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16-01-2010, 00:17
i was wondering if anyone could shoot me some opinions and concept ideas for the army i'm planning on building along with my sister(yay for corrupting a sibling into the hobby! :D)

She is planning on making a list of Slannesh and Tzeentch, with the Tzeentch units playing an artillery/archer roll, and the other half of her army being a lightning bolt of death, moving in and killing quickly

i on the other hand and wanting to play a Nurgle and Khorne list, and while i love Khornate stuff, i dont really like the new models all that much with the exception of the new Juggernauts, i'm wanting to do a themed Nurgle army, but with the addition of Khorne units like bloodcrushers, Skulltaker, and a hammer unit of Bloodletters

the opinions i'm asking for is for ways to use the 'letters, 'crushers, and Skulltaker, but adapt them to be Nurgle Counts As units, the only idea i've thought of would be a disease/virus that causes anger/rage, or possibly having the bloodletters be "Plaguereavers of Nurgle" and the bloodcrushers be "Paladins of Filth" and Skulltaker be "The Bringer of Decay, High Paladin of Filth" but if anyone has any ideas that could make this plan come into fruition easier fluffwise, i'm all ears

16-01-2010, 00:29
I think that the fluff does not like to describe units that are not available in the battle lists these days so you may have some trouble finding any recent fluff supporting your idea. That said, it is ridiculous to imagine that in the vastness of chaos each god only has 4 different warrior daemons each. I say as long as you do not abuse the rules do whatever your imagination wants. Although in a competitive setting be sure to say these green (or brown or whatever) bloodletter here play as bloodletters before the game.

16-01-2010, 00:33
Not a bad idea, I've wanted to do something similar for awhile. I'll look for it later, but someone over at DL made bloodletters look more like Paguebearer elite infantry for a similar purpose. For flesh hounds I would get some of last edition's models(or this, I used 6th edition is all) and sculpt scabs and wounds on them. Can't find a head for one? Sculpt organs falling off the neck! Missing a leg? Inexplicably, organs falling out of legs!

16-01-2010, 01:13
I've done the majority of my Daemon army as "counts as." no one has ever complained that the skinny women painted red with big swords are bloodletters, the odly proportioned women with tyranid rending claws painted pink and blue are horrors, or the strange looking four-legged things with no skin on them (just striated muscle) are flesh hounds. Just, as I suspect, no one will question that the appropriately painted sister of pestilence, complete with puke green candy stripers and filthy habit wearing nuns, will be plaguebearers. Figure out how you think they should be done. There's no absolute need to use the bloodletter models. Maybe orcs would be a good starting point, or better yet Gors. In a daemon army, no one would question their inclusion if they have an appropriate appearance.

16-01-2010, 01:31
well my thoughts for the Plaguereavers is to use the Bloodletters as a base, and GS the single eye and horn of Nurgle, and plasticard the swords(or shave down the barbs of the hellblades) to make them look more nurgle-y, i'll GS a distended and pus-filled belly and stuff like that as well, to give them a decidedly Nurgle appearance

for the Paladins of Filth, i'm thinking i'll use the Juggernauts/Bloodcrushers as the base, modeling nurgle's three circle symbol in place of where Khorne's symbol, the bloodletter riding atop will be done similarly to the normal bloodletters, but to show their higher status and rank in Nurgle's court, they will have rotten chainmail, or possibly scalemail instead, i'm unsure which yet

for Skulltaker, i plan on using the Khorne Chaos Lord on Jugger's Juggernaut, converted similarly to the Paladins of Filth, but with Skulltaker modelled to have a waist-cape of fur, with the hair of rotting heads woven into it, along with armor that will be made similar to the Paladins as well, for his "hellblade" i'm thinking a large cleaver styled weapon would be fitting

anyone have any ideas that would go well or expand on these?

16-01-2010, 01:54
I've never fully understood the distended belly as part of the Nurgle lore, to me it always seems that disease emaciates the victim rather than bloating him, but whatever. Keeping that thought in mind, you could also carve away some of the muscle and or abdominal structure of the bloodletters to get a suitable nuglesque feel.

If you're planning on adding Khornedogs (sorry, I never could resist that particular pun,) I would suggest Dark eldar warp beasts, or some of the new dire wolves as your base. I went with the warp beasts personally, and just modelled collars onto them (so easy with just a bit of green stuff.) They would also give you that Nurgle feeling as some of them are completely flayed, and some have their flesh torn off or rotting away in places.

As for your ideas, they sound pretty good. For a big cleaver, talk to your friends that play, I'm sure someone has some orcs hanging around (everyone does you know) and use the cleaver from the orc boys sprue.

16-01-2010, 16:29
I'm eventually going to restart my Daemons (sold them about 4 months back) after I get my dozen other projects finished :rolleyes:

Since Khorne is my favority was going to use as many different units as possible but make them more Khornate. It's quite simply, just add "blood" or "bronze" into the name.

Bloodletterettes as Daemonettes
Bloodbearers as Plaguebearers
Bloodseekers as Seekers
Bronze Flamers as Flamers (going to make them molten metal instead of just fire)
Bloodfiends as Fiends

etc etc.

16-01-2010, 21:44
All Nurgle units (GUO, Heralds, PBs, Beasts, Nurglings), as is.

Bloodthirster: The Winged Death (http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_035XLQK_SJk/Stt6SKjZMpI/AAAAAAAAAX0/FRcqcBzyuEg/s320/P1000952+(Medium).JPG)

Bloodletters: Rabid Souls (human souls infected with horrific swelling plagues and frothing rabies - a bitzmash of skeletons, zombies, and Orcs, washed extensively with red ink. 1 (http://prototype.wikia.com/wiki/File:Walker.jpg) 2 (http://www.courier-journal.com/blogs/vel05/uploaded_images/grendel1-790559.jpg)
Flesh Hounds: Plague Dogs (as in Grimstonefire's excellent conversion: 1 (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b226/GrimStonefire/Daemonic%20Legion/FleshHound1.jpg)2 (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b226/GrimStonefire/Daemonic%20Legion/FleshHound2.jpg)3 (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b226/GrimStonefire/Daemonic%20Legion/FleshHound.jpg)4 (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b226/GrimStonefire/Daemonic%20Legion/fleshbeast.jpg))
Bloodcrushers: Plagueriders, baby. 1 (http://www.bishco-post.com/Pics/warhammer/nurgle/daemon/plague_riders_1.jpg)2 (http://media.photobucket.com/image/plagueriders/thedaemoniclegion/Byshe Full/plagueriders.gif)3 (http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y91/thedaemoniclegion/HoHo/riders.jpg)