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18-01-2010, 06:05
After seeing quite alot of not so happy threads popping up, I thought the community could do with some Post-Holidays joy. What were looking for here are stories of your funniest or best moments in fantasy (or both). Please keep it civil and lets not turn this into a flame war :D
For clarification, Best meaning a triumph of some description, finishing a really nice model, etc...

Would have to be my first win with my Tzeench Daemons during Storm of Chaos. 1000pts Tzeench, vs Nurgle Daemons following the SoC rules. Unit count was quite low, basically a daemon each, 2 blocks of troops and a chariot each. As the game progressed, it was looking bad for me, both Chariots destroyed and about to be charged by the Nurgle Daemons, but a lucky cast netted me a spawn of chaos right into the flanks of the Nurgle Daemons which were cut down from instability. Most awesomely was the horrors kicking the plague bearers @$$ in combat :)

Playing a mini tournament, 500pts of Snotlings. Turn two, my giant was shot down by some nasty rolls and he fell on my Snotlings, which subsequently died. Next turn, the lone surviving Snotling Warboss charged the Dwarf Thane, and was cut down brutally despite his 6+ ward save :P One of the most hilarious games i've seen.

Keep the stories flowing, that Annoying players thread is too popular for its own good (jokes, theres alot of good truths in there)

18-01-2010, 06:25
My oponent enjoying holding back the dice as he laughs at me, then he rowed the magical 5s to wound my one wound eagles twice in the same combat phase... and so my eagles, having charged 2 seperate bolt thrower are killed by bolt thrower crew in different bolt thrower... WTF bolt thrower moment. Can we say bolt thrower???

18-01-2010, 06:38
Best Moment - A chaos sorc on disc with an war familiar and tons of armour charged my Dark Elf bolt thrower. The automatic strength 5 hit failed to wound, the disc didn't hit, and the sorc had the same problem. The bolt thrower crew on the other hand both hit, and both wounded on 5s, the saves failed, and the sorc died. Over 200 points scored with the crew of a 100 point unit :D

Funniest Moment - Sending rerollable fanatics through my troops and scoring 6 twice for hits on my dudes and rerolling a 1 for another 1 for the opponents hits. Boy did I regret launching them through my troops that time.

18-01-2010, 06:49
Best Moment: Previous edition tooled up Strigoi Vampire Lord charges my Grudge Thrower crew, I pass my fear test. He proceeds to miss every-single-attack. My crew strikes back, three attacks, three hits, three wounds and three failed saves. My opponent conceded after that, and its a moment I will never forget as long as I live.

Funniest Moment: Possibly the above? But seriously I once fired a Grudge Thrower on a unit of Stormvermin with a Screaming Bell, the Bell had 1w and I was poised to destroy it. I was practically laughing at my opponents misfortune when I guessed it perfectly on the Bell. I then rolled a 10" on the Artillery dice and send the rock careening back on my Ironbreakers. Not to worry, rune of Accuracy... makes the rock go back in the exact same direction again. I killed about 30% of my Ironbreaker unit and they were wiped out by the Vermin pushing the Bell next turn. I had never been so red in the face :(.

18-01-2010, 06:58
@Razakel, oh good lord, that some quality bad luck there, yet hilarious

Just remembered another one of mine
2000pts My TKs Vs WoC (6th ed)
My Chariot with King charges his thirster (it had taken a wound or two) Impact hits? nothing. Tomb King? reduces to one wound. About to let him have his attacks back when I remembered the Steeds. The two steeds hit, wounded and killed a blood thirster. My mate conceded under grounds of me having lords masquerading as chariot steeds (joking of course)

The Red Scourge
18-01-2010, 08:26
A brave chaos warhound saw its pack cut down around by cowardly dwarven gunfire. The brave pooch makes its panic test and proceeds to charge a dwarven cannon.

It held the cannon crew for three CC phases and managed to eat two of the crewmen in the process :D

18-01-2010, 09:54
My chaos lords army was more or less wiped, when the enemy general and his unit (beastmen) charges him in the flank to finish him.

I challenge, my Lord kills the beastmen general and crushes the unit. Scoring me a draw.


or when my full KE army at 2k, with 72 knights (either
10 blocks of 6 in each and 1 with 12 or 8 blocks with 9 in each) rolled over all comers and my gaming grp and i sat down to design an army to beat it, the closest we ever got was with a SAD army and a VC army which managed to get draws.

Leth Shyish'phak
18-01-2010, 16:24
I once had two warhounds from two different units left, one sat in front of a organ gun and the other in front of a cannon. They stopped the machines firing for about three turns as they kept failing to do any wounds.

