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Krom The Eternal
31-12-2009, 05:52
Ok, My Question is actually for my brother, Who has been to lazy to log in for quite awhile. He wants to build a High Elf army that is mostly mounted IE lots of silver helms, Dragon princes, Elyrian reavers. He would be set up for 2250pts and probably be bringing a prince on dragon and 2 sorcerers on horseback and a chariot or 2 the lions ones he really likes those would a list built in this was be a tough list to play? would it be good in tournaments and still fun to play just for the heck of it? His other thought was adding one Unit of 20 strong sword masters just because their beastly. Whats all you HE players views on this this is the first army he is going to buy and build himself so he wants it to be something great lol

31-12-2009, 06:00
Seems good to me. Fast and manourverable, ideal for a flanking style of play. Just watch out for shooty armies.

31-12-2009, 06:13
Just depends. You have to have 2 core, which none of them are mounted. You can have archers, spearmen, or lothern sea guard. Having a random unit of sword masters doesn't really add to the army. You would be better off with either White lions or phoenix guard as they make MUCH better anvils. Phoenix Guard excel at this, but white lions are stubborn which is nice. If he boosted the numbers up in all of the cav units, it could be pretty decent in the hands of a competent player...it will be fun though and fast!

The SkaerKrow
31-12-2009, 13:34
All cavalry armies can be quite tough, especially when backed up by a Dragon. They're also very match-up dependent, which can make them somewhat boring to play as/against. Unbreakable armies like Undead and Daemons will prove very difficult to contend with, while slower, block oriented armies will struggle as their static CR is denied to them thanks to combination flank charges.

All in all, I'd steer away from taking anything as one dimensional, but your mileage may vary.

31-12-2009, 14:06
If his heart is set on an all cavalry army then go for it (as much as possible, as has been said you must have two Core units in a 2,000Points army). Any of the Core options are good, if your pushing for a mostly melee army a few Archers could be nice for the fire-support, although it would be quite wasted without any extra help.

You will be at an advantage against most foot sloggers that rely on big blocks of infantry such as Skaven, Orcs & Goblins (which are like Skaven with all of the bad and none of the good), and perhaps a combat Dwarf army.

As noted above, Daemons and Undead will give you trouble, since a cavalry army generally relies on getting the charge, breaking the opposing unit and running it down. This is quite impossible versus both of these armies and you'll need to be a tactical genius to pull it off.

I also think Swordmasters are quite overrated. Phoenix Guard or White Lions are vastly superior units, if your brothers heart is set on them, then thats fine. But for comparative purposes there are better units for roughly the same cost available to the High Elves.

31-12-2009, 17:55
Well, as has been noted, you need two core choices, you also need ranks which you won't get from cavalry troops. High elf cav can bounce far too often. The all mounted option seems like fun, but shooters, or large blocks of infantry will make a mess of your brothers army. If he hasn't played much and therefore by definition, not an experienced player, he may find leaping into 2000 pts of mainly mounted troops quite hard to play. They will require sound tactical skills and good timing to achieve wins. This is fine if your brother has time and the foresight to realise wins are not gonna come easy, but otherwise can be a bit demoralising. I started with a more general force, then added and tailored units so i could experiment with different tactics, including all mounted (in last edition at least) There you go, old man rant over, happy new year.

Krom The Eternal
31-12-2009, 20:09
haha thanks alot guys and happy new year to all you I talked to him and we think archers would be the way to go to kind of thin the ranks or large enemies like brets do he also thinks white lions are cool so not large loss on dropping the sword masters neither of us has ever played against deamons or VC so we're not too worried about them as their rare around my area

01-01-2010, 11:35
My advice would be to take a pair of big blocks of spearmen/sea guard and a unit or two of archers (~500-600 pts) to make up the center of his army and fill the compulsionary core choises. Then he can take all the special slots as cavalry if he likes or use one of them to get a good center unit of elite infantry. This would give him a balanced army with a cavalry focus.

01-01-2010, 18:29
I actually have a thread going on the Ulthuan forums that I think 10x cheap Spears are better than Archers. Better armor, size and easier to flank/misdirect.