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22-12-2009, 20:02
So what was your favorite part of the movies, 1 for each if you please.

Fellowship of the Ring:
Probably when they are running through the great underground hall and goblins are pouring out like ants, chasing them like a million hungry predators.
It just feels so intense and how hopeless the situation is looking.

Twin Towers:
Definately the fall of Isengard, the Ents getting their own against the orcs kinda to me symbolises nature getting back at careless industry.
Go nature.

Return of the King:
Definately that silence right before the first Mumak swings its tusks.
Yes theres music but then time slows down as these titanic tusks come flying and the sickening crunch as all those horsemen feel the impact.

either that or.

"You are soldiers of Gondor no matter what comes through that gate you will stand your ground"

enter about 10 trolls

Gandalf looks like he just crapped his pants.

25-12-2009, 01:33
"You are soldiers of Gondor no matter what comes through that gate you will stand your ground"

enter about 10 trolls

Gandalf looks like he just crapped his pants.
I loved that part, if nothing but for the sheer irony :D

Dragon Prince of Caledor
27-12-2009, 02:27
Well I thought the death of boromir scene was one of the few that far surpassed the book. I like the way the Grey Havens scene was done vs. the book. That scene is probably my favourite scene of all, its got a lot of spiritual "weight" to it.
The charge of the Rohirrim at the Pelennor Fields was great, Theoden's speech still sends chills through my spine.

27-12-2009, 22:42
Fellowship of the Ring
The Last Alliance of Men and Elves battle. I didn't know it was coming, what a great "james bond" style opening to the film. Still one of my favourite scenes from the trilogy.

The Two Towers
I like the Gollum v's Smeagol argument. For me Gollum is the best character in the two towers movie.

Return of the King
Not as certain here. I'd probably choose something to do with Minas Tirith, a stunning set. So either Gandalf riding through the streets, or when the Nazgul swoop down and attack the battlements.

(btw you've put twin towers in the OP)

28-12-2009, 13:23
Fellowship of the Ring
The locations. Hobbiton, Bree, Rivendell,Khazad-dm,Amon hen,Anduin. I love them all.

The Two Towers
Uruk-hai at Helms deep, banging the pikes on the ground and shouting.

Return of the King
Gandalf riding out from MT using the light (of the Valar?) in his staff to chase away the Nazgul.

Magos Saphentos
28-12-2009, 17:44
The Last alliance battle scene at the begining- Take that Sauron :P
Not really certain here
Easy peasy-The charge of the rohirrim with the lighting of the beacons second

02-01-2010, 22:57
I reckon in Fellowship Of The Ring when Boromir is dying and calls Aragorn "Brother".
In The Two Towers, when Gimli says "I never though i would die side by side with and Elf", and Legolas replies, "What about dying side by side with a friend?", and Gimli says,"Aye that i could do".It is so nice
and in The Return Of The king, at the part where Theoden gives his speech, or when Aragorn gives his speech at the Black Gates.
All give me shivers.