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20-01-2010, 13:52
I'm considering selling out of the hobby and I was wondering around how much I should ask for (in US dollars) for it in a sale. I have available the following:

10 Death Company Marines (Magnetized w/ jump packs and normal backpacks)
20 assault marines (13 magnetized w/ jump and regular packs)
30 fully painted tacitcal marines with various special and hvy weapons and sergeants
10 assembled/basecoated tacticals
10 man tactical squad box missing the backpacks
basecoated Land raider (crack in the hull, looks like battle damage)
furioso dreadnought missing base
dreadnought with CC/asscannon setup
5 first company shoulder pads
5 space marine legs
various bits from the space marine commander sprue
extra bits from Blood Angels Honour Guard sprue
Baal Predator painted Blood Red, needs detail work
MKI Vindicator painted Blood Red, needs detailing
Blood Angels Rhino w/ forgeworld doors
Sabol Motorpool army case
2 1.5" foam trays cutout for infantry
3 custom 2" foam trays. 2 not cut out. 1 partially cut to fit in special characters.

Lots of various extra bits, sprues and all sorts of goodies.
I can throw in some Blood Red paint as a bonus to the buyer.

I just wanted to put this here and see what you guys think. I'm honestly not exactly sure how much I should be asking for this thing, but I'd like to have an idea. I'm not the best painter in the world either by the way, but I'd say I'm atleast average for what that matters.

Max Jet
20-01-2010, 13:59
About 50% or 60% of what you have paid for that in the first place. GW Models have a very high reselling value at least over here in Germany.
In ebay you might even get 70% of the original value, no matter how badly painted or assembled.

20-01-2010, 14:29
Its hard to tell without pictures

20-01-2010, 15:25
Thats not too bad. I think I'll finish assembling/painting them, wait for my new codex, play it a bit, and then reassess(sp?) the situation. That and I always said I'd have a complete company and I'm 2 devestator squads shy.

20-01-2010, 15:54
About 70% of the price you'd pay for the new minis, a bit less for the damaged Land Raider (depending on the level of damage and how the rest of the mini is assembled), painted state will do nothing to increase the price but may lower it if the minis are painted in very thick coats, show fingerprints in the paint, etc. Visible mould lines will lower the worth as well as glue marks, weird poses and the like. Good luck with selling your BA. :)

Chaplain Ark
20-01-2010, 18:08
i would say 60% just to be safe, but you can go for 70%.

and dont worry about the paint jobs. At walmart they sell stuff called simple green, which ive used on some of my horribly painted marines, and within 20 minutes, my models looked like they were freshly assembled and not even primed.

20-01-2010, 18:59
Have you considered making a For Sale thread here at warseer to sell off the army. That is if you still want to sell the army.
As a general rule, when purchasing second hand warhammer I offer between 50 and 70% of the original price, really depending on condition of the models.