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06-02-2006, 09:27
Just starting a Necro campaign and due to a shortage of figures am going to use a unit of guardsmen, it's part of their training regime - having to survive the underhive for a month with only basic supplies (or something).

So I costed it out:
160cr Leader (vet serg) chainswd/laspistol
100cr Heavy (spec weapons) Knife, Flamer
75cr Ganger x8 (guardsman) Knife, Lasgun

They should really have flak armour so we agreed they can start with flak for 15cr each - adding 150cr that comes to 1010cr. Is this about right?
Maybe one guy s/have a laspistol + 1000cr? (I definitely want the full unit).
Should they start with any territory or have to aquire it?
Which skills should they roll on? (Was thinking ferocity, shooting and maybe stealth).
Any other suggestions for special rules?, or links if this has been done before.


06-02-2006, 12:35
I was thinking about this too.

There are quite a few variations on the theme which could have a serious effect on the way you play the "gang", firstly you have to decide PDF or IG regiment.

Blooding, Survival, Commandos and Storm Troops. these will effect what weapons and equipment you'll start with, blooding and survival will be pretty similar, consisting of the same elements as you'd expect form an imperial Guard infantry squad AND a necromunda gang whereas the Commandos will be a hardened veteran unit and the storm troopers will be . . . well you know.

Then we have to ask why this unit has found it's way down into the underhive, obvious answers are Training, Mission and Deserting.

Training translates to a standard gang, Mission too, except for the inclusion of a few rules. Deserting would basically turn the unit into outlaws (or even outlanders), with a hefty price on their heads.

As for equipment, you can argue reasons that the PDF would have autoguns, but personally, I think a world like necromunda would have a large, well equipped Planetary defense force and could be taken for a full Imperial Guard regiment.
Standard equipment depends a lot on how the gang runs, from having a house gang style list to pick from to having pre set equipment lists in a similar way to the spyrers.
The problem for me is the fact that a Guardsman prepared to enter the underhive would have a massive array of supplies and equipment with him, spare ammo, possibly a backup/sidearm, one knife (minimum), respirator, photogoggles, frag grenades, medical supplies, not to mention the whole array of equipment that would be available to the squad in general, like scanners, communications devices etc etc. Of course if a squad is not planning to be in the underhive they wouldn't be kitted up.

Tell me what you want and we'll hammer something out, personally I was working along the lines of a small, but elite commando unit, think Hardened Veterans.

Jo Bennett
06-02-2006, 21:35
The alternative is just to play them as a standard house gang, perhaps van saar or orlock. Just say they're local PDF running a little protection racket on the side. Damn sight easier than trying to balance a proper IG squad for play.

07-02-2006, 03:46
I use the same models for my IG as I do my Van Saar gang. Granted I always use my older minis for Necro, not as IG looking.

I think specialist games web site has guidelines for creating your own "Gang."

07-02-2006, 04:34
Around here Cadians have been used as Van Saars and Catachans as Orlocks for years.

Works beautifully - especially if you have a good sized bitz box for conversions and weapon swaps.

I'm particular proud of a modified Cadian combined with White Wolf and Space Wolf bitz and a chopped down lasgun to make a Ratskin scout with a shotgun.

07-02-2006, 09:03
If there can be Arbites (bleurg) gangs there is more than enough justification for House Guard/PDF/IG squads.

Anel'Tau Dan
07-02-2006, 09:17
you could use guard as models for necromunda anyway.....just make up why they are in a gang....e.g. wandered to far down and got lost now living in the under hive and joined a gang to stay alive..

07-02-2006, 11:09

My proposal:

Kit the Squad out with anything you think might fit (example):

Sgt with a Chainsword and a Laspistol
Corporal with a Lasgun
Lance Corporal with a Heavy Weapon (like Heavy Bolter or Missile Launcher) and a Lasgun or -pistol
2nd Gunner with a Lasgun
Specialist with a Flamer
5 Troopers with a Lasgun

All: Flak, Knife, Respirator, Goggles.

