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15-01-2010, 10:07
Hi guys,

Just had a look on GW's site but could not find any Kislev models for WM. Were these a splash release?


15-01-2010, 10:22
No they got withdrawn when the Araby army was released.
ALT manufacturers are out there but I use the green kislev list which is basically orcs and goblins replacing the kislev units but using the kislev rules.
Perhaps one day they may reissue the army, ah I just saw a pig fly by. :(

Cpt. Drill
15-01-2010, 12:00
Those kislev bears are worth more than gold now I hear.

17-01-2010, 11:38
I guess that`s right, A couple of weeks ago I was observing some Winged Lancers on ebay and they were sold for about 25pounds - a single blister. :rolleyes:

17-01-2010, 15:58
You can buy the steppe archers from within the empire army listing on the uk site.
All other stuff is made by Kallistra with the exception of the bears.

marell le fou
03-03-2010, 22:20
I play kislev and confirm it's hard to build an army... And yes, Bears are rare.

I saw a blister gone for more than 50$ few month ago...

03-03-2010, 22:53
Splintered light miniatures now do Bears.


Scrolll to the bottom of the page.

Their miniatures are 15mm scale but they shouldn't look to much bigger I have some Horkuns and they are a good fit for Warmaster so I imagine the bears are a similar size but I could be wrong. The lions for example are about the size of a warmaster horse good for High Elf lion chariots.

04-03-2010, 20:38
Whoa thanks for the link! I was considering modeling my own bears in 10mm for a Kislev force I have started, but that's much easier :)

05-03-2010, 18:07
Apparently these bears are giant in the true sense of the word their base is 40mm deep x 10/15mm wide so probably to big for Kislev bears.

This picture is roughly actual size


Might be good to represent monster bear or something

28-05-2010, 03:44
I found this website for 10mm bears, not sure how nice the sculpts are but here's the link:


Irregular Miniatures makes some nice looking winged lancer and axemen models under their Eastern Renaissance section.


They also have Hussite warwagons under their medieval range but sadly no pics.

Kallistra also makes a bunch of models in their medieval range as was mentioned. Warwagons (Hussite Range), Horse Archers (Turkish Range).


This should be able to provide enough variety for a warmaster kislev army.

28-05-2010, 18:14
The link is to Eureka's 300 club. When 600 bears have been requested from at least 10 people, they'll hire a sculptor and release the figure. Each bear is one mini, so a full Kislev unit of 3 stands of four bears each would require that you order 12 bears. The nice part is that it means that if you want one or two for mounting your heroes on, you just order them singly. The bears have been requested to be part of their existing 10mm warmaster-compatible line.

Eureka has already done beastmen, chaos dwarves, wood elves and other minis for Warmaster, and they all look great. They're specifically designed to be in-scale for Warmaster. You can find galleries with examples of painted and unpainted Eureka warmaster figures all over the net. The Under the Mountain blog did a side-by-side comparison with Copplestone, Games Workshop and Kallistra.

Like I said, they need 600 (individual) bears ordered from 10 people. That boils down to 50 units, or 5 units per person placing a pre-order.