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04-01-2010, 02:56
hello everyone, i was wondering what everyone thought about an all slaanesh daemons army. As they're some of my favorite models(the old daemonets, not the new wierd ones) and i love the fluff of slaanesh. But i was wondering if anyone like knows, what to make of this army?

04-01-2010, 03:37
It has great potential for slaughter (even first turn) if you go first and build it right. On the other hand if you don't go first, and the enemy has artillery, you may lose right then and there.

Without the Keeper, it has a great potential for failure. And of course it loses a lot versus psychology immune armies.

04-01-2010, 03:52
nah, its not as dry and cut as that!

More detailed breakdown:

1) Cheese monkey stuff - You can horrible options that really allow you to beat people down with a sexy stick - theres the siren call that makes an enemy charge a unit or instantly flee (powerful when you consider its done in his declare charges phase!), theres an icon that makes all within a certain distance -2 to leadership, theres a special character who can instantly reduce a units movement or leadership by D3, these 3 items are commonly combined to forge the 'Slaanehsi Leadership Bomb" were a unit could potentially drop leadership by -5! EKK!
2) Siren standard - the only magic bannor in the world that can be taken multiple times - its horrid! The enemy can only hold as a charge reaction, cant flee, cant stand and shoot - nothing! Just stand there with a smile on his face - doesnt sound too bad? Well it is when you can put it on a fast cav unit with a charge of 20"! the troops base move is 6" and they are the slowest slaaneshi units. fiends and seekers, and the keeper all move 10" - you have THE fastest army in Warhammer - were speed is everything!
3) Heralds - always strike first - bung them into a core unit of deamonettes and they all ASF - High Elves on speed!
4) Slaanehsi magic - from the 3 deamon lores its the weakest - but thats ok as who cares? You can build a wicked combat army that just kicks ass!
5) Fiends - my favourite buggers in the entire book, even more so than flamers. Each has 4 attacks with a nice -2 armour save - so 3 of the dudes bash out a staggering 12 str 4, WS 4 attacks! and since they are the same toughness as orcs, with the same wounds as an ogre, and with a ward save....see what I mean! If it couldnt get worse when the enemy breaks from a unit of the speedy freaks they have to roll an extra D6 and discard the lowest!

All in all you can build a nice looking army that will pack a punch, but if you go too hardcore with the build you'll lose a lot of friends - or wont make new ones. Things to look at and not use heavily

1) The Masque - shes dirty, dirty, dirty!
2) Siren Songs
3) Siren Standard (1 or 2 is ok, but all the units...nah!)

I could run a list like....

Keeper with gifts - 550
Herald with gifts, lvl 1, and a 50pt BSB icon - 265
Herald with gifts, lvl 1 - 190
Herald with gifts, lvl 1 - 190

14 Deamonettes, fc, 25pt icon - 223
14 Deamonettes, fc, 25pt icon - 223
14 Deamonettes, fc, 25pt icon - 223

3 Fiends - 195pts
3 Fiends - 195pts

thats 2250. I'd probably not take the level 1 upgrades though for the 3 heralds, to drop 150pts of the list, and grab a unit of 5 seekers in there too.

But this will give you a good idea of what Slaanesh is all about - try out their deamon prince builds too, especially if you got the old azreal model.

Good luck!

04-01-2010, 04:11
Except for the lack of the Masque, thats exactly the army I expect to see when someone says mono-slaanesh. Small, fragile and relying on the KoS and (to some extent) the fiends.

04-01-2010, 05:29
I run my keeper as Lvl 4, makes her 670, the herald BSB I put on a steed so she can be where she's needed, two units of seekers with siren standards, and only 2 fiends. but basically the same, except iI drop the Lvl 1 on two heralds.

The downside to this army is how fragile they are, both literally and figuratively. If someone sneezes too close to my nettes, a claw will fall off. And anything can kill the army off pretty quickly with the right combination of shooting and magic, with a smattering of CC units. It really is hit or miss with this army. Gunlines will die by turn 4, but a good combined arms force will tear it to ribbons.

Lord Inquisitor
04-01-2010, 05:49
It's a solid, solid build, particularly if you go for the one really hardcore build - the Ld Bomb. This can be an unfun list to play against though.

A word for seekers, I typically run two or three units especially with the Siren Standard they are very nasty. With 20" move and Fast Cav they essentially fly for most purposes. Furies can stand in for winged daemonettes too and can shield your fast cav.

If you want a "friendly" list, try building pure Slaanesh daemons with no gifts or icons.

04-01-2010, 09:30
the list which i ran which was a killer had no masque, no siren calls, 4 heralds, lvl 1s, etherblades or many armed monstors for their gifts, 3 massive blocks of ladies, 2 units of 3 fiends, and seekers, furies

3 heralds ran with the core units, 1 ran with a tooled up seeker unit, the other unit was bare bones.

The army ran like hell up the flank, the enemy was taken back by my use of my icon thaat makes them stubborn for 1 round only - it pinned them long enough to counter charge the flanks (was playing lizardmen).
By the last turn he had a unit of temple gaurd alive, most of my army was around in form or another, and I had units facing him from the rear, the front, and both flanks!
he conceded at that point, major stomping using no siren songs, siren standards, keepers, masque, the stupid -2 ld bannor!
solid tactics, nasty speed, and amazing war saves coming out my butt lead to a great fight!

04-01-2010, 09:33
everyone goes on at how weak the deamonettes are - they are as easy to kill as bloodletters, and horrors without heralds. T3 is pretty standard for the deamon core troops, lack of armour is common for almost the entire army, with their main weakness being str3 - but 2 attacks each, armour piercing - and amazing WS, coupled with their monstrous speed makes for a fast hitting army.
V's armies with access to unbreakable or stubborn units its tougher - so you need the large blocks to outnumber and break people through fear!
You'll have lots of fun playing mono-slaanesh, just keep a keeper handy incase you run into VCs - they munch a vampire like no ones business!

04-01-2010, 09:48
Slanesh Daemon armies are great cos if magnetised properly you can use them for both 40k and for warhammer.

A chap called Nick Cox has one of the most spectacular all slanesh daemon armies i have ever seen utilising the fab models that GW do. I was thrilled to see them in action at a tournement in bristol last year.

http://i331.photobucket.com/albums/l460/gonzosbignose/DSCF0858.jpg (http://i331.photobucket.com/albums/l460/gonzosbignose/DSCF0815.jpg)

do it... make them aweosme... and post pictures!!!!


My name is Daniel and I am a wargamer

04-01-2010, 09:52
Wrong link on one of the pics, and it wont let me change it.



My name is Daniel and i am a wargamer

04-01-2010, 10:32
I play an All-Slaanesh demon army as well. The thing that makes this army work is the synergy between the gifts, spells and units.

I usually run multiple Siren songs only because it allows me to get my units even faster into close combat where it is "safer" as they are fall relatively easily to shooting and magic attacks (as there is no one who can buy a spell breaker in a pure slannesh demon army).

Also the Icon of Despair is a must since it acts like a force multiplier for most gifts and spells eg the first spell that makes enemy stupid.

The most difficult matchup i feel would be against immune to psychology troops who can survive attrition...yup Invo-Spam VC or possibly another demon army.

04-01-2010, 12:04
I play almost mono slaanesh (one added herald with spell breaker for some magic defence) and find them rather balanced for friendly games.

I dont use a greated daemon, no special characters and no LD modifying banner. Instead my list consist of daemonettes with heralds, seekers with herald, fiends and some varying support which may include flyers.

With this list I currently win about 50% of my games (usually more against gunlines, less against high armour high T things such as WoC)