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18-01-2010, 11:04
I havent seen many around recently is this because there are better options or because they aren't very good. I'm thinking of having a squad of 3 with 2 heavy bolters 2 heavy flamers 1 multi melta and an assault cannon. Was just wondering if theres any point before i spend the money .

18-01-2010, 11:17
they are decent, but there are always better things to do with your points. As for your suggestion:

I havent seen many around recently is this because there are better options or because they aren't very good. I'm thinking of having a squad of 3 with 2 heavy bolters 2 heavy flamers 1 multi melta and an assault cannon. Was just wondering if theres any point before i spend the money .

the land speeder has a definite advantage in that it will almost always be able to mostly outrange anything that it targets, so Heavy Flamers are a bust - unless you are planning on outfitting them all in this way, as are Assault Cannons as they are shorter range than the heavy bolters. Keep in mind with multi-meltas and Assault cannons, if your target is in range, so are you. And while they can reliably pop the target, keep in mind that the ubiquitous bolter can make you have a bad day also.

Instead, try taking Heavy Bolters all around, or maybe those missile launchers if you can stomach the points. By taking Heavy Bolters all around you will be able to fire 9 shots while going 12" or 18 while going 6". All the while being able to stay out of range of those pesky infantry weapons that can still make a hash of your day.

18-01-2010, 11:44
Definitely, the MM+HF configuration is pure class in a sallies army with Vulkan. Especially in squadrons of 2. I used the typhoon for a while in my white scars list and found it pretty useful floating around the edges of the board out of trouble whilst taking pot shots at any targets of opportunity. Then last turn turbo boost to contest.

18-01-2010, 12:09
I use 3x double heavy bolter landspeeders in 1 squadron and they never fail to impress.
Dual MM or MM/HF speeders can be fun too.

18-01-2010, 12:38
Yes. They pack some really nasty firepower and they're quick enough to stay out of trouble. If you field them with MM and HF this becomes a little more tricky as you absolutely have to get close the enemy, but with good deployment and focussed fire you can avoid a lot of trouble. If you field them with 2 heavy bolters a piece you can lay down a seriously nasty torrent of fire without ever getting within range of assault/rapid fire weapons. 180pts for six fast moving heavy bolters is worth it, just for the look on an ork players face when his boyz get nailed by them without cover (you can fly, if your opponent is getting cover saves you're doing something wrong...).

18-01-2010, 12:45
Bloody MM/HF speeders with Vulkan (spits). Grrrrr!

My Guard army just hates these. They will generally cost me a squad or vehicle of the marines players choice, almost every time, more so if Vulkan is about, as he is far too often.

They work far too well, are cheap and cheerful, and seem to lead a charmed live near me. Deep strikes never scatter badly, the Hydras seem to load paint rounds before shooting at them.....

18-01-2010, 12:55
Landspeeders are great fun to use, my Ravenwing and Doublewing always take a couple of them, plus I sometimes add a couple to regular DA rosters if I need some more mobile firepower. Even though it's weaker, I still like the RW Typhoon, it's great and taking down orks (which I face alot of). While a LS is not as robust as a Predator, it can get about alot easier and still fire everything.

18-01-2010, 12:57
I use a pair of MM/HF speeders (not squadroned). They work beautifully - they can do anti-tank, they can do anti-horde, they're fast enough to re-deploy, they can deep strike to support my Dreadnoughts (and take advantage of the locator beacon), and they're cheap enough at 70pts each that taking out a single high-value target like a Russ or a Land Raider means they've made their points back and then some.

The Marshel
18-01-2010, 13:03
land speeders are arguably one of the best options in the fast attack slot.

do no mess around with assualt cannons though, they arn't worth the points.

duel MM is also a bad option as you'll never really be in a position where you can fire both. being frail, you're more likely to zoom in from 12 then from 6"

This is why MMHF is so popular. both weapons favor a sudden dart forward so your likely to only be able to fire one anyway. as you on't need a second MM, you may as wee use that second weapon for an anti infantry weapon that works best when close like the MM

HB HB is very handy given the range they can fire from. its not worth combining a heavy bolter with anything beyond a heavy bolter, as no other weapon available complements it well beyond the assault cannon, which isn't worth the cost.

the missile luancher is handy if you're willing to spend the points on it.

generally speaking you'll get the most bang for your buck with the MMHF speeders

18-01-2010, 13:25
perhaps, the most deadly combination is a squadron of 3 Missile launcher / HB , you can engage every target on the battlefield with the great range of your weapon ( missile 48" , heavy B 36" ) using them both against low armoured target or only krak shot missile on massive tanks, or, if you must deal with hordes, unleashing the anti infantry firepower with heavy bolter and frag missile ( the six small area missile on piled infatry are really powerfull).

