View Full Version : Paranoia Ahooy!(Semi confirmation that Tomb Kings are next)

As pretty as a Gnoblar
14-01-2010, 19:23
Well this thread will have almost no meaning but what the hell,I might as well share my views on the topic.

For those of you that have this month White Dwarf(all seven of you) take a look on the intro written by the editor.

Now I know that this is probably nothing, but since GW closed down all rumours on future projects,every bit of information from them is valuable.

In the intro,he talks about the White Dwarfs team personal armies,and he talks specifficly that the next army for 40k that some of them will be collecting are Blood Angels and some of the will be collecting Tomb Kings for fantasy.

Now this looks like nothing untill you examine the following information:

1)We know that Blood Angels are the next 40k army.

2)These two armies combined have a single page devoted to them in the entire 1000+ pages of material from the last 12 White Dwarfs.

3)I am an extremly paranoid and delousional individual.:D

To stop this thread from being a complete trainwreck,I have some general questions about the army making process:

1)How long is the interval between the army being finished,and the army being released?

2)How long before the army book is written,do the designers start working on the minatures?

3)How the hell is it possible that we dont know what army is going to be released in 3-4 months for Fantasy,since I presume that the answer to question 2 has to be 6 months?!

Oh,and just so you know,I play Ogres:p

14-01-2010, 19:41
at least I hope that they will make new skeleton miniatures, because the current ones reminds me of lego skeletons :D and I dont mention the skeletal horses which are really terrible :)

Rolo Ramone
14-01-2010, 19:45
That was disconfirmed by Harry on another topic I guess.