18-01-2010, 19:00
This is something I saw, but didn't do: Nurgle WoC vs. Tzeentch Daemons. Nurgle Sorceror with the Third Eye of Tzeentch stole Bolt of Change and acst it at the Chicken of Change-- one failed dispel roll later, and he did 5 wounds to the astonished Chicken. Hoist upon your own petard, sir!

My own best moment was years ago, VC vs. DE (both old books). We were on that turn before the clash, and he had his Lord on a cold one standing alone (confident that his armor and ward would protect him from my magic, and I had nothing that could charge him). My Banshee rolls up, howls, rolls double 6s, and he passes 1 ward-- taking three wounds and dying. He was so mad he wanted to pack up right there and then.

Funniest moment is tricky. Could be in a siege game, where the attackers seemed screwed (it was 3 on 3) until a lucky IF Gork's Warpath killed a Damsel, three dwarves, and Teclis! Could be a league game with old VC vs. SoC Daemons. We couldn't change our lists mid-league, so I was stuck with a useless Banshee. I still managed to pull out the win and the Banshee was key; I split my force in two and left my banshee in the center. She managed to move up and bait his large unit of Frenzied Bloodcrushers into a charge; one dead banshee and overrun later, and they were off the board. I effectively took them out of the game for three turns: one to kill the banshee, one to get back on the board and one to get back into position. By that time the rest of the army was destroyed and I could handle them easily. Banshee won me the game against an ItP army!

Oh, and in a recent game with my new Skaven:
1) Skrolk miscast twice (fortunately rolling well on the table and not dying)
2) The Doomwheel misfired on its first shot and did 4 wounds to itself
3) Skrolk's bound spell rolled a 1 (thus not doing anything, despite being cast successfully) three times
4) The Plague Furnace misfired twice

And I still won, mostly because my opponent didn't realize Furnaces make their units Unbreakable, and I favor HUGE units of Monks.

18-01-2010, 19:55
Best moment:
Block of 25 chaos warriors got double flank charged but held ground after a 'magical' 2 times 1 throw, next combat round, 21 attacks made the flankers run :D

Funniest Moment:
My tomb guard got attacked by empire spearmen and got their asses beaten up badly, 5 wounds, the dice gave me 5 times a 1, (chance of 0.128% :D)

18-01-2010, 20:07
Had a couple of funny moments in my last game, I was using my DEs against a Wood Elf army.
I got the first turn, pushed a few things around then put my level one (who had Fireball) just by a hill so she could see a unit of Waywatcher hiding in a forest. Next, magic phase- first roll of the game, threw 3 dice at the Fireball and double-oned it. Then rolled another double 1 on the miscast table (facepalm).
A few turns later, he had his hero on a stag poised to move into my shades using The Wolf Hunts. I held onto my 3 dice all phase (my Lord had the Seal of Ghrond), letting him treesing to his hearts content. Final spell of the phase, he throws 3 dice at Wolf Hunts... and double sixes it. However, in the ensuing comabt phase, neither the hero nor the stag do any wounds, and my shade do one back. His hero then double sixes his leadership test and is run down.
At another moment, my hydra charged a unit of dryads, didn't do much for a couple of phases and then got run down.
The best bit was that we were both able to laugh about it.

18-01-2010, 20:42
I have two best/funny moments I can recall (they were a bit of both).

During the 6th edition rules I was playing wood elves with my dark elves. My level 2 scroll caddy sorceress had ended up with chillwind and dominion. He had a lord mounted on a forest dragon. I managed to cast dominion with irresistible force three times in a row, making his lord sit there and do nothing :D. On my forth attempt I cast, but it was not irresistible. He then proceded to include a double one in his dispell attempt :P.

The other was not that long ago when I was using the 7th edition dark elf book playing lizardmen. An oldblood on carnosaur has managed to charge one of my blocks of spearmen with sorceress. Figuring that if I issued a challenge more of the spearmen could survive (I guessed she'd die either way) she issues one. She only managed to lose one wound :D. (I then won the combat and the big dino fled, didn't manage to catch it though and when it got back into combat it was rather angry)

18-01-2010, 23:10
Best: Beating a friend's tournament winning deamon army with my orcs ;)

Funniest: Killing Malekith with gnoblar sharp stuff :D

18-01-2010, 23:23
Best: probably 1 fanatic killing some grave guard, then some skeleton warriors, wounding a bone giant, then killing his hierophant :D ....(connect 4 with WH)

Funniest: any time the snotlings on one of my pump wagons kills anything always gets a cheer. (from both sides usually)

18-01-2010, 23:26
I have afew.

