from almost everything, so if you feel lucky charge the enemy gunline with a unit of chosen knights knowing that if you roll a 4+ the gods will save your rear!;)

god octo
30-01-2006, 19:12
quite often its better to give a char a good armour save and just give him a huge killy weapon. However, some armies, such as woodies, have very little protection (no armour and T3) so they load up on saves, as often elven chars are batter at supporting battles rather than leading them.

30-01-2006, 19:27
I play as Bretonnia usualy so nearly everybody gets a ward save. :D


Hideous Loon
30-01-2006, 19:45
I play as Vampires (Blood Dragons, of course) and if a Necromancer is my General, I give him the 5+ Ward Ring to protect him. And if I have a Wraith, I feel bound to give him an Obsidian Amulet.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
30-01-2006, 20:44
I think that most people don't really intend to get their characters in challenges except for the odd upstart unit champion who can't get past their armor. Thus, by making their characters cheaper they can get more units onto the table.

30-01-2006, 22:30
Its really army dependent.

My Empire, for example, has characters to be leaders, and not much more. I often buy a warsave for my Count, just in case, but it usually don't come into play, since they just stay in units for protection. No other characters in the army even consider a ward save, unless playing in a large game, and I want to use a Grandmaster for a hard-hitting unit to take on enemy elietes, but that is quite rare.

Turn to my ogres. The T5 is enough on the characters, so I don't usually consider a ward mandatory, even with such a low AS. If I plan on having the character operate independently, which Ogres can do quite well, then I usually toss them a 5/6+ ward, just ot help with those occasional cannon balls or bolts.

For my VC, the general ALWAYS has a ward save. He has to, considering they can't wear armor, and if it dies so too does the army. A 5+ for a Count, or a 4+ for a Lord, since the Ld 10 is usually good enough to not worry about stupidity, though it has caused some problems in the past.

It really comes down to what you want from your characters. If they are just going to lead units, or fight rank and file troops, they really don't need to worry about a ward, generally speaking. If you want to fight other characters, or operate where you will catch a lot of missiles (on a monster, for example), then a ward is extremely useful. No matter what, a ward is handy, but I would rather get more soldiers, since they are what win games, not uber-characters.

30-01-2006, 22:54
I don't give every character a ward save, but I usually don't leave my characters out in the open. Like Keller said it really matters on the army. Putting too many points into a single character can really come back and bite you.

30-01-2006, 23:08
Thanks guys. I just have one more question: should I give my character who hunts other characters a ward save? Example: my exalted with gaze goes around and hunts and challenges other characters.

30-01-2006, 23:16
I would suggest you do. Most characters are apt enough to kill yours, provided you don't kill them first. Even a humble 100 point Elector Count can whack your character if you miss your attacks and he gets to stirke back. Other characters will be looking to gut you alive too, depending on who you're facing.

If you plan to activly fight other characters, a wardsave is definately a good idea. Unless you have to spend all of your points on that nasty weapon, a la the Rune Fang. All hits ignoring your protection of Toughness and Armor ruin your day when you don't have a ward.

30-01-2006, 23:19
Yeah, i guess your right. by the way a little off the topic if its alright to ask....do you chack your private messages?

30-01-2006, 23:22
Not as often as I should.... Sorry bout that.

30-01-2006, 23:27
Its alright. oh and thank you all for these gorgeous tips!!!! I know I will make ya all proud!

31-01-2006, 16:23
Just a question, if a hero with an armorsave of 2+ and a ward of 4+ takes a st3 hit and fails his 2+ save can he then use his 4+ wardsave?

31-01-2006, 16:32
Yes. Unlike in 40K (atleast to my understanding, I haven't played in years), you are allowed to take both Armor and Ward saves in fantasy, not one or the other.

Grand Warlord
31-01-2006, 16:42
Yeah I also purchase a ward save for my Elector Count ... if anything just to keep the LD 9 around.

Crazy Harborc
31-01-2006, 21:05
Grand Warlord beat me to it, for Empire always! Since I play several armies.........I like to use a 4+ ward save (when that battle's army can get it!). I don't have much luck with 6+ and or 5+ ward save rolls. I NEED that 4+. Then, I roll a 5 or 6!!

31-01-2006, 21:20
If i am using a character for his leadership then yes i do use a ward save. I want him to stick around and people tend to gun for him.
If they are just for extra hitting power then no.
Character hunting characters will sometimes have one, especially if they only have 2 wounds.

31-01-2006, 21:31
Great! Thanks all!

31-01-2006, 22:27
Can anyone give me a page or reference so I can show my gaming group cause they just don`t believe me =)

31-01-2006, 22:35
page 64 last paragraph going onto page 65 first paragraph

31-01-2006, 23:00
Here you go Sebbelina! pg. 64-65 of the warhammer rulebook!

31-01-2006, 23:01
crap. I was out typed by Truthsayer!

01-02-2006, 13:06
thx for the replys =)