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05-02-2006, 18:27
Ok. Since I've checked all the posts in this Specialist Games forum and can't find this (Which I must say, shocks me).

I'm gonna go ahead and post.

What is everyones favourite Gang in Necromunda? And why?

05-02-2006, 18:29
Eschers simply because they're the best models.

I've got the complete range.

#2 would be Delaque again for the models and the unique look.

05-02-2006, 18:33
All round combat guys
Shoot them, Thump them and Scare the s**t out of them

05-02-2006, 18:36
I went for Orlock, Spyrer and Delaque.

Chose Orlock for their skill sets. Best overall choices in the game in my opinion.

Delaque because I really like their concept. I just think it's a shame that in my opinion the models suck. Only thing which has kept me from making a gang of them so far.
Really wish GW would bring out some plastic IG with Greatcoats so I could convert me some wicked Delaque.

Syprers are my all time favourite gang though. Love their fluff, love how they play.

But most of all, I love converting Spyrers. So much fun using 40k plastics and making lovely Spyrer conversions.

Best gang I ever had was a 3 man Malcadon gang. It just did so well in the long running campaign it was in.

05-02-2006, 19:16
Just for the coats.

They just have a better look than most of the others. Van Saar are over-teched, Goliaths just look daft, Escher wear far too little clothing, Orlocks are uninspired, Cawdor are too religious, Scavvies are too ugly, Redemptionists are Cawdor but worse, and Spyrers are incoherent.

Now, if I had the skills for modelling up some decent models, then a set of Spyrers based on Tau would be gorgeous, as would an Escher gang actually wearing a decent amount of clothes. Still wouldn't ever want any of the others though. Although Elysians as Van Saars could work well...

Cpt. Drill
05-02-2006, 19:18

Pit slavs are by far the coolest people in necromunda.....

Delaque also have a cool look to them....


05-02-2006, 19:21

Pit slavs are by far the coolest people in necromunda.....

Delaque also have a cool look to them....


10 Options limit....Also can't edit it now.

Gen_eV. I'm working on Spyrers from Tau. Well I was and Will be when I get back from Uni at Easter.

So far I've done 5 Malcadons from Fire Warriors. Going for 5 of each type. But I'm a little stuck on the base models for the other 3 at the moment. I was gonna use the new SM termies for some Orrus', but I'm not so sure now. I'll have a look when I get some in the post from eBay. Got any ideas for Yeld and Jakara?

05-02-2006, 19:33
My faves are the Orlocks and the Escher. The Orlocks have that great Perry twins rank-and-file feel, spiced up with a bit of variety on account of being gang members rather than soldiers. I love the Imperial Guard, so I love these too.
And the Escher are just excellent models, one more reason why Jes Goodwin is the master. I think they strike just the right balance between giving us some nice chicks and not becoming a painful stereotype.

The only gang I dislike the look of is the Goliath, one more reason why Gary Morley is not the master. I don't know what his exact brief was, but doubling the Catachan's muscle size was hopefully not part of it.

05-02-2006, 21:06
I'm always escher :D. The range for escher is a lot better than the other houses, all the other houses get 5-6 gangers armed with a variety of basic weapons, the Escher range is the only one with Close Combat equipped gangers, despite the obvious need for all gangs to have a couple of close combat models.
Some of the gangs heavies were dubiously equipped too, Delaque Lascannon . . .WTF?

I can add and edit the poll, let me know if you want to.

05-02-2006, 21:33
The List was Without By far the best gang, The Enforcers.
I put Delaque

05-02-2006, 21:35
The List was Without By far the best gang, The Enforcers.
I put Delaque

I PMed TWB to look into it.

Hopefully every Gang will be up there shortly.

I agree with TWB about the Escher models being the best. I love the Plasma Cannon chick.

But since I like converting plastics I'm a bit stuck.

Elves and eldar are about my best bet if I want plastic Eschers.

05-02-2006, 22:07
Sorry teach me to only read half the thread, I've added Pit Slaves & Enforcers in. :o

Anyway Escher for me, the models are easily the best overall sculpts in the game and I love the way the gang plays.

My gang the Fashionistas are deadly at close range and I can't wait for the next club league to start.

05-02-2006, 23:09
I haven't played Necromunda for a long time, but for me it was always the Van Saars. I thought their clothing looked like the stil suits from Dune, which made them look very futurisitc and sci-fi to me.

06-02-2006, 01:17
Didnt see Squat miners. Or are you only looking for the gangs that are listed in the 'officia' ORB?
My fav is the Squats. But of those listed I prefer Escher and Goliath.
Squats simply because I just like modeling and painting Stunties. Besides, ever see a 4 foot tall pissed off dude with an autocannon?
Escher because of thier hth abilities and because I think their the ultimate 'finesse' gang in Necro.
Goliaths because every now and then I just like to bulldoze everything in my path and go with the all out rampage. Lots of muscle and mayhem with these guys.

07-02-2006, 10:06
I've plonked Ash nomads on too, although now the poll is a little slanted because at least one person has picked an option because his first choice wasn't available, and now is.

