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31-01-2006, 00:56
So a few weeks ago I noticed that ork brute ram ships and necron jackal class raiders have disappeared from the US online store. While checking various other online stores I also noticed that the US store is still selling individual ork battleships rather than the super battleship that is being sold in the UK and Canada.
So I finally get around to calling the 1-800 number for the online store and I was basically told "tough." I asked about brute rams ships and the super battleship and I was told that they just aren't sold in the US. Overall, while disappointed, this isn't unexpected. There was just a little comment at the end that did annoy me though. When I commented on my surprise at GW not selling their full line in the US he stated that he wished he could get some limited edition model that was only for sale in the UK. IMO there's a pretty big difference between limited edition models and core models in the line.

31-01-2006, 01:14
I also find this very concerning. There should be models added not subtracted.
Are the molds breaking or did GW stop caring about the specialist games?
And CA$5 for a single cobra :wtf: ? I guess I'm off to eBay to buy my BFG stuff from now on.

31-01-2006, 04:19
I'd hazard a guess that they've never cared, myself.

31-01-2006, 08:34
Is Games Workshop the only company in the world that reduce their range, whilst at the same time raising their prices?

01-02-2006, 16:28
I find that the german online store has changed the Necron smaller vessels from blister to individual. Obviously the blister sold out, so you now only get single minis.

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