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captian Maklai
15-01-2010, 21:24
Hello everyone, now this is just a quick question, but i may be starting chaos dwarves using scratchbuild models, now apparentley GW have a pdf download of the army book since they have no actual book, army book.
But i've searched all over the sight and haven't found it, could some one post it, or tell me where to find it?

Lord Malorne
15-01-2010, 21:39
Go to chaos dwarf online. http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/

Seems to be more chaos dwarf activity of late :D.

Lord Malorne

15-01-2010, 23:56
There's and Indy GT book kicking around somewhere, but I prefer the CDs last "official" GW list- an old Ravening Hordes list, I've got it somewhere so if I can find it I'll scan it and email you a copy. As it's well out of print I can't see there being a problem with the copyright.

captian Maklai
16-01-2010, 12:08
Thanks, and since GW did announce that they had a free pdf on the site there shouldn't be any trouble at all.

And i did check on chaosdwarves.com but i didn't really look for the army book there, i was mostly looking at conversions for inspiration for the scratch build dhawi zharr i'm making............i get distracted easily....

16-01-2010, 15:14
A simple google for the following terms will get you the list:
chaos dwarfs ravening hordes

16-01-2010, 15:33
I used the Ravening Hordes list in a game recently vs regular dwarfs. Was a good win for the Cds. CD warriors are great, deathrockets are lethal. I took a large unit of black orcs and sent it straight down the middle, it attracted a lot of attention and allowed my warriors and bull centaurs to close the gap.

captian Maklai
16-01-2010, 18:15
Cool, by the way is the chaos dwarf list viable in a tournument?

16-01-2010, 18:21
Cool, by the way is the chaos dwarf list viable in a tournument?

In the ETC system, it is in the second tier, meaning it is about average and can have some nasty combos. The old Ravening Hordes list will not be on GW, once they changed the site, they removed all army list rules on it. I have it on my computer though, I'd be happy to email the file to you.

16-01-2010, 18:22
depends on the tourny.

I'd second the call to get on over to Chaos Dwarfs Online, great community and very noob friendly. Download their e-zine, its superb and very inspiring.

captian Maklai
16-01-2010, 18:38
Well i've had a look at chaos dwarf online, but i haven't seen any recent posts, at least in the areas i looked at which wasn't very much admittedly:(
And i didn't know they had a web-zine, i think i'll check out some more of the site and look at this Mystical magic webzine you speak of:D