Bubble Ghost
07-02-2006, 11:55
It's all about the Goliaths. The comedy visuals plus exclusive rights to the most entertaining skill list in the game seals it. One member of my gang, Frankie Goes To The Underhive, once defeated a genestealer in combat thanks to Body Slam, then luzzed it off of a four-tier building using Hurl Opponent. Gaming does not get any better than that.

07-02-2006, 12:22
The Eschers for three reasons.

The models are excellent

The models are by far the easiest to convert. Nearly all the gangs from the origional release were all holding their weapons two handed, so converting additional h to h weapons was a pain. The Eschers were nearly all holding their guns single handed making htem so easy to convert.

Their range of skills was a perfect mix for a deadly close combat orientated gang.

07-02-2006, 12:24
I've plonked Ash nomads on too, although now the poll is a little slanted because at least one person has picked an option because his first choice wasn't available, and now is.

Also because Anel'Tau Dan decided to pick every option. Probably just to mess the poll up.

Is there any way to re-set the poll or something?

If not, its ok. We'll just have to live with the slanted representation.

It seems like Escher are the most popular at the moment. With good reason I must say.

BG, Hurl Opponent was my fave skill in Necromunda, just the Ability to throw people off high buildings, so much fun.

I also loved jumping my juves off high buildings onto gang leaders and heavies. Esp if you could get the height to be enough to cause Instant Down and Out status.

07-02-2006, 12:35
Spyrers........I love everything about them, the models (saves for that damn Matriarch.......urrgh) and their playing style

closely followed by Goliaths, my old Heavy Mortis and his one in a million Heavy Bolter were the bane of many of the Underhive in his prime :evilgrin:

07-02-2006, 13:21
I picked three:

- Orlocks, my first gang, so i'll always have a soft spot for them;

- Escher, for having the best mini's, and;

- Redemptionists, for being the most fun to play. Captured a hostage? Wait for the other guy to beg for his gangers back, then burn 'em at the stake! :evilgrin:

07-02-2006, 19:45
Orlock or Ratskins.

Both great at mixing it up as well as shooting the other gang off the board.

07-02-2006, 20:27
My favourite gang to play was always Escher. I love the minis and the style of play.

However, there are other gangs that I really like in terms of the miniatures and such - namely Redemptionists, Delaque and many of the old Ratskin models. The problem is that I never got round to giving these gangs a go because it is near impossible to get anything Necromunda in this part of the world.

In fact, I think the 'N' word may now be classed as a dirty one in gaming circles around here... :p

08-02-2006, 15:33
In fact, I think the 'N' word may now be classed as a dirty one in gaming circles around here... :p


Trying to get some more mates into Necromunda

10-02-2006, 03:32
Ratskins because they're cute - no, really - and I have one of every model because I like them so much and Escher because the models're ace and my gang has a juve called Gimp (a Goliath juve in gimp mask and latex trousers!)...


Just realised that's all one sentence. Note to self: Do not post at 03:36 in the morning. It is bad for coherency...

10-02-2006, 03:38
Escher and Orlock for sure. though ratskin scouts were always nice

on a side note, is the you Steiner? from BlackOrc fame? long time no see :)

10-02-2006, 03:41
Aye, that's me - wow, it's been years since I even looked at BlackOrc!

I'm afraid I can't place you though, snook (were you snook on BlackOrc?)... but welcome to WarSeer!

10-02-2006, 05:49
I've always liked the Goliaths for no real particular reason...

10-02-2006, 23:27
Gen- yeah I've been at BlackOrc since 2000, that whole frost wars thing :) but new ownership nowdays after some money worries and name rights problems. it's now http://www.dicetroll.com but yeah there are still plenty of the old guard there mixed with lots of good new bloods :) it's getting back toward the good old days.

12-02-2006, 07:54
I've always had a soft spot for the Order, so I have played the Enforcer...curiously, in a world of gang and violence, being the law made you the underdog :D . Even more in a campaign, when everybody want to rip some arbites wannabe to pieces.

12-02-2006, 08:07
No Greenskins:(.

Voted for my *other army* - Imperials.:D Enforcers.

12-02-2006, 08:28
scavvies are my main fave, nothing beats degenerate mutants. but im also all for the natives (rat skins) and purging the hive (redemptionists)

16-10-2006, 08:26
I chose Spyrers. I personally like the models, and they are a challenge to play. They are very tough if you can get them in close, but you can get shot up pretty badly if you don't play it smart.

16-10-2006, 15:58
eschers!! pfffff.

orlocks all the way. although I was tempted to choose spyrers, even tho they're technically illegal now in most campaigns i play in, they still rock. I really like taking one man gangs of spyrers, as Ive converted models for each spyrer using bits from imperial assassins, tau and dark elves. (seeing as the tau build the spyrer suits and I dont think there's enough cohesion between the current models.)

one man spyrer teams are the most tactically challenging games of necromunda I play. the spyrer himself is rock hard (starting with 8 advances) but you really have to choose carefully how you attack the opposing gang, or you're going to get shot to bits before you even get there, or be left out in the open after gutting a lone ganger in combat.

