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Krom The Eternal
19-01-2010, 05:09
Ok guys, So I've Gotten Some Lizzies and I made a Small List. I was Wondering where you think i should go from here. The Lizardmen Book has left me a bit confused as the Saurus seem a bit weak, but look great and even the kroxigors are a bit unimpressive. However still i like the look of the army my small list is as follows

Skink Priest
Stegadon Mount
Lvl 2
Staff of the Lost sun

Skink Priest
Lvl 2
Dispel Scroll, Powerstone

Skink Chief
Light Armour
Extra hand Weapon
Dagger of Sotek
Carnasaur Pendant

16x Saurus Warriors
Full Command

11x Skink Skirmishers
Blow Pipes

11x Skink Skirmishers
Blow Pipes

1x Salamander Hunter Party
3x Skinks

Basically Where do I go From Here? I noticed People Don't Usually Use Carnasaur Cavalry why is this? Also Should i Just Bulk Up on Saurus Warriors a Unit of TG and a Slann then 2 Scar Vets Or Something? I would like to have a competitive List and maybe bring a Stegg or 2 but not go over the top you know? Anyway i Appreciate any help you can give thanks alot!!!


19-01-2010, 17:51
IMHO, the carnosaur is easy to take down at distance.
The cold blood cavalry is decent, but you need to support it
I would add some saurus.
most of all, I'm a fan of the unit of temple guards with a slann, they are a though shell to crack