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03-02-2006, 03:12
Recently I've been toying with the idea of maintaining certain Hired Guns as campaign characters, mainly the likes of old retired gang leaders, leadership dispute loosers or characters who are more likely to be engineered rather than randomly rolled and can conceivably be asked for by name (of course such a notorious individual can command a higher price than his more . . . annonymous contemporaries).
Anyone here done anything similar?

03-02-2006, 11:07
I've played Necromunda for years and have used retired gang members from older gangs in ongoing campaigns as Hired Guns. Some are drawn from the dusted library of old gang sheets, others are campaing dropouts. There's nothing like hiring the just sacked ex-leader of your enemy gang into your own gang ;). The game group that I'm playing with use the following rules for these special Hired Guns.

* Every time when a gang member (leader, heavy, juve, etc) is retired from the gang roll D6:
1-2 The Ganger takes all his equipment and disappears forever.
3-4 The Ganger takes all his equipment and becomes a Hired Gun.
5-6 The Ganger retires without hassle and donates all his equipment to the gang.
Our gaming group made this rule up to prevent the dropping of invalid gang members from their gangs. Some special conditions like becoming totally blind or retiring through gang leadership challenges are not affected by this rule. Use common sense here ;).

* Any gang member becoming a Hired Gun retains all his equipment & skills. His hiring fee is his basecost + equipment + experience divided by 10. This is calculated at the moment of the retirement from the old gang. The new Hired Gung is also a named character, so he can be hired only to one gang at a time.
If you like your ex-ganger hired guns to gain experience just recalculate the hiring fee after every battle.

* Outlaws cannot become hired guns, but they aren't affected by the retirement rules above and follow the normal rules for retirement.

* Ex-ganger Hired Gun receiving a serious injury can't be hired again during that campaing round. He's available again at the start of the next round.
Our group plays a map-based campaing so it's possible for one player to fight more battles than one. Hired Guns (ex-ganger or normal) are always hired for one battle at a time but stay with the same gang for that campaing round.

* If two or more gangs wish to hire the same Hired Gun roll 2D6 for all those wishing to hire the man and apply following modifier to the roll:
+1 to score for the gang with most members.
+1 to score for the gang with most money.
+1 to score for the gang with the largest gang rating.
+1 to score for the gang with the highest leadership.
+1 to score if the hiring gang is from the same House.
-1 to score if the hiring gang is his old gang.
-1 to score if the hiring gang is hated by the Hired Gun or includes any members that he hates.
It's possible for one gang to to receive multible modifiers.

It's been a few months since our group last played Necromunda, so I'm not 100 percent sure of the rules. Something along these lines anyway :D.

04-02-2006, 01:38
If you're talking about at the end of the campaign turning the favourite gangers and hired guns into Special Characters for the last campaign that sounds cool.

It'd work really well if you have a story line going on like we did for our last one. There was a problem with the generator for the area of the underhive we were in. The gangs were going to investigate and come up against a chaos cult. But we never finished it because people moved away.

Anyway, you pick the characters that people had the most fun with, and then exaggerate their main characteristics by giving them a unique weapon or ability. Then compare to the special characters in the book and use your gut feeling about cost and value.

04-02-2006, 16:03
I like the idea of a GM nominating and/or creating certain Hired Guns at the start of the campaign, and informing all players that "the following individuals are operating in the area and may be available to hire". Then if the players want to hire, make them submit sealed bids.