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19-01-2010, 17:49
hiya warseer folks ive been reading your forums for a while and this is my first thread. i see the term ASF in regards to banners but for the life of me i can't figure out what it means. also im new to fantasy, being a dark eldar player of 40k i figured why not play the fantasy equivalent as well? cant anyone explain what ASF means?

19-01-2010, 17:54
ASF stands for Always Strikes First, and one of the Dark Elf banners has this ability (don't know the name, though)

in Warhammer fantasy, the unit who charges usually attacks first (instead of using I like in 40K). so having an ability like ASF is really helpfull, cause even if you get charged, or have great weapons, you always get to attack before your opponent (well, most times, anyway)

19-01-2010, 18:14
It's a really good trait; when both sides have, it comes down to greater initiative goes first, and if both are the same, dice it off.

The SkaerKrow
19-01-2010, 18:25
The Magic Banner in question is the Standard of Hag Graef. It can be carried by Black Guard, Cold One Knights and Battle Standard Bearers.

Dark Elf Assassins also benefit from the Always Strikes First rule, without requiring the Standard of Hag Graef.

19-01-2010, 18:26
The Banner of Hag Graef or something similar is it's name. From what I have heard sticking it on the Black Guard is just plain nasty.

Edit - Beaten to it!

19-01-2010, 19:39
a stubborn unit who always strikes first with 2 S4 attacks, from which the hits are always rerollable? nuff said

(I just ignore them with my Woodies, or shoot them down)