Best moments -
Playing 1k with my skaven vs lizards, my oppononent made a funny list with an engine of the gods and 2 blocks of saurus. Second turn my doomwheel is close enough to zzzap his steg, 3 shots at st10, first hits the steg for 3 wounds, second hits the priest for 4 wounds, third hits the steg for 6 wounds. He was down to 2 saurus blocks vs my huge horde on turn 2 :)

Funniest moments (have afew) -
My doomwheel again shooting 3 shots at a salamander unit, all 3 wound salamanders so i roll up the d6 wounds and roll 3 1's in a row....

My dwarf cannon with rune of fire over the course of the game takes 3 shots at wood elf treeman, 1 rolls a 1 to wound, 2 roll 1 for the d3 wounds. All i needed was a 2 on the wounds and flamable woulda done it's thing.

Casting cracks call first turn from my bell seer and hitting another woodie players treeman that falls into the earth when it fails it's init test.

My warlock engineer rolling 1's on his warplightening hits first 2 turns in a row and dying, while at the same time my seer rolls a 1 first turn takes a wound, 2nd turn miscasts and takes 2 more to die, first turn doomwheel misfires and is down to 1 wound too. Hadn't even hit combat and i was down to 1 bsb character and my doomwheel was limping....

FIrst turn in a tournament with my tomb kings i shoot my catapult and it manages to scatter 10" on top of my prince in chariot and squishes him to a pulp. We had a good laugh about that one....

Lord Malorne
18-01-2010, 23:29
Moved shaman so fanatic would have a very low chance of hitting him, next turn fanatic went straight at him!

18-01-2010, 23:54
Best Moment(s): Screaming Skul Catapult makes a 40 man Gor/Ungor unit, which also contained 2 Bray Shamans, flee off the board in turn 1.

Got 'Fireball' off with one dice at my opponents Varghulf, I got 6 hits, the Varghulf died

Funniest Moment(s): Not really a moment but anyway: In one game my giant roll's pick up followed by eat several times. By the end of the battle he had eaten 1 Cold One Rider, a Skink Priest, and my opponents General, Chakax

My Gnoblar unit charged a unit of 20 Swordmaster's, they failed to do any wounds, I miraculously did 4!!!:confused::eek:!!!, they fled, never rallied and ran off the board :)

Worst Moment: Vampire Lord blows himself up on turn one


Master Jeridian
19-01-2010, 02:30
Best moment: My first Warhammer game, an opposed beach landing on the shores of Sartosa- my Empire Expeditionary Force facing entrenched Pirate (Empire).

General Jeridian is a flimsy hero with a Crimson Amulet (6+ Ward). He takes a cannon ball to the face, and by some miracle passes the Ward.
A great entry into the game, I modelled the cannonball at his feet.

It was all downhill from there with his exploits (let's just say he's been repelled from the island several times).

Funny moments?

Mostly very unfunny at the time, but amusing now.
A Tomb Kings Screaming Catapult panicking my Greatswords with General of the board turn 1 before I even moved them...
A Skaven opponent trying to cast this uber-spell on 4or5D6 4 turns in a row, 3 turns it resulted in various Miscasts. Turn 4 it literally decimates my army...

19-01-2010, 04:41
Best moment: Demon Slayer Takes out BloodThirster(guy spent the rest of the game running stats for mathhammer, can't blame him but not paying attention cost him the game with his random trailings into other stuff)

Funniest: 2000 point game Dwarves vs OnG first turn goblins fire arrows, 3 dead thunderers, ENTIRE battleline minus one unit of longbeards, fails panic and runs off the board

19-01-2010, 05:32
Best moment:

Guy playing a 6 chariot+prince TK deathstar (this was 2-3 years ago with the 3 chaos books mixed for my list). I frenzy his unit with my slaaneshi magic, he lets it pass. Beginning of his turn he realizes I have a herd in a swamp 12 inches from them ... he has to charge, takes D6 S6 per chariot, kills them, overruns and takes another D6 S6 per ... his prince ended up alone against the second herd I had on the other side of the swamp.


Long list ... Mannfred Von Carstein killing himself turn 1 of a tournament final ... or the same mannfred getting frenzy baited by my magic into a herd, fluffing and dying ... again turn 1 or 2 definitely a separate tournament as he didn't make the final on that one :p.

A panic check killing a 1000+ point slaan in temple guard early in the game (old book).

Fellblade skaven warlord taking out everything in his path, mostly stuff costing 2 to 3 times more than he did (he tallied a few greater demons, treemen, steggies etc).

