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13-01-2010, 09:49
Hello everybody!
After a long pause I'm back to WM.
The next game I'm playing is a battle between my glorious Empire and the Dark Elves.
I've been reading the Dark Elves roster, and trying to find some weakness. I fear that they will butcher me)
What can you advise? 'Xcept cannons, of course.:cheese:

13-01-2010, 10:23
Minimum compulsory choices.
Use your shooters and helblasters to protect your cannons flanks.
Flagellants are good if you can get them in first, especially if he takes a hydra or any other terror causer.
Then use the rest of your points on Knights!
Simple but boring ;)

Cpt. Drill
13-01-2010, 13:33
Azraelezekiel has it right. This army structure for Empire will give most armies a run for their money. If you can get 8 units of knights in a 2000pts army you will cause your opponent alot of trouble.

One of my regular oppoenents has a Dark Elf army (also an empire army) and over time there were a few little tricks he devoloped that could be good for you.

Its worth keeping a unit of handgunners sat behind your artillary (sometimes facing backwards) to protect your cannons from harpies. Before he started doing this I would always sacrafice my Chaos harpies to charge his two units of cannons from behind and take them out early. Now they never get the chance and it makes his cannons alot more effective for not to many extra points.

Be careful of Dark riders shooting your infantry they can really cause havoc with repeating shots.

One of my favourite plays with the empire magic list (I used it alot with my dogs of war) Have a wizard with the Ring of magic. This allows him once a battle to auto cast 'Voice of Command' gaurenteeing a charge on the enemy with one of your units. If you can get your knights onto the flank of his heavy cav and then pull this trick you can take out two of his units for no losses.

Also a hero on griffon will help to make your main unit of knights much tougher. Many times my knights have gone toe to toe with Cold One knights and they are really savage even if you charged! A griffon can help to even these odds a little.

Oh and hope for blunders, I love the dark elf blunder system and watching your opponent decide to drop to leadership 8 or kill another hero.

Good Luck

Dark elves are tough.

13-01-2010, 14:14
It is just a shame that all us Warmaster players are not in the same country never mind the same locality.
As it sounds like there is some excellent action out there.

13-01-2010, 15:13
Thanks! You are always welcome in Russia)))))
I promise a small battle report on how did it go.

16-01-2010, 22:42
To beat Dark Elves you need Cannons and Knights!
That's my opinion after today's game.

First of all, I want to congratulate Warmaster on being the coolest miniature tactics game! Onward Warmaster Generals!))))

Then, a couple of words about the game:
1. The decision that made the game was sending Cold One Knights(three of total six units) onward through open field to meet my cannonballs. That was fun) The other three cold ones joined by a manticore sorceress with this evil soul steal spell(3 no armour save attacks in combat) did a lot of trouble.
2. Harpies are bad! No matter how I tried to shoot them out of my deploy, they came back out of the table edge, and gave -1 to a lot of my orders.
3. The DE player never rolled a 12 for commands.
4. Flaggelants are really cool assault infantry. They die fast, but can rip some Cold One knights! Two flaggie units charged three knights w\manticore and managed to kill one unit before death. Then Cold ones advanced into two halberdiers, and were deprived of a second unit. After that my Knights finished the job.
Summary - in Empire, with it's high break point, you can afford to lose some, if you gain the tactical advantage! My Knights, after finishing the job with Cold one's, moved twice forward, led by General, smashed two RBT's, one Cold One unit and one crossbow unit. That finished the game.

Funny unit of the game - Steam Tank. I know people say it's rubbish, but it's a lot of fun! In a daring tank charge against one crossbow unit, it was almost killed in HtH, but during the course of three combat rounds the squishy elves were squashed!))

Magic was an embarassment, though. My Ring of Magic was dispelled. As I found out, there were 2 dispell scrolls, that makes me wonder how to use mages effectively. They are poor commanders, and unreliable casters. Are they worth the points?

Again I thank guys for giving me wise advice! Especially taking a good Knight force(6 units, heh).

Cpt. Drill
17-01-2010, 03:41
Glad to hear you enjoyed your game, sounds like a blast!

A friend of mine insists on the steam tank for his army... I have never seen it do anything good. I would be more scared of three units of halberdiers.

Magic isnt supposed to be really powerful in the game, it is really there for support. Empire wizards at 45pts are great I would always take as many as you can. Voice of command is one of my favourite spells and can be devistating if pulled off well.

Knights are very good. I would recommend playing either some scenarios or terrain heavy maps that will limit cavelry before you get trapped in always taking them in large numbers. Although I guess it is fairly realistic in historic terms, I dont like the fact that heavy cav are the most effective units in the game. Too many games I play end up against mass heavy cavelry armies. Alot of woods or marshes can fix this problem though and force people to take more infantry.

Hope to hear about more of your exploits and good luck!

17-01-2010, 09:10
You mention he had 2 dispell scrolls?
You are only allowed 1 per army.