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11-01-2010, 18:36
I just purchased some models used from a local store. with them came the Dark Eldar Codex and i am not sure if it is the most current. how can i tell? it does not have the second edition circle in the upper right corner and if it is not is it usable?

sorry if this is in the wrong place.

11-01-2010, 18:40
3 things off the top of my head:

- Reaver Jetbikes are 30pts in the first printing, and 25 in the second.
- Wyches have several different weapons ('Hydraknives') in the first printing, whereas in the second they are consolidated into generic 'Wych Weapons' as an upgrade.
- The second printing has various pieces of arcane wargear, such as the 'Vexanthrope' or 'Animus Vitae'.

11-01-2010, 18:59
Current one has a white "Second edition" seal-like mark on cover. It has also wych lords (Archite and drachite) and vehicle upgrades (screaming jets and such).

11-01-2010, 19:56
so is the edition i have playable or do i have to buy the other one?

Lord Malorne
11-01-2010, 20:15
Depends on the group, the most recent one is better, and to be honest its not as if its going to cost an arm and a leg, heck, you may find a player who will simply give you it.

Lord Malorne

11-01-2010, 21:27
When the second edition dark eldar codex came out I seem to recall there was a separate update in white dwarf (or somewhere) which told you what the changes were (points, profiles and everything). I'm sure that if you were to google 'dark eldar codex update' or something similar you'd find a pdf of it.

11-01-2010, 21:34
Both editions of codex are playable under 5th edition rules, second is actual one and plays better. I recommend geting it.

25-01-2010, 03:55
actually you don't really need to buy the newer codex, there are few changes and i think it's basically not worth the money if you already have the older version

try this link

it contains most of the changes, though wych weapons do only cost half of what is written there, plasma grenades also halved in price
wyches themselves have gone up by 2pts

note that due to rule changes models on reavers get +1 s and +1 t and may use both hands.

there are also some vehicle upgrades available to raiders and ravager, they are on the gw reference sheet


also check the gw faq

there are 3 "new" special characters lilith, kruellagh and asdrubal vect, maybe you can find them with the search engine of your choice, though they do have some restrictions (like 2000+ only) and you wouldn't probably want to start dark eldar with them

i have both books in front of me seems to be all there is...
so have fun with dark eldar, they are really a great race, though probably one of the least loved by gw *waitingforanupdateforeversigh*

welcome to the dark side ! ;D