Using my WLC to frenzy 5 DOs+Dombull so they had to charge my stormvermin. They don't quite get enough to win combat (old skaven book, hero with -2 attack shield and a +8 static CR). His unit flees and gives me the game.

19-01-2010, 10:33
best/funny moment- a guy at my club had spent 20 mins bragging how good his army was, and how his dwarf lord build was and how with his BSB he would never run away

1st turn- bubbused his only runesmith (no ward) to death
2nd turn burbosed his lord (5+ ward) to death
3rd turn burbosed his BSB (no ward) to death
4th turn- mass charges by drogers, giant and knights killing all his units sept his hammers
5th turn- hammers get charged by marrauders lead by festus, droges, knights
he does no wounds, especialy to marrauders due to 4 5+ regens

he then mones my army is the most broken army ever and fesus is the most broken SC ever

that was fun!!!

in sperate games- my chaos knights got shoot by a OG- 4 dead knights, the 1 remaining knights charged and fluffed all his attacks (including steed) the crew then kill him in 1 turn

mean while last edtion (in my breaf bret period) a HE bolt thrower missed 6 shots at a bret lance from 1In way (5 1s and a 2)

19-01-2010, 10:53
A scraplauncher shooting at a DE lord on dragon only to misfire, roll a 2 and charge into the DE lord, dealing 12 hits and killing both the lord and dragon. Best 'bad roll' ever.

19-01-2010, 15:12
Havoc, that is just epic! I'd love to see that guys face.

Had another one tonight trying out my new slayers (proxies)
My opponent using tzeench daemons, mine from SoC actually, is cutting mendown left and right. I left one of my units of slayers close to, but facing away from the flying daemon. After another turn of magic, my dragon slayer is left alone and promptly charges the daemon. This is my insurance policy dwarf, named as such for his 4 attacks at str6, and the ability to make all his attacks again on death (slayer cult rule from SoC). Charging the daemon, he fails to wound on all 4 attacks. On the rebound, the daemon kills my dwarf. I'm now thinking, got ya now you tzeench smartarse. Dragon slayer hits with all 4 attacks, but fails to make a single wound. My opponent told me to switch policies, after me revealing my slayers title. Had a good laugh

19-01-2010, 15:21
Best/Kinda-worst moment: 2nd turn I decapitated a Vampire Lord with a Cannon ball. I wouldn't have even shot at him, but the guy moved the VC Lord into the frontline of his army after the first turn. I've never seen a player deflate so quickly. He basically conceded right then. I offered to play another quick game, but he wasn't in the mood. I felt terrible.

Funniest: My friend's Warp Lightning Cannon getting a flank shot on the front rank of my Empire Swordsmen (with my General and a Warrior Priest). He rolls a Two for Strength. I fail both of my Look Out Sir rolls, fail my armor save (a 3+ for the General, 5+ for the Priest), he rolls two 6's to wound, I fail both of their Ward Saves (4+ for General, 5+ for the Priest), and then he manages to roll a 3 for wounds on both of them killing them in one shot. I was stunned, he was laughing. We still laugh about that and that was like 4 years ago.

19-01-2010, 16:50
My funniest was last week - I took 1000 pts of Goblins (2 units of 30 spears, 1 unit of 20 archers, 2 units of squig hoppers, 2 shamans, 1 boss on giant squig)

1) Turn 1 - squig hoppers squabble on right flank, his mortar lands on one of the spear units, kills 12 Gobbos, they panic :(
2) Turn 2 - squig hoppers squabble again on right flank, the 2nd unit loses 3 hoppers to shooting, the mortar kills 8-9 gobbos from the 2nd unit of spears :(
3) Turn 3 - I call a Waaagh! I roll a ONE for BOTH squig hopper units - a unit of 5 becomes a unit of 2, and the 2 surviving hoppers from another unit - who are only TWO inches away from a juicy unit of outriders EXPLODE! No other unit fails the test, but none pass it other than the warboss on his giant squig! In the shooting turn he kills yet more gobbos with his mortar! Empire Knights charge my archers, they flee. BOTH Shamans are forced to flee!
4) Turn 4 - GORK AND MORK SMILE ON ME! I rally the pitfull remains of my troops BUT his entire army is untouched, bar 1-2 few deaths here and there. However, I roll 2 fives and a six for the warboss, CRUNCH he hits the mortar crew! Knights charge my 18 gobbos with spears but I net him, he kills only 1 gobbo, but my brave gobbos kill TWO knights, they break and run! I chase them! The resulting break panics his unit of 30 halberdiers WITH a warrior priest, they turn around and run into 11 rallied gobbo spears and are wiped out!
5) Turn 5 - Squig hoppers and archers charge the knights - they die as they run into the squig hoppers! Gobbo spears charge 10 flagellants and win combat, but the crazed madmen hold, but the NG big boss rear charged them also and wipes them out!

