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Grom Wronghand
14-01-2010, 17:46
Hi, being new to the 40K and the IG having switched from fantasy recently, I bought the IG codex soem weeks ago and after extensive reading and some attempts at building and army list, I was wondering whether the various options for IG squads are really worth it. After all, from what I gather (correct me if I'm wrong), they are pretty much throwaway troops that keep the enemy busy while your tanks do the real damage.

Take vox casters for instance, 10 points (considering you have to have them on both ends for them to work) to re-roll an order leadership test. I don't know how effective orders are, are they really worth the points, or are they better spent upgrading other things like vehicles or buying special weapons?

In my defence, I've never even played a single 40K game so I may be well off the mark, but it just seems to me that most of the upgrades for IG squads, while cheap, are a waste of points on squads that in the end don't count for much. Maybe I could go with it in large combined squads, but in 10 man squads, they seem a bit of a waste.

14-01-2010, 17:59
They're not throwaway units, they're game winners. 50 lasguns will make any unit think twice, your infantry are utterly vital close support for those tanks. Tanks die so quickly in combat, your infantry can kick out an obscene volume of firepower up close, the special orders they can take makes this even more effective and that can be worth the vox caster upgrade. A solid core of infantry should be the back bone of your army, don't get me wrong, it isn't the end of the world when corporal Jones bites the dust, but don't for a minute think they're rubbish.

14-01-2010, 18:05
Vox casters are good if you "blob" (merge) your squads. It's questionable if they are worth it for a 10man infantry squad, but they might well be worth it for a 30man squad. As for other upgrades, yes, they can be worth it. It's usually a good idea to max out on special/heavy weapons (even if you only pick the cheapest 2 options), other upgrades are optional, depending on your play style. Grenade launcher + auto cannon for an example is a cheap yet useful way to upgrade your basic infantry squads. Don't treat your basic soliders as throwaway units (they do win battles for you!), but don't be afraid to sacrifice them either.

14-01-2010, 18:11
Well, there are indeed some useless upgrades for infantry squads as well; like krak grenades. :)

Just to chime in; infantry squads is what wins you games. They hold objectives and flanks, they keep nasties from the side/back of your tanks, they mop up remnants of Squads your tanks shot to bitz before, they take out the transport so your tanks can throw pie plates at the pile of passengers, etc.

You'll see that you will start to like infantry squads very much once you had some games. Especially in this edition, you can do quite a lot of stuff with them. They became a really flexible troops choice.

14-01-2010, 18:12
Squad options are amazing. Especially if you blob squads together, as said previously. Buy a vox unit for one squad and then a flamer for each and go teach some orks how to fight with for the honor of cadia. only wish you could combine squad with veterans :( especially for apocalypse

14-01-2010, 18:15

Dance on over to the tactics forum and read up on the IG Tactics thread:


Long story short, the most competitive builds for the IG are considered to be along mech lines. Often, this takes the form of Vets in Chimeras, although people are experimenting with Valkerie and Vendetta Spam.

My general sense is that most people do not consider massed infantry untis to be the be all end all of IG armies and it is generally good advice to not overload with upgrades any one element of your army.

14-01-2010, 18:15
Ah yes, one other thing. Infantry let you spam chimeras. A nasty, nasty army composition.