Consider that you can reduce the counter fire capitalizing the covers, three speeder with 4+ cover arent easy to destroy, and the long range of you attack, reducing the infantry small arms fire against your soft speedy X), and you can obtain a lasting unit in every mission.

Last , but not least, these are the only type of speeder that can use the whole firepower moving at 6" or 12", the missile frag shot S4 put this weapon, when used in this way, in "defensive weapon" allow you to move 12" and fire with heavy bolter as primary weapon and missile as defensive weapon.

They had great advantage , really great, but you must deal with their high price....

18-01-2010, 14:08
I'm a big fan of the Typhoons. If I ever go through with my SM plans, I'll have 6 or 9 of them.

18-01-2010, 14:16
one of my regular vulkan playing space marine opponents uses three separate deep striking MM/HF speeders. They *never* fail to

a) make their points back (which is a secondary concern to)

b) Ruin my day

if you are *in* your transports, you are almost never in them for long, and even outside in power armour there will be a lot of wounds racked up after the twin-linked heavy flamer has sounded off (the death-knell for my scouts)

Personally, even though they are very expensive I stand behind an AC/HB Speeder for sheer volume of firepower, very good for killing anything outside of power armour at range. (the speeders role, when I field them in the ravenwing army, is not to bust tanks, I have that covered elsewhere)

18-01-2010, 14:24
Lots of weapons suggestions.

Here's an aesthetic suggestion.

They can go 18" a turn, and sit on a base that allows a marine to shoot underneath it.

Marines rapid fire at 12" range, and hate being charged.

Take three or more speeders when you unleash your "bolter rush" and put them in front of the enemy unit you intend to block.

Either put them 3" from the enemy, or spread them a little and put them right at 1" distance from the enemy. Or if the enemy is fast (12" charge) for assault, rush them in direct front of your unit, with maybe a rhino helping on a flank to let the speeders have more buffer room to block it.

This is when the heavy flamers would be nice if you keep the land speeders near enough so that they can fire after moving 12". I must say that much for the heavy flamer. The multimelta is sitting high on the model, so seeing past enemy models while close to pop tanks is also a great way to multi-task. Leaving the true anti infantry for your infantry and a role to use the somewhat hated marines all vanillas are "stuck" with.

18-01-2010, 14:26
I go cheap and cheerful. Don't upgrade them and use them to stop your opponent from holding an objective in the dying stages of the game. If they're not upgraded they're not worth your opponent's time trying to kill them...

18-01-2010, 14:27
Land Speeders are absolutely awesome. I take them in every competitive list I build.

Multimelta/heavy flamer speeders are overall the best (especially in vulkan lists). Typhoon/heavy bolter speeders are pretty darn awesome too.

Great models, as well.

The Marshel
18-01-2010, 14:35
the high price is what puts me off such a unit, given the frailty, i'm very hesitant to use a unit of speeders costing 270 points.

If i were to use the typhoon in a squadron it'd proabably be accompanied by 2 hbhb speeders, using its missiles to provive an AT option when i face transport mounted units like vet guardsmen or truk boyz

18-01-2010, 14:39
the Missile/HB speeder can hurt infantry really hard, this sunday , at a tournament , i had chopped 7 caos marine plus a wound on a oblyterator in one shooting phase using the frag missile and heavy bolter, the unit was piled in but this is a simple task if you got a good anti tank heavy fire, anhoter example from this turnament is this:
At the third game i must face ragnar and 2 land raider, i hide my speeder behind a scenery waiting, because i cant advance untill ragnar and his mate were out of combat, when i blew up the ragnar raider with mine lasers, he must disembarck him and his squad of 9 blood claw in the middle of a wood in the table center, my speeders were ready, they entered action boosting out 12" for aim at ragnar's unit, i shooted 6 small template frag missile , with 4 hit ( 2 hit and 2 small deviation ) i made 24 hit, 13 are the wound , plus 4 wound from the 3 heavy bolter i had obtain 17 wound...5 blood claw return at the fang howling, including the squad power fist, and ragnar took a wound...

i love them ^^

18-01-2010, 14:48
the high price is what puts me off such a unit, given the frailty, i'm very hesitant to use a unit of speeders costing 270 points.
Nah, it only looks like that.

Typhoons have an effective 36" range, and they can move 6" per turn and still fire all of their weapons (which in a 3 typhoon squadron is 6 krak missiles and 9 hb shots). This means you can keep them safely in cover, out of range of most enemy shooting, and keep firing throughout the battle. Sure, the enemy can use lascannons and missile launchers on them, but even so it's pretty hard to take out a vehicle in cover, and if you create proper target saturation the enemy won't even shoot much at them.

