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01-02-2006, 22:20
Hello all,

I am looking into starting up a new gaming club in Leven, Fife which is in Scotland.

It is just in the idea stage just now but I am wondering how many Warseers may live close enough to come play on a Wednesday? It would most probably start around 7 till late. But with enough time for at least one battle.

There are two clubs within 30miles but these both meet on days when I am working. So I am looking at setting up this new club so I can encourage others to play in the area.

So whats this poll about?

How do you think the best way to evaluate if this is a worthwhile endevour?

Any additional hints or suggestions welcome.


02-02-2006, 11:05
Have a look on the GCN website and find the clubs local to you, they will be happy to give you information of the potenial and any advice on getting a club going in Fife.

Also get intouch with Allan Maxwell who's the GCN Regional Rep for Scotland (he's also a GW bloke) I havn't his contact details but if you give Matt Anderson / Beks a call at Gw they put you in touch.

Hope this helps