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I am planning a big game centered around the siege of Fornost with a friend of mine.
I would appreciate any information on the event :)

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Well to save time, i've pasted this from a LotR site. It basically tells you most of what you need to know. :)

The Battle of Fornost

The Battle of Fornost took its name from the nearby capital city of Fornost, meaning "northern fortress."

A battle between the forces of the Witch-king of Angmar and the combined forces of the Dunedain of the North, Elves of Lindon and Rivendell, and Men of Gondor. The Battle of Fornost was fought in 1975 on the plain west of Fornost between the North Downs and Lake Evendim. The battle resulted in the Witch-king's defeat, but it also marked the end of the North-kingdom of Arnor.
The Witch-king was the Lord of the Nazgul, and he had been troubling the Dunedain of the North since he established the realm of Angmar in 1300. In the winter of 1974, a great force from Angmar captured Fornost, which was the capital of what remained of the North-kingdom. The Witch-king himself took command of the city.

Most of the Dunedain fled west across the River Lune to Lindon, but some led by King Arvedui held out for a time in the North Downs. They were soon forced to retreat northward to the Icebay of Forochel. A ship was sent from the Grey Havens to rescue them, but it was lost at Sea in March of 1975 and Arvedui and all aboard perished.

A fleet finally arrived from Gondor in reponse to a request for aid that Arvedui had sent before the invasion. There were so many ships that they filled all the harborage in the Gulf of Lune. The fleet brought a great army led by Earnur, the son of King Earnil II of Gondor, as well as cavalry that included horsemen from Rhovanion. They joined forces with the remaining Dunedain of the North and the Elves of Lindon led by Cirdan to form the Host of the West. Some archers from the Shire accompanied them.

The Host of the West crossed the Lune and headed for the Hills of Evendim. The Witch-king was over-confident, and rather than waiting for the Host to try to retake Fornost, he sent his army out to meet them. The Host of the West came down out of the hills onto the plain and engaged the forces of Angmar in battle.

The forces of Angmar started to retreat toward Fornost. Then their flank was attacked by the cavalry of the Host of the West, who had circled around the Hills of Evendim to come down from the north. The forces of Angmar were routed. The Witch-king tried to retreat to his stronghold of Carn Dum with the remnants of his troops, but he was pursued by cavalry led by Earnur. Earnur was joined by Glorfindel and an army of Elves from Rivendell, and together they finished off the Witch-king's forces.

The Witch-king turned on Earnur, who tried to stand his ground but was unable to control his terrified horse. Then Glorfindel approached, and the Witch-king fled into the night. Earnur wanted to pursue him, but Glorfindel said, "Far off yet is his doom, and not by the hand of man will he fall." (LotR, App. A, p. 332)

The Orcs and Men in the service of Angmar had all been slain or driven away, and the Witch-king returned to Mordor. Over 1,000 years later, Glorfindel's prediction came to pass when the Witch-king was vanquished at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields by a woman and a Hobbit.

Despite the victory over Angmar, the Dunedain of the North were greatly diminished and weakened, and the North-kingdom of Arnor could no longer be sustained. Fornost remained abandoned, and the Dunedain became a wandering people called Rangers by the people of Eriador. It was not until the end of the Third Age that the North-kingdom was reestablished by Aragorn, King Elessar.

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Hrokka `Eadsplitter
22-01-2010, 18:29
A question: Are the Dunedain force totaly consisting of rangers, or are there any WoA in there??

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A question: Are the Dunedain force totaly consisting of rangers, or are there any WoA in there??

Since this is right before the fall of the north, they would have access to WOA, as this is the event that made them a ranger/ roaming people.

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Thanks a lot!:)