With the advent of new tyranid codex, the typhoon speeders will actually become A LOT more useful then they were before. A ton of str 8 attacks means a lot of insta-killed warriors. Frag missiles + heavy bolters will also be great against hordes. Finally, nids lost their 2+ saves nowadays, so having 6 str8 ap3 shots at 48" range will on average inflict 3-4 wounds on a monstrous creature, enabling the typhoon squadron to snipe MCs while keeping safely out of range of most of their weapons.

18-01-2010, 14:55
A friend of mine has been playing a space marine army I've been building him for an escalation league (he's interested in the game, not so much in the buying stuff, building stuff, or painting stuff), and one of his favorite units that I added was MM/HF speeders. He's up to three at 1500 points, and I think he just really likes the versatility, since they're both anti-tank and anti-horde. The league's make up involves a fair number of horde armies, so it might be that the local metagame is making them disproportionately useful than they'd be in other areas.

Grand Master Raziel
18-01-2010, 16:04
I've found Land Speeders to be highly effective. They're a great platform for multimeltas and heavy flamers - both of which weapons really benefit from a high-mobility platform, and Speeders are about as high-mobility as it gets. The MMHF Speeder is very hard to go wrong with. Their primary objective is to pop heavy armored targets, but you give them the heavy flamer as well in case A: they live past popping the armor or B: you're playing some smartass who isn't using any vehicles (or at least, none that rate the attentions of the MM). It's also nice to have a secondary weapon in case the MM gets disabled. Plus, Space Marines don't have a lot of platforms for heavy flamers, and HFs are nice to have. The MMHF Speeder is valuable in any SM army, not just Vulkan ones. They're cheap enough to be expendable, but hard-hitting enough to be likely to more than make their points back.

The Typhoon has recently come into its own, too. It sucked up until the moment the new book came out, now it may be the best variant of them all - or, at least the best weapon to pair with the HB. If you're not comfortable running your Speeders up your opponent's nose, then the TML+HB is probably the variant for you, as it gives you a good standoff range, so you don't have to have your Speeders enter that 24" range envelope where everything can take a crack at them. Also, a slight correction on what Giganthrax said: if you fire the frag missiles, that qualifies as a defensive weapon, so you can move your Speeders 12" and let loose with the full fusillade, which does not suck.

18-01-2010, 16:40
I find landspeeders to be the most useful and versatile marine unit. I take them in every armylist I make but due to high points cost I usually only take 3. If you have the room on the FOC I would suggest not running them in a squadron though as this way their flexibility is increased. (I also find it increases their survivability as well since it now takes 3 units shooting at them to bring them down instead of potentially one.)

Plastic Parody
18-01-2010, 18:11
Land Speeders are awesome. Able to choose their target their mobility is always a serious threat for your opponent. IMHO heavy bolters are a complete waste, there are far more effective weapons for removing swathes of troops. By far the best general option is the HF/MM combo (if you can stomach using Stan the Khan, Vulkhanius etc they are even better).

18-01-2010, 18:23
Don't forget the tricksy bugger known as the Storm! When I first saw it in the codex, I was like "Wtf would anyone use that for?" But now I understand that they are a brutally effective disruption tool.

If you have the first turn:

After deployment, you get your Scouts move. Take the speeder, with Scouts deployed inside it, and move across the table towards an opponent's tanks. You have to stay 18" from the opponent, but that doesn't stop you from rushing up on the first turn, moving 12", deploying Scouts, Multimelta-ing a nearby tank and having the scouts charge another vehicle with auto-hitting krak grenades and the sarge's Melta bomb.

This is usually a suicide mission, but it's extremely cost-effective since you can completely ambush a Leman Russ squadron and be done with them. I arm the scout squad doing this with Sniper rifles, so that if the tactic isn't viable against an opponent's build they can still stand back and shoot effectively.

18-01-2010, 18:29
Using their long-range options in a full squadron helps keep them alive forever. The heavy bolter variant is great for dancing around targets at 35~ inches and pelting them with heat.

The HF/MM variant is great because when the vehicles get damaged and lose some of their weapons, they are fast enough that you can just switch targets or fly away. These things are a must in any standard SM army, and a tempting choice in other flavors.

The Land Speeder Storm can also arrive via outflank, and carries a scoring unit. If you gear that unit for CC with a power fist you will find them to do very well thanks to the Storm's leadership-lowering ability. If the scouts win a combat a sweep is very likely even against high Ld units (the storm will reduce the Ld by 2 when they charge from it, I believe, plus a minimum of -1 for their combat win).

If you lose the combat, try for combat tactics to get out of there and get back in the storm!

18-01-2010, 19:01
Take the Typhoon and stay at 48". Seriously, two krak missiles or blast per turn on a 12" mobile firebase it fantastic. They are expensive but well worth it.

18-01-2010, 19:04
ive gone against vulkan armies that run 3 squads of 2x MM/HF speeders and they are scary to go against if you have armor..

Then again non vulkan ones are scary to.

They are a very good marine unit.