View Full Version : A few ideas to use those Carnifex Models...

30-12-2009, 19:23
The wailing and gnashing of chitin are audible even in the confines of this Canonness's Ivory Tower, so here's a few NON-rules based ideas for your faithful Carnifexes.

1) Play with them.

Sure an optimal list is now decidedly less so (allegedly) but, hey, at least 1500pts is now worth 2000! Time to up your game?

2) Shelve them.

Sigh, bite the bullet, buy the new favourite list. They'll come back into vouge in about 5 years. You know, when the codex is redone.

3) It's Trygon time!

Take a fex. Add spades for hands. Remove the back legs and tail. String the two thighs and tail onto a metal coat hanger.
Reattach shins to hips, add small spades to hooves.

Paint. Now you too can have the fun of the new flavour Nidzilla!

4) Diorama.

Exercise those modelling skills. Have your Fex's ripping through a bunker, tank or Eldar Craft world. Especially good if you can still remove the models. It's like shelving, but prettier.
Bonus points if an Guardsman has a certain developers face...

5) Re-assign

Nurgle Spawn, Chaos Squats, Exodites, Ork's will loot anything...
A bit of thinking and some modelling work and bingo, a small niche army to show off.

6) Sell them.

Because they won't end up going really cheaply on ebay. And my own Chaos Squats and Exodites don't want some muscle...

30-12-2009, 19:33
Hey. Its the Holliday Season.


30-12-2009, 19:35
Hey, I've got an idea... Garden Gnomes.

30-12-2009, 19:38
I will still probably run one for the heck of it anyways. I will either pod it in or run it behind a gaunt - warrior - fex conga screen. I am thinking of adding the frag grenades plus acid blood for charging stubborn units in cover. About the only use I can think of because it looks like nothing else gets frag grenades anymore. Of my three magnetized fexs I will probably keep two as fexes and convert the other to one of the new beasts.

31-12-2009, 03:21
I though about modeling one up sitting on the loo reading a WD with a couple of gaunts running around the base and playing it as a Tervigon. Too much work, I think.

31-12-2009, 03:34
You can pod them? Well that's probably what I'll do then. I'm certainly not going to use the nids nearly as much if my current force becomes as bad as I hear on the forums, but I'm certainly not buying the Trygon model.

I first thought the Trygon would be an uber expensive point sink if it made it's way into the new dex and I was going to buy one for the heck of it, but since it appears GW decided to make only the new stuff good, I'm not getting one.

31-12-2009, 03:46
I have a couple sitting unmade in their boxes, they'll quite possibly be converted to Tervigons.

Nice idea re turning one into a Trygon - not a ridiculously difficult conversion, so long as you can match the proper trygon height by sculpting a big tail or maybe posing emerging from a large scenic base (bursting through a rhino or Leman Russ perhaps?)

31-12-2009, 04:00
Hey. Its the Holliday Season.


Considering some of the ornaments I've seen at Hallmark and the like, a Carnifex ornament might actually be an improvement.

A car hood ornament or perhaps dash mounted (like those ukulele girls) or a pair hanging from the rearview mirror might be nice too,,,