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18-01-2010, 15:19
Me and a couple of mates are thinking about doing a 500 point campaign as we don't have time for much more. The three participating armies are Skaven, Vampires and Wood Elves and the rules as follows:
The following restrictions apply to each 500 point
• You must include exactly 1 hero to act as
the general.
• Excluding your general you must include
2 – 4 units.
• You must include at least one unit of
infantry models with unit strength 10+.
• You must include AT LEAST one core
unit and UP TO one special or rare unit.
• No unit may have unit strength greater
than 25.
• Units may not carry a magic standard.
• No model may cost more than 125
• You may only include one war machine
or chariot. For the purpose of these rules
Skaven Weapon Teams and VC Corpse
Carts count as war machines. Jezzails,
Razordons and Salamanders do not.

Each campaign turn each player plays each other
Roll on the above table for each victory
Draws occur if there is a difference of 50 Vp. In the result of a
draw each player can roll on the victory table on a roll of 4+

Victory Table
D66 Result
11 Hero is assassinated. Remove him and replace him with the same type of hero with no increases. Roll a D6
1: has only starting equiptement.
2-4: has mundane equitement that the previous hero had
5: has mundane and common magic items
6: has all items that previous hero had

12 -- 14 Brawl. Your forces get drunk and have a punch up. Each core unit takes D3 S2 per 5 models

15 --16 Things that go bump in the night… Your army has been haunted by ghosts in the night. Subsequently
all models not immune fear are at -1Ld for the next battle. Undead armies gain a wraith for the next battle only

21-- 25 Nothing happens

26 Something Stirs… You are attacked by a treeman. Play a 4 turn game against a treeman. If your hero kills the treeman
he gets +1 exp or +2exp if he kills it it single combat. Re-roll table for Wood elves.

31-33 Rogue Wizard. The next battle you play there will be a rougue level 1 human wizard with a random spell from the
lore of fire. He moves D6' in the direction indicated by the scatter dice and casts his spell on the nearest target he
can see. Worth 50Vp

34-35 Squigs. A unit of 3 squigs and 3 handlers is in the next game moving their full distance in the direction
indicated by the scatter dice and charging whenever possible. Worth 50Vp

36 Troll. In the next game there is a troll. He moves his full possible distance (after stupidity test) in a direction
inicted by the scatter dice and charges whenever possible Worth 50 Vp

41-42 Forest. The next game is played in a forest. The battlefield should have dense woodland on it.

43-44 Graveyard. The next game is played in a graveyard. All rolls to cast spells that summon undead get
a +1 and each unit gets +1 model. Models not immune to fear are at -1Ld.

45-46 Underground. The next battle is fought in a cavern underground. No forest scenery is set up. Non-skaven, non-dwarf
rank and file troups are at -M and calvalry are at -1WS as it is harder to fight underground.

51-52 Burried Treasure. You have found treasure but need time to dig it up. In your next battle you are defending a 10'x10'
area set up in the centre of your deployment zone. At the end of the game if you have at least one model that is not
broken or fleeing in the square you win. If your opponent does, they win. If no-one does calculate
victory using VP. If you win you get a magic item worth up to D6 x 10. If your oppoent does they do on a roll of 4+

53-54 Ambush. Your next game is fought using the Woodland ambush scenario (with appropriate boarders) described in
the woodelf book. 1-3 you are defending, 4-6 you are attacking.

55-64 Treasure. Gain D6x10 points for your army.

65 Your hero gets a roll on the stat increase table. Well done. Have a cookie.

66 Wizard. You get a level one hero level wizard with no extra equiptment from your army list with a random spell. If you roll
this again the wizard becomes level 2. If your roll a third just re-roll this result.

