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14-01-2010, 10:17
Yellow ;)

Well, I want to paint them following the rules as stricly as possible. I am going to paint the 5th company, so its black edges on the shoulderpads. On the right pad there has to be the black marking for tactical/assault/devatator with the squad-number written in white. The left pad bears the symbol of the Fists: the fist!
All this is taken from the 2nd-Ed-Ultramarine-Dex.

But I still have some questions:
1) Am I incorrect somewhere?
2) The veteran Sergants do NOT paint the helmet white. They have a coloured line on top of their helmet. In the 2nd-Ed-Dex this line is red. BUT: The vet-serg is from the 3rd company. They have red markings anyway. So Would a 5th company vet-serg have a black line? Or is it stll red and the above example is just a coincidence?
3) Does the Aquilla have a pre-defined coulour? I was thinking silver would be nice. But is that "allowed"? All the pics in the dex have a red Aquilla (apart from specialists like Scriptors and Priests).
4) 1st company vets: white helmets or just a white/red line (see also 2) )
5) Any special markings for commanders?
6) Is there anything else you can think of? Something I missed?

And I have one more, but this is rather style than Codex Astartes:
7) I was thinking of giving the commander a golden amour. Would that work? Yellow and gold? Its all going to be dirty and battle-worn, so: any good? Also: if the Codex Astartes forbids it, I cant do. (But it would remind me of Rogal Dorn, purging the heretic!)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

In the name of the EMPEROR!

14-01-2010, 10:22
I think this should be in mp&t

14-01-2010, 10:27
red helmets / red strip(used) to donate a sergant. vets being white with vet sargents having a red strip on it (or vice versa depending on chapter), but as all sargents are now Vets (latest codex) it seems a bit out of date.

14-01-2010, 10:34
I think this should be in mp&t

True, sry. Dont know how to move it tho...

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