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19-05-2005, 14:03
Problem - When playing warcraft : Froken Throne I experience what I would describe as 'sound glitches' -- very brief sharp sound distortions.

I recently bought a new PC and installed W:TFT so I could continue to play. Once actually playing the game I noticed that every so often I heard what I would describe as sound distortions or glitches which while very brief are quite annoying to say the least.

After unpluging and reconecting all wiring, checking wiring for damage, I decided to undertake a few experiemnts to try to narrow down the problem.

(A) I played an audio CD to an attempt to replicate the sound distortions. No sound distortions were heard.
(B) I played an MP3 to an attempt to replicate the sounds distortions. No sound distortions were heard.
(C) I run dxdiag made sure the Hardware acceleration was on max in the sound settings (which it was), made sure all sound tests were passed indicating there were no problems.
(D) While playing the game I turned off the speakers and plugged in a pair of headphones. The same distortions were heard with the headphones.
(E) While playing the game experiencing the sound glitches I Alt+Tab to the desktop and played a MP3 to try to replicate the distortions. No sound distortions were heard.
(D) Made sure my sound card drivers were up to date. The drivers were up to date.

I am quite confused especially as the speakers I am using are from my old computer set up and suffered no sound glitches even whil playing warcraft TFT.

The speakers have their own power supply.

These are the specs of my PC -

Mother Board - MS-7125 MSI NVIDIA nForce 4 Motherboard (skt939) PCI-Ex
Processor - AMD Athlon 64 processor 3200+
Operating System - XP Home Edition
RAM - 1GB dual channel DDR RAM (PC3200) 400MHZ (2x512MB)
Hard Drive - 200GB SATA 7200 rpm Hard Drive with 8MB Cache
Graphics Card - 256MB DDR ATI Radeon X800 PCI-Express graphics
Optical Drive 1 - 16x DVD-ROM
Optical Drive 2 - Multi Format 16x Dual Layer DVD re-wri
Sound Card - Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS

I'm not sure what else else to do...

Anyone have any advice / recognise the problem?

19-05-2005, 15:34
maybe the sound files are corrupted, same thing happenes to me but i get used to it.

19-05-2005, 15:46
Thanks for replying plasmademon I appreciate it a lot. :)

I don't see how they could be corrupted as it's a clean install about 2 1/2 days old...

I've noticed (and it might be just me) that it occurs more frequently when 'more is going on' i.e. when I'd imagine the processor/sound card is under more strain.

19-05-2005, 15:53
or maybe you might need to clean your cache if you played a lot.

(i don't really know as i'm not a computer guy yet)

20-05-2005, 04:22
Installed all the latest patches?

If so, try reinstalling it - it could be a slightly corrupt install, however unlikely that is.

20-05-2005, 17:01
Yep all patches are installed & I have updated all the sound card drivers as well.

(You can't play W:TFT online without being up to date with patches.)