16-10-2006, 19:14
I use Van Saar, simply for the shooting and tech skills. I also like using the Redemptionists as a close combat gang.

17-10-2006, 07:23
Van Saar! Nothing beats a bunch of guys with Specialist and increased BS(though I swear if I already have specialist, I'll roll WS. vice versa happens a fair bit though).

17-10-2006, 16:18
I voted enforcers, redemption a close second.

Andres von Rienholt
17-10-2006, 18:44
Love shooting. Love the Van Saar.

I also love ordinance. Now if I could just that in there. Loot a Leman Russ or something.

Lord Humongous
17-10-2006, 21:11
Goliath, just for the models, especially the new ones. The skill selection blows, but it can be fun running a gang that doesn't depend on fancy skills. The weapon selection (if you use those rules) isn't to bad, but I really prefered them under the old rules; with lots of bolt pistols and swords, they were like underhive pirates!
Eschers really get it all under the new rules- great skills, and the only house with swords as a house weapon.
Redemptionists are the most fun for me, I'd wager. Just love that flamer template....

17-10-2006, 21:36
Cawdor, for the skills sets, and for the crazy. Not too crazy, just crazy enough.

Lord Humongous
17-10-2006, 22:26
I like the Cawdor skillset a lot, but the figs never did it for me (style wise and weapon wise) and the house wepons list they get is just dumb. Ratskins and scavvies have a similar skillset, and I like playing both of those, and like the figs to.
There's really not any gangs I DON'T like, at least as opponants. Maybe the Van Saar- never wanted to play them, and found them to be the least interesting opponants. Most VanSaar players I faced seemed more interested in cheesing thier invention rolls than playing out the fights.

Stormtrooper Clark
17-10-2006, 22:29
Enforcers, models look awesome

bob syko
18-10-2006, 15:06
Van saar's were my first gang and probably my favorite, all the techno skills are great, any gang with the ability to invent stuff while legging it round with plasma guns get's a thumbs up from me.

18-10-2006, 15:31
I have voted all, for the fact that i have no favourite.

19-10-2006, 12:07

Simply because I won a copy of the original boxset a month before it was released in a necromunda preview battle at a then local GW.

All the miniatures that were not plastic were great though


19-10-2006, 12:33
Zombies for all!

21-10-2006, 21:26
escher all the way

if the models are redone lets hope there better than the abysmil scavvies and ratskins

hopefully forgeworld will do some

edit yeah ratskins would be great(the old ratskins) if forgeworld did em too as in the old style(theyd be my second)

and i do like the idear of ash nomads just dont know what to use as models tho

Morathi's Darkest Sin
21-10-2006, 23:10
Escher simply because I love painting good female models, and sadly there aren't that many of them in GW's catologue.

Ratskins ride em pretty close though due to my obsession with Native American culture.

After those two its a close call between the Redemptionists and Delaque.

Hmmmm.. why did I drop out of Necromunda again???

Storm Hunters
28-10-2006, 15:02
orlock for me. its the way they all look like miami drugs dealers, good mix of abbilaties, and desent convertion posabilaties with many other races.

31-10-2006, 15:06
Enforcers, i just love the old models. damn it! now i wanna buy some.......must resist.....oh go on then, just 10. or 15. damn it....

Acolyte of Bli'l'ab
01-11-2006, 02:37
I like the redemptionists the best. I dig the Enforcers and Orlocks though too :) the others dont really appeal to me.

01-11-2006, 05:22
I also loved jumping my juves off high buildings onto gang leaders and heavies. Esp if you could get the height to be enough to cause Instant Down and Out status.

I remember one game i played, where my entire gang (i play, and voted goliath), and my opponents entire gang, failed ammo rolls on every gun, so we were fighting to see who could get highest fastest, to jump juvies down on the other guys' gang... it was awesome

after my brother knocked out one guy's heavy, and leader in one jump (they were a touch closely spaced!) this became a common tactic, watching juvies armed with nothing but knives flinging themselves off high buildings....

necromunda is one of the best things GW has ever created

09-11-2006, 00:11
the delaque models might just get me rolling dice again after many years, just to develop their individual characters, and that's an indicator of how damn cool their look and identity is. escher close second..

Warboss Snazgrod
13-11-2006, 11:17
Delaque because they were my first gang, they kicked butt and won the campaign. There were some great charecters in the Serpents.

Warboss Snazgrod

13-11-2006, 19:08
I chose the Escher and the Ratskins (old ones, mind), some of the best models released by GW and those fantastic to play with!

I especially liked the Ratskins because I liked their background especially; you couldn't beat the Badskins!!!

14-11-2006, 20:38
escher by far. i even collected enough to field them as imperial guard. i think i have about 120 ish now.
otherwise i have lurking somewhere orlocks, redemptionists, spyrers and pitslaves, oh and enforcers!

16-11-2006, 02:06
redemptionists, like the fluff and modles for them.