View Full Version : Demonhunters and Inducted Guard: how to cope with new IG/SM rules and units?

03-02-2010, 15:32
Hey everyone-- I've long been thinking about doing a small demonhunters army, just because I love the hyper-religious aspect, and I want to collect a squad or two of tactical marines... I have the new IG codex for my IG army, but not the new SM one. Now, I'd like to make use of inducted guard or SM in this demon hunters force.

To that end, I ask this question: How do current players legally use the new rules and units? that is, How do you treat things like the "orders" mechanic for IG when they're inducted? Does it simply not get used? Which rules do? Can you use any Leman Russ variants, or just the battle tanks? (and so on)

Given the changes to the way IG operates at its core, I'm not sure how they should function...

How about Space Marines?

Basically, I'm looking for the most legal way of fielding inducted troops in this age of new codecies, units and rules...

Thanks for all the help-- I just want to clarify this prior to screwing something up.

Much appreciated :)

03-02-2010, 15:41
Read the FAQ up on GW web site and you will have your answer.

03-02-2010, 15:54
Read the FAQ up on GW web site and you will have your answer.
Note that the issues with inducted IG are in the IG FAQ and not the DH FAQ.

03-02-2010, 19:29
Great! Thanks very much guys; apologies for not looking around first!