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14-01-2010, 19:43
Here's a little question.

The cannon shoots at a brigade in such a way:(Letters are units)



Sorry for my drawing skills))
So, the question is, if the ball inflicts at least a hit on each of the 4 brigades(as it may due to bounce), in what sequence are these units driven back, and roll for confusion, making way, etc.

Cpt. Drill
14-01-2010, 20:35
I cant seem to remeber any real official ruling on it... We tend to do a rough style of roll the drive back for each unit and work it out from there...

I guess starting with the unit at the back first makes the most sense, then work your way to the front. This way you can decide if they are going to hold the unit in front of them or let them burst through without to many readjustments.

You have beautiful drawing skills!

14-01-2010, 20:51
Cpt.Drill, for your appreciacion the Holy Inquisition will spare you.))))

Your answer seems logical, as the ball strikes all stands simultaneously - it may be realistic to roll for drive back together, and then work out the make ways.
But, even in that situation, the ball can cause a lot of confusion.

14-01-2010, 21:37
Here's another noob question:
Using ordered movement, can a unit(of Knights, for example) charge an enemy, which that unit cannot see in the beginning of the command phase(turn 180 and charge, for example).

And, another - can it come to the flank of an enemy unit, and charge it in the flank?

Cpt. Drill
14-01-2010, 23:59
When moving a unit into combat you need to move your closest stand the shortest possible distance to the enemy, then your move the other stands. This is usually very obvious how it would work. This means you cannot charge an enemy in the side if you were to his front.

Also your units have to be able to see what they are charging. I still play your LOS is 180* along the front of your base, I heard recently that this has changed to warhammer 45*...

So no you cannot charge a unit behind you.

15-01-2010, 10:38
Ah, but can you charge like that using 2 orders? 1 to get in the flank, other to charge?

And - 1 to rotate backwards, other to charge?

Cpt. Drill
15-01-2010, 12:01
Exactly that. So its one order to get into position and have enemy in LOS and one to actually charge.

15-01-2010, 12:12
Voice of command, here you come, heh-heh!)))

Cpt. Drill
15-01-2010, 12:14
Dont forget your 'Ring of magic' the item for wizards that allows them to auto cast a spell!