ITS OVER! The Empire have 5 Outriders left on the field, I still have my army (in 1 shape of another) bar a unit of squig hoppers that were entirly wiped out, MASACRE!!

I laughed so long and hard, EVERYONE in the store was in stiches as ours was the last game to be played out, so we had a massive audience, and it was delcared to be the funniest game - from the very jaws of defeat I snatched a crushing victory! :D

19-01-2010, 16:57
my best and funniest moment was when my snotlings (only two bases) held against a dragon ogre shagott,
the shagott killed almost everything,
and i lost horrobly,
but i will never forget the snotllings holding against it and not dying.
they are now called my beserker snotlings:evilgrin:

19-01-2010, 19:01
Funniest moment, back when Skaven was in 6th edition.

Skaven vs. Tomb Kings. Warpfire cannon fires at a single Lich Priest standing way off in a corner trying to be as far away from combat as possible. A misfire is rolled, the "spin wildly and fire at full strength" option is rolled on the misfire chart. 1 roll of the scatter dice later, the cannon fired in, EXACTLY the same direction, enough so that it could still hit the model 40" away. There was literally 0 deviation from the origional shot, so the misfire just caused the most powerful hit possible... those crazy Skaven.

Best Moment: Sauru Chapion vs Lokhir. Lokhir managed to fluff most of his attacks, even with the rerolls due to hatred, and only wounded twice, but the Sauru champion made both his saves! On the attacks back, 2 of his 3 attacks back hit, and both wounded!! Sadly, he made one of his armor saves. Still, it was very cool for a 25ish point champion to almost kill a 250 point hero, and at the very least, I got half points for hurting him.

20-01-2010, 00:39
Best Moment:
- My unit of 25 White Lions holding a combat against a Bloodthirster (Frontal Charge), a unit of Blood Letters (Left Flank) and a unit of Flesh Hounds (Right Flank) from turn 3 to the final turn. Leaving the rest of my army to kill everthing else on the table and win me the game.

Funniest Moment(s):
- My Chaos Giant, with one wound left, got charged by a High Elf Prince on Star Dragon. Survived all the attacks, then made the 620pt piece of nastiness run away by being a bit shouty.
- Chaos Giant, again....Was on a total killing spree - Taking out a Hydra, and making two units of Cold One Knights flee off the table. Sadly, the lanky drunkard tried to climb over something insignificant, and proceeded to fall on top of my Exalted BSB and his unit of Chaos Knights that were seperated from his left base-edge by an inch. All dead due to bad dice luck on my part. Giant also died because he was on his last wound. 650pts gone :-(

Chaos Giants FTW!

20-01-2010, 15:19
Funniest/best moment(s):
one of my first games in Fantasy battles, it was a small game against a friend of mine, who played OnG at that time, and me WoC.
so after his giant had killed my 5 chosens it went after my sorcerer, however I got the charge on his giant with it (last attempt to kill it :P) I buffed it with flaming sword of rhuin and killed the giant only to have it fall down on my sorc and kill him =( we had a good laugh about it

another game, my first 2 000pts battle against the same friend, who know played DE. I had recently bought a Hellcannon and wanted to try it out; my first 4 turns I guessed 100% perfect on his unit with his sorc lord in, with a direct hit 4 times in a row, killed the unit and some dark riders, at turn 5 he wanted to kill my hellcannon, so he sent a sorc on a pegasus to kill it, landing 12" away from my hellcannon however he didn't do much against... turn 5: I wanted to shoot with my hellcannon yet again (his sorc lord was still alive or something, dont remember) guessed perfect, direct hit and missfire! rolling the missfire dice; got something like everything within 3d6 inch takes lots of str 6 D6hits (dont have the book here atm) rolled 12 inch and killed his sorc xD

20-01-2010, 15:44

overrunning a 20-dwarf with thane strong unit with 3 mortar crew... (with a little bit of help from a small unit of spearmen in the flank but still...)


Charging with 10 knights + templar grand master in a unit of ironbreakers(or hammerers, the stubborn one) + dwarf uber lord on shieldbearers with rune that says all attacks against him are on s5 or lower, and then seeing his face when i say that i have sword of fate that allows no armour save en always wound him on a 2+, making his rune uselless... awesome...

