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19-01-2010, 00:14
Ok I have decided to purchase a beautiful Lucias Jackel pattern Warhound Titan for my new Adetus Mechanicus Skitarii Army.

The Question is which weapons do people who own warhounds prefere??

19-01-2010, 00:20
given the choice Id go for the melta cannon however I bought and build my chaos warhound when you couldnt buy seperate weapons so Im stuck with the mega bolter and plasma blastgun (both decent weapons either way)

19-01-2010, 00:51
Turbolasers are probably the most popular (due to Destroyer rule), but I like the Plasma Blastgun and the Inferno Cannon for the sheer amount of death and destruction they can cause. There's no cover saves from the Inferno Cannon, and the size of the template generally means handfuls of infantry are burnt to a crisp each turn. The PBG's high strength and 10" template (or 2x 7) is great for smashing concentrations of armor and/or heavy infantry. From a looks standpoint I dig the megabolter.

19-01-2010, 01:39
I use turbolaser and plasma.

It's generally the vehicles which are the biggest threat to the warhound, so you aim to take them down first. D weapons also disallow cover saves.

19-01-2010, 02:05
Though it`s probably the least popular choice (due to limited range and low Strength), I like the Inferno Cannon as well. Why? It doesn`t miss. It fires up to 18" (plus the length of the template), allows no power armor or cover saves and no roll to to hit - just remove scorched bodies! Yeahhh! So, I use the unusual set up of Inferno Cannon and Turbo Laser (short and long range, anti-infantry and anti-tank)

Almighty Nocturnus

19-01-2010, 02:44
I've always rocked double Turbolasers, but am thinkin about going Turbo + Plasma next time out.
Normal sized templates seem so wussy in an apoc game.
: )