View Full Version : Size of tyranids

17-01-2010, 17:43
Some size questions about the new bugs.

How big is a tyrannfex supposed to be? I have a FW heirodule, is that too big?

Also, I haven't seen the models up close, how big is a hive guard compared to an old carnifex. Not the screamer killer, but the metal right after that?

Finally, the harpy, is it really a tyrgon sized model with wings?

17-01-2010, 18:46
On Saturday, my local GW had a huge Planetstrike game with the new 'nids and the one guy who brought his Heirodules was told to use them as Tyrannofex. But I think that was more about expediency than size.
I think it's basically supposed to be slightly bigger than a Carnifex, but hunched over like the Biovore... Probably best converted from the Trygon kit, due to the larger thorax.
I don't much like the picture in the book though, with that ridiculous chin/gun.

17-01-2010, 19:41
I agree with you: the artwork isn't cool
probably, i would use a carnifexkit and take two Topshields (those you put on top of the thorax, with sporethingies) put them on the frontlimbs as shields and fleshborerhive (don't know how the original term is, sorry ;) in one.
btw the base size would be interesting :confused:

17-01-2010, 19:58
I considered using a heirodule, but was put off by the size. It should be fine for the job though. Personally, I'm going to convert a fex. Put a spine banks carapace on the chest for the stinger salvo and attatch a big gun to the back. Then I'm going to give it teeny tiny arms, probably four of the spare genestealer scything talons I've got.

I'd be tempted to make the harpy fairly small, improve it's chances of getting a cover save and stop it sucking so much, so wouldn't use a trygon. The thing is only strength and toughness 5, a fex size creature with wings doesn't seem right.