20-01-2010, 15:57

Albion campaign. Ogham stones scenario. In the center of the field there are a ring of stones. All mages in it get double power dice and dispel dice. Take the circle, win the game. Well, three armies got into the circle. Then someone cast comet of cassendora right in the center of it. The looks on everyone's faces...


Last edition I played a 4k game (http://www.bugmansbrewery.com/topic/13003-eternitys-end-the-end-of-the-silk-and-steel-saga/page__p__141626__fromsearch__1&#entry141626)of dwarfs against vampire counts. It was a mini campaign, with a 1500 point game, a 2000 point game and finally a 4000 point game. In it I managed to kill 2 lvl 4 wizards and the vampire lord in one turn. Good times. :D

21-01-2010, 00:36
Funnyest: I lined High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer up facing the big Ogre on a throne during deployment with the intention of marching across the board and taking out their big character only to find that before I got there, my 2 Dwarf Cannons had taken him and his retinue out by turn two.

Best (for my opponent, not me): 500 points, Dwarves vs Orcs and Goblins. He wiped me off the board by turn two.

26-01-2010, 17:36
I parked my gyrocopter behind an advancing WoC infantry swarm (warshrine, 10x chosen, 20x marauders, 7x dogs) and marchblocked them all, barely. My cannon and grudge thrower were positioned on opposite ends of my line. My guesses with both were completely perfect, dropped the cannon shot right in front of the big marauder block.... and then I rolled an overshoot 10, bounce 10. Missed the warshrine on the back side by about half an inch, but a square hit on the gyrocopter. And then <drumroll> NINJA GYROCOPTER caught the cannonball as I rolled a 1 to wound. We laughed, and moved on to the grudge thrower. Also a perfect guess, splatted right in the middle of the big marauder block... and then scattered 10", again missing everything but the gyrocopter. The rune of accuracy reroll got me a partial on the warshrine, but still hit the gyro. So of course, I did 6 wounds on the gyro hit, and failed to even scratch the paint on the warshrine.

Also, due to some really epic rolling on both bolt throwers and Invocation of Nehek against some magic-heavy vamps, the same unit of blood knights went from 5 Models-1model-5 models-2 models-5-models-1 model (my BTS were on opposite ends of my battle line and he couldn't seem to position them so I didn't have at least one flank shot, but I couldn't quite seem to get that last guy.). When he finally crashed into a troop of thunderers with them (they were also repeatedly anvil slowed), the final blood knight killed two of them, took his wound from combat res, and died because I had taken the time to rank up the thunderers rather than shooting him, and I was on a hill. His bsb was 14" away.

26-01-2010, 17:46
my best and funniest moment was when my snotlings (only two bases) held against a dragon ogre shagott,
the shagott killed almost everything,
and i lost horrobly,
but i will never forget the snotllings holding against it and not dying.
they are now called my beserker snotlings:evilgrin:

Snotlings have these moments. I got a unit of them win a round of fight against bloodletters during 5th ed. Was mildly amusing, all things considered.

26-01-2010, 19:29
i think one of the best, and also one of the funniest came in a recent game.

my opponut was playing o&g and i was using my slaaneshi ld bomb list(waits for the hatred for playing demons)

it was on turn 1 my opponut IFed that spell that causes one of your units to take a hit on every model in the unit, i forget what its called. I had a unit of 23 demonettes, FC with a slaanesh herals with the -2 ld banner.. end result.. i was down to 15 demonettes, with one wound on the herald!

my turn i proceded to get the tactical nuke off *slaanesh lore in the DOC book number 2* and killed not only him but managed to wound a bunch of things around my KOS. me and my opponut just laughed after that. talk about payback.

26-01-2010, 19:41
Best moment:
HPA eating 20 Longbeards, 10 GWwarriors, 1 unkillable thane.
HPA eating 600 pts of DE
HPA eating giant and half a O&G army
HPA getting shot down first turn ;)

Funniest moments: Warp-lighting cannon misfire, random shot through my line, kills 37 of my ownSkaven and sending 3 regiments running :eek:

26-01-2010, 20:33
My Skink Priest with no protective magic items was charged by three Swordmasters. He took no wounds and killed a Swordmaster. Tie :)

Not so lucky next turn.

26-01-2010, 21:16

I had bought a Stegadon a while back and (being a conversion nut that I am) converted the stegadon into a dinosaur with a long mace-tail. I plonked an engine of the gods on his back and played against a vampire counts army.