Make the SGt a Leader, the Corporal and Specialist a Ganger, the Heavy a Heavy, and the rest Juves.

Should any member die, replace him with a fresh Juve (the squad is kept on strenght), but you may not add further members.
Should equipment go lost, replace it after a game.

Only the Sgt, the Corporal and the Specialist may gain new equipment. The rest has to keep up with their standard kit.

To balance this out, make two amendments.

1st: Let them earn experience twice as slow as a normal House Ganger (or let them accrue the points like everybody else and advance them only at the double amount of XP. (This reflects the military discipline, where not every soldier is allowed to think for himself)

2nd: Make them treat Ladders and such as difficult terrain, slowing them down by half. (This is the military *open battlefield*-style military training)


07-02-2006, 23:11
Anyone else think the Squad would pretty much be outlanders?

07-02-2006, 23:31
I did something similar many years ago when Necro was still sold in stores. Used Cadian models as what I called 'Spire Guard', which were basically Guards of the area between the top and bottom of the hive.
They had lots of restrictions like not being able to take Juves, had to start with lasgun and flak armour, Heavy's moved slower than normal and the like... but as I say it was a long time ago and I dont remember too much.

Worked pretty well in a campaign.

08-02-2006, 14:17
Use the "Unknown Warriors"(Create a gang) online rules.

I done a Tanithesk one so everyone is equipt with swords

Sergeant Trip Valtraye; Chainsword, Bolt pistol and sword
Gunner Thorruks "the Russian" Remus; Autocannon, autopistol and sword
Demo Expert Waal; Autopistol, sword, frag grenades and knife
Trooper Tyrok; Shotgun w/ Manstoppers, sword and knife
Troopers Verhek and Gunther; Lasgun, sword and knife

Taking Stelth, shooting and Agility as fundimental, major and minor with muscle as the missing skill

Also went against the idea of flak armour being avalible, because I see them as being on long service/awol and the armour has gotten damaged beyond repair. Only the serg might have some as he takes everyone elses when his breaks

09-02-2006, 12:57
This is a rough draft, it's not been tested at all, so don't blame me if it's horrible :D. Obviously it's open for review and amendment. I've left all costs and stats off just in case. I think I've covered every base here.

Imperial Guard Survival Training Squads

Imperial Guard regiments which find themselves on Necromunda will occasionally take advantage of the various environs of the world to train in situations that they would otherwise be unused to, Many regiments destined to serve in the 3rd Armageddon war make training stops like this.

A regiment will usually send a platoon at a time down into the underhive (or into the ash wastes, a few even engage in "shell creeping", the practice of travelling over the Hive's own protective shell), the Platoon Command will set up near an established settlement, this will be the unit's HQ. From the HQ the platoon will be seperated out into squads, these squads will venture out into the Underhive, their objective, simply to survive until they receive other orders.

Many Squads use this as an opportunity to earn some extra money.

Special Rules.
OUTLANDERS: Survival squads are regarded with a great deal of suspicion by the inhabitants of the underhive, their strange offworlder ways and dialects doing nothing to help the situation, neither does their official Imperial status.
Thje Gang has no Guild price and it can't be paid off.

TERRITORY: Survival Squads will set up camp in an uninhabited area away from any settlements, this is their basecamp. Unlike other outlanders, Survival Squads may keep (and work) captured territory.

INCOME: As Outlanders, the Survival Squads are subject to the rules for forraging and starvation, although they do have other ways of making money.

TRADING: Survival Squads tend to stick to the Outlaw trading posts, people ask less questions there.The squad may opt to have a single Roll on the normal Trading post (this can never be boosted, the squad is at great pains as to remain un-noticed) or they can trade freely at the outlaw trading post. The squad cannot visit any trading posts in the same phase as they visit HQ.
Weapons in the HQ's armoury can be bought during a visit to HQ.

BOUNTY: As Imperial Guardsmen are servants of the Imperium, The Guilders are extremely reluctant to place a Bounty on a Survival Squad (their preference for fighting outlaw and outlander gangs helps too), A gang can earn credits to the value of a Captured Guardsman's cost by delivering him back to his HQ station.