If there is a points difference of over 100 points between two armies the underdog gets a skirmishing unit of
5 black orcs with unit champion (ignoring alliance restrictions, Orcs are easy to trick into a fight) under their control
but if the unit is eligible to charge a friendly unit they must pass a Ld test taken on 3D6 discarding the highest result
or charge. If the squig heard is present then they join your side.
If there is a points difference of over 200 points the underdog gains the orcs as above and at the end of the game,
if the general survived but they lost, the player gets to roll on the victory chart on a roll of 4+

Gaining experience
Your general gains exp in the following ways
1 for surviving the battle
1 for being the wiining general
1 for killing enemy general
2 for killing the enemy general in a challenge

Your general gets to roll on the increase table for every 5 points with a max of +2 to each stat limited to 10
Wizards gained from rolling on the victory table do not gain exp and can only gain a wizard level by rolling 66 again

Advancing table:
2 Injury (Aging) and Advance
3 5+ Ward. If already have a ward save, gain +1 (up to a maximum of 3+)
4 Gain S or A
5 Add 50 points to your army list
6 Plus 1 to all pre-game dice rolls
7 Gain WS, BS or I
8 Gain Leadership
9 Finds Magic item worth up to 25 points
10 Gain W or T
11 Becomes a Lvl 1 mage. Can cast spells whilst wearing armour. Re-roll if already a mage
12 Two Advances

On the second roll(s) ignore results of 2 or 12

If your general is removed from the board roll on the following table:
2 It is dark. You have been eaten by a grue. Dead. Unlucky. See 11 on victory table
3 Loss of 1 Wound
4 Loss of Toughness
5 Loss of Leadership
6 Loss of Initiative
7 Full Recovery
8 Loss of Eye (WS & BS)
9 Loss of Attack, cannot use two-handed weapons or shields in combat
10 Loss of Strength
11 Gains Fear and Stupidity
12 Gains an Advance

Can you let me know what you think. They obviously aren't iron and some may be tweaked as we play to make it a bit fair. The orcs are there because I have 5 black orc models.

Sorry for any dodgy copy pastes.

18-01-2010, 21:08
Awesome, jst awesome!!

Sure wish I had some gaming buddies like that and less powergaming 25-35 year olds like in my gaming grp.

Good luck and have fun!

18-01-2010, 21:51
I'd recommend that all players submit their lists to a GM for OKing. Small point games of warhammer are especially easy to cheese by fielding something that no-one else can deal with. Never rely on just a comp system - someone who is determined to break it will find a way to exploit it. You don't have to get stalinist about it, just a quick check to make sure everyone has got into the spirit of things. Likewise, players may wish to field something which breaks your comp system but isn't bent and a GM would be able to over-rule things in such cases, e.g. "ok, since you've done an all goblin themed army I'm happy to let you have a unit of 30 goblins"

19-01-2010, 00:47
No one present will break the system and field a beardy army. The 125 point limit per model stops anything rediculous and as I live with both of them I've seen their lists and they've seen mine. We all just want to have fun and regular quick battles when we have the opportunity.

19-01-2010, 12:22
I'd potentialy recommend not having to have a Hero character - some of them can get rather expensive and some armies could be quite reasonably lead by just a champion (Chaos for Example, or Elves)

Weren't there rules printed a while back for very small games of Warhammer (similar to combat patrol for fantasy?)

Maybe change the Black Orcs for a (small) regiment of renown or Ogres (or even just one Ogre?)? They're renown for fighting for/against anyone!

19-01-2010, 16:50
The rules of army selection are the ones taken from the non-skirmish small points forces. I would use something more realistic but we are at uni and most of the models not used in an army are at home. I only have orcs because of a Mordheim campaign we did last term.
For the hero character we've had a no wizard (with the exception of the vampire but he has auto raise dead) in selection rule as it's more in theme to have a small warband lead by a combat hero who would gain a wizarding advisor when he's a bit more powerful (i.e roll 66 on victory table) (again we allowed a vampire because a necro is a purpose built wizard and would be rubbish as a general).
The initial starting max points of 125 on any one model stops someone getting an uber character that can kill entire units and has limited the vampire quite a lot as he is only having avatar of death power.
Besides it wouldn't feel right having a unit champion leading an army as the general should be a modular version of you.