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29-01-2010, 09:19
Hi guys,

Just starting into WM and I have a bunch of Skaven, 2 friends have high elves, another Orcs and the last has dwarves.

Just wondering if there are any house/variant rules for using Phoenix Guard or Swordmaster units since both high elf players have these rare alt units.


29-01-2010, 13:56
Don't worry about me, D. I knew when I got them they'd be fancy spearmen proxies. ;) In fact, they'd have to be, since I have no regular spearmen...

House rules would be fun, though.

Cpt. Drill
30-01-2010, 05:15
A friend used to run a High Elf army with two units of Swordmasters, using them with the Saurus stat line (basically High Elf spearmen with an extra attack for 75pts). It never cause any problems with balancing or anything and added a bit of extra flavour to the games. I think this idea would work for the Pheonix Gaurd aswell (there may be more suitable units, I am not adept at High Elf lore), possibly White lions too.

My friend also used some Lothern Sea Guard which he had nicely converted up as Archers with a 5+ save for 90pts. I strongly encorage the use of special units in games as it really makes it more interesting. Beware though I am sure you could abuse this idea to horrific ends.

30-01-2010, 12:32
Thanks for the suggestions!

Beware though I am sure you could abuse this idea to horrific ends.

And thanks for the vote of confidence. :D

30-01-2010, 15:10
there are a few magic items that can be taken by units. just use them as spearmen with one of these magic item.

06-02-2010, 13:39
If you have the warmaster ancients book I believe there is quite a good section at the back which itemises troop types and costs, that may help you.

Cpt. Drill
06-02-2010, 15:35
Although the Warmaster Ancients is not a bad guideline it uses a slightly different points system to regular Warmaster. Also warmaster needs a sliding scale when it comes to upgrades as for example, a unit of 4+ save knights would benefit much more for an extra hit per stand than say a unit of 6+ save spear men but both pay 25pts for the upgrade.

It would be nice to see a mathmatical formula for working out costs of warmaster units. I have seen a few ideas for some but they are never spot on, they always end up within about 10-20 points of the actual cost. Units like the giant and other big monsters always break these equations. A guy made a nice character generator on the SG forums which seems to work nicely, I hope he makes a unit version.

Still.... If you are playing with people in 'the spirit of the game' then there is never a problem making custom units.