NICE LITTLE EARNER: Imperial Guardsmen are always keen to bolster their pay, many engage in some form of black marketeering to establish a nestegg for when they have finished their service. Any Territory owned by the Squad (captured or otherwise earned) can be worked as normal, the gang draws half income from any territory it works (like an outlaw gang) but all proceeds are shared equally between the squad members, so income generated by working territories must be treated like the income of a normal law abiding (non outlaw) gang, the amount of income must be cross referenced by the number of members in the gang anything left is the profit. Money earned from forraging is added to the gangs income AFTER the profit is calculated. Squads can't work territories if they have to visit HQ (to get new equipment, squad members or to deliver a dead/injured comrade)

EVAC: If a member of the squad is Killed or rolls the "Multiple injuries" the gang must take the first possible chance to return to HQ, Either to report the death or to get their badly wounded to proper medical care, This will mean the squad will automatically forfeit a visit to the trading post or to buy "unsanctioned weapons" (weapons not listed on the gang's starting list). In most cases this will occur immediately, on the odd occasion, this will be difficult to do (The Squad may be part of a running battle which spans over several games with no post game phase inbetween or have to try and rescue a comrade), in these situations the Squad will use the next available opportunity, the model Multiple injuries will not be available to the gang again.
In all cases, a Model with Multiple Injuries, should roll his injuries first, on the chance that he is captured, all other results are irrelevant. The Wargear of Dead or severly injured Squad members is eaither lost or remains with the trooper.

PAX IMPERIALIS: The squads who engage in Survival training are reminded of their duty to protect the citzens of the Imperium, They may not be the attacker in any outlaw scenario UNLESS the gang they are fighting is outlawed or an Outlander Gang, they can never be the attacker in a Caravan scenario but they CAN be defenders (obviously protecting one of their ventures). The squad can never choose the Shootout scenario. A squad can never Loot a territory.

BROTHERS IN ARMS: A Survival Squad must always attempt to rescue a comrade, they may trade captives in preference.

REINFORCMENTS: The squad can be bolstered by other members of the Platoon, the squad may only gain new members by visiting HQ. There is no upper limit to how many members the squad has, but they will probably want to limit the amount of people in on their racket.

1 Sargeant: Has the same stats, cost and rules as a Gang leader with Flak armour, Photovisor and a respirator, You may equip him with additional weapons from the HQ armoury.

0-2 Specialists: Has the same Stats, cost and rules as a Heavy with Flak, photovisor and a respirator, You may equip him with additional weapons from the HQ armoury.

Troopers: Has the same Stats, cost and rules as a ganger with Flak, photovisor, lasgun and a respirator, You may equip him with additional weapons from the HQ armoury.

White Sheilds: Has the same Stats, cost and rules as a Juve with Flak, photovisor, lasgun and a respirator.

Sergeant: Shooting, Ferocity, Stealth, Muscle, Techno, Combat
Specialist: Shooting, Ferocity, Stealth, Muscle, Techno
Trooper: Shooting, Ferocity, Stealth.
Whitesheild: Shooting, Ferocity.

Advance rolls and character increase maxima stay the same.

HQ Armoury.
The armoury may be used any time the Squad returns to HQ, the squad doesn't have to wait till it's ordered back (as per EVAC) but there are definite advantages to limiting visits, it is considered to be the squad's "house Weapons List"
CQC weapons
Knife (first one free)
Chainsword (Sergeant only)

Boltpistol (Sergeant only)

Basic Weapons

Special weapons
Grenade launcher (including Frag and Krak grenades)

Heavy Weapons
Heavy Bolter
Missile launcher (including frag and krak missiles)

Frag Grenades
Krak Grenades
Signal Flares (Smoke Grenades)

Bio Scanner (Sergeant only)
Clip Harness
Note: Weapons and equipment designated as "sergeant only" can be bought from underhive traders for other members of the squad as per usual, this, however, will prevent the squad form visiting trading posts and cannot be done when the squad is forced to return to HQ asper the EVAC rule.