View Full Version : How posable are the new Tyranids?

12-01-2010, 17:15
I plan to use the new Tyranids for an independent project of mine, and I need to know how they come on the sprue. And if they are able to be posed dramatically. I saw the sprue pictures on GW.com, but they look like they come mostly in one piece. It looks like the body with legs and tail come in two halves that fit together. Otherwise the only other things you can add on and pose are the arms and head. Is that true?

I want to make some different poses than just the "running with guns in their hands." Maybe make some standing more upright, or jumping, or something. So from those who have the sets, can this be done easily, or would it require a fair bit of modifications?

13-01-2010, 05:52
As you say, heads and arms can be reposed fairly easily. But few nid bodies can be easily reposed, although larger ones with waist joints at least allow some minor posing at the waist. Legs/tails tend to be especially difficult to repose, which makes it particularly difficult to convert trygons and carnifexes to look original (it tends to be less noticeable on smaller models like gaunts). Some models have knee/elbow joints which can be cut and reposed.

So some greenstuff skills are a huge help, to create some new poses and/or hide clumsy cuts. :)

13-01-2010, 13:58
Most of the sprues are visible on the GW website.

Gaunts - 4 Bodies (I think), 2 for Termagants (Running) and 2 for Hormagaunts (Leaping). Some variation in which body halves to put together (Mostly just a leg position change). The heads and front arm set are posable.

Genestealers - Body, 1 leg and head separate but virtually no posability. Can really only pose the 4 arms

Warriors - Can pose 4 arms, head and torso. Legs have virtually no posability.

Carnifex - Head mount tab can be removed to alter head position. Arms and torso posable (Torso though has very limited movement as it is). Legs have the shaped tab and hole to make them fit together only one way with little variation (like warriors).

I haven't seen the new plastics (Trygon, Ravener, Gargoyle) so I can't say how they are. I wouldn't bother using the gaunts for any serious reposing though.

Blue Orphen
13-01-2010, 14:51
The lil' guys are not very poseable at all. Termis, Hormis, and Genestealers all have more-or-less single piece bodies, with arms (and heads, in the case of 'Stealers) separate.

The big guys are MUCH more versatile, because of the "ball joint" waist and separate torso/leg construction.

Gaunts come 4 to a sprue, based on the flavor you buy (4x Termis or 4x Hormis). Genestealers are also 4 to a sprue.

As for the new guys, I would imagine the Gargoyles have single-piece bodies like Gaunts. The other plastic guys, however, will be as poseable as a Warrior or 'Fex.

13-01-2010, 14:53
I've been able to repose Gaunts- the tails bend easily, even without heating, and bending the legs can change the Gaunt to a 'rearing' or leaning pose.