I wasnt faring too well, I had lost all but my Slann and his temple guard and the steg. My opponent charge my stegs flank with a skeleton unit with his general inside, (the general touched the part of the base with the mace on it). The vampire tried and failed to kill the dinosaur.

I swung back, rolled 5/6s for all my attacks, and then wounded him with all. The vamp had no saves of any kind after that, and was squished. In a single tail swing my steg had turned a loss into a draw.


Ungor vrs Asarnil the Dragon Lord. Poor elf must have been poked in the eye or something 0.o.

26-01-2010, 21:31

My Dragon-riding WE Lord forced to charge Dwarf Thane in hammerers using Rune of Challenge. Challenge, dragon kills champion. Second round - challenge - dragon wounds the thane, but the Lord rolls 11 to break and flees...3d6...5". The dwarfs roll 6 (making that 5 in total).

The working theory is they all jumped on the dragon's feet and weighed him down to stop him from running away.

27-01-2010, 03:02
my gnoblars killed a treeman in cc

27-01-2010, 06:36
My friend Jason's Hellcannon wounded itself. He had guessed 10" and it scattered right back on top of him. :D

27-01-2010, 07:29
Had a game there a few nights ago where a Plague Furnace was destroyed by my Cannon Entrenchment since the rules clearly state if it crosses an obstacle of any kind then it takes D6 strength six hits. And it was already on three wounds, my opponent was brimming with rage after it.

27-01-2010, 07:39
My hellcannon destroyed my own army back in the days of Horde of chaos...whoopi Poop do!

Penitent Engine
27-01-2010, 11:55
My opponent shot a cannon at my Vampire Count. Stopped one inch from him.
Next game he tried the same trick (and I forgot to put my Vamp in a unit :rolleyes: ). Hit, wounded, failed my 4+ Ward save, rolled for wounds...one left ;)
Went on to massacre.

Old WD version of Heinrich Kemmler (6th Ed.). Miscasts on two dice every turn for five turns before finally exploding and taking Krell out with him :(

Old Skaven, in a multi-player battle at my local GW. I manage to score no enemy kills, but my ratling gun wipes out 17 of my own Clanrats, 5 friendly Dark Riders and my own General :eek: And then exploded.

27-01-2010, 12:19
my bretts.... two lance's of KotR charge a block of empire. They fulff EVERY thing, loose combat and get rundown :'(

Next turn they charge my M@A's who win combat and wipe out the empire :S

27-01-2010, 12:48
Funniest, me playing Bretonnians 2000p. With mounted Yeomen.
My friend playing Empire with a lot of infantry. We are playing refused flank.

My Mounted yeomen fast cav go baiting a unit. They flee after being charged, and flee straight trough our deployment zone. My Knights chuckled at the poor Peasants (They don't cause panic in things with the Knights Vow). However, we realised that the Empire army had to test. Resulting in 2 blocks of infantry, a block of cavalry, a few warmachines, the enemy general and a warrior priest fleeing of the table (they ran trough each other).

My poor Knights were suddenly facing 4000 points of enemy goodness.

Those Empire guys must have been offended by my Knights or something...

Other funny event, facing a Bloodthirster with a food slogger previous edition Skaven army. I had one warp lightning cannon, and a single shot untill it would charge me...

Ranged in... S4... 6 to wound... fails both saves... D6 wounds...poof... Best shot ever.

Weird. Bretonnia vs Bretonnia, the game of the cavalry shuffle. I miscalculate, a lance of Knights of the realm charge a block of my Knights of the realm. Fluffs all his attacks or bounce of.. My horses eat 2 enemy Knights, overrun and caught them giving me a perfect flank charge on another block of knights in my turn..

The above mentioned events happened with the same guy... for some reason I am most of the times extremely lucky against him. Tactically he is a much better player.

27-01-2010, 14:38
Best Moment When a chaos lord on a dragon rear charges my unit of saurus cold one riders with a scar vet on a cold one. To save my hide issued a challenge with my scar vet. Took two wounds....couldn't take an armour save, but rolled for my ward from the talisman of protection.....ended up rolling 2 six's :D He ends up loosing combat and flees :evilgrin:

Funniest Moment Facing an orc and goblin army the player had a giant. My first combat with him was against my saurus cold one riders...I ended up wounding him and winning the round of combat. He failed his stubborn test on a 11 and fled...unfortunately my cold one riders didn't get him. Later in the game my old blood carnosaur died and was vulnerable on his own in the middle of the battle field. But who would come along to charge him....the giant...who at this point was down to one wound. Enter combat phase....rolls a 2 [jump up and down]....tests to see if he falls....fails and falls, killing itself and landing on a unit of orcs beside it:p

27-01-2010, 20:12
Best Moment:

Playing a 3000pt game against a close GW friend, one edition of the Rules and Army Books ago - He had his Storm of Chaos Warriors, led by Crom. I had my Grimgor's 'Ardboyz, led by Grimgor. Now, we were both obviously aware of how the story goes in the book, but neither of us wanted Grimgor to fight Crom - we both were fairly competitive in those days, and knew it would basically be either a crap-shoot or a draw between those commanders and units. I deploy Grimgor to far right, and he deploys Crom to his right, so our commanders are as far apart as they can be. We thought they would each be safe and could happily massacre the hapless mid-level units of the opponent's army. Yet..Storm of Chaos fluff fate had other ideas.

Top of turn 5, Grimgor and his Black Orcs pursued a beaten opponent and ended up in the dead center of the board. Bottom of 5, Crom and his Chosen Warriors pursued a beaten opponent, and...slammed right into the front of Grimgor's Black Orcs. Both of us just stopped and stared at the board and each other. We even agreed that it was fate, and not to fight the round of combat (from his over run), and wait until turn 6. Grimgor challenged, Crom accepted, 1 wound on Crom, he returned 1 wound. Ardboyz lost, and held. Bottom of 6, same result - We decided to fight it out to the death, since apparently GW Fluff can reach out beyond the pages. Grimgor finally smashed into Crom for 3 wounds, and pasted him. The Black Orcs woke up and plowed 3 of the Chaos Chosen down. The Warriors rolled their break test, Double 1's and held. Amazing.

27-01-2010, 21:06
new funnyiest moment
slan and 3 priest lizzard army vs WOC with twin hellcannon and 4 wizzards

WOC take the 1st turn- both hellcannons misfire and cause misscast on all wizzards- all the wizzzards die- yes all of them, over 1300 points worth of lizzards and woc died with out a single shot being fired

27-01-2010, 21:59
the 2 funnienst:
big game me HoC and and a allied skaven against vampires and empire

first turn Tzeentchlord on dragon failed stupidity.
then the Screamingbell rings ... and causes the(allied) dragon to flee
straight from the table

2 harpies attack my soccerer 2hits, 2wounds, me sayin':got a' 1+save no problem. then came TWO 1's followed by a big no

best: 2 reg's skellies(only CSMboth of them and a necromancer) beating 1 unit of warriors, chosen, 1 soccerer and Villitch in ONE CC frontal to frontal using spears and shields.

same game a unit of chaos knight charges 5 ghuls 3 hit 3 dead ghuls revenge: 3 dead Chaosknights

Green Feevah!
28-01-2010, 03:58
Funniest: My Orcs playing the old Hordes of Chaos list. He charges my Giant with his Bloodthirster, totally whiffs his attacks, then I proceed to roll 'eadbutt for three rounds. He never got to attack. Fourth round I got the D6 wounds and put him down. So awesome!

Best: Playing Lizardmen, I charge a stegadon with Night Goblins. They pass their psychology test (a feat in and of itself), actually wound the stegadon, hold through the counter-attack and win combat. They then go to over run, and he whiffs on the run and that Stegadon is run down. By a unit that cost of third of it. The look on his face was priceless.

28-01-2010, 11:42
Skaven: Warp-lightning cannon missfireing in turn 1 and exploding.

Dark elf: Lvl 2 with sacrificial dagger misscasts and takes a Str8 hit and loses a lvl...Fine I'll just use my lvl 4 then....lvl 4 misscasts and takes a str 4 hit.....

28-01-2010, 17:01
my gnoblars killed a treeman in cc

Was this due to combat resolution?

Because it's actually impossible via actual damage...

28-01-2010, 21:27
I thought gnoblars were S3? So they can wound the Treeman...

28-01-2010, 21:29
I had this proper funny moment where my 20 night gobbos made 10 silver helms run away AND chased them down! ( with a little help from a giant... but still!):)

28-01-2010, 22:02
Best moment.
Lizardmen.vs.Tomb kings.
Well it isn't a very long story but the thing was that a stegadon charged my bow men...
It ended up that the bow men killed the crew and I made the beast run away.
Perfect score! :D Even tho I lost that game.

The funniest.
When I was playing the most boring game of my life Tomb kings.vs.Vampire counts.
When I popped my Tomb scorpion at a place then it happened to be at a place of rather ironic involvement.
He had made the vampire jump out of a squad and then 2 turns later my tomb scorpion comes in swoops him from the flank and kills him :D and addition to that his hole